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  1. I got that Block Heater thanks to Rainman and Farmallfan. It was simple to install. I just wanted you guys to know what my tests did. >> After install I thought it best to see the performance of this heater. I had 22 degrees outside. Inside I used a heat gun probe Before i plugged in it was 34 degrees. In one hour it was 64 at the block and head. I tested the next hour and it was 81. The next hour it was 94. I suspect 3 hours are best if you have a timer. The fourth hour was 96. ,,, not much gain.. Hey AKwelder,, send snow down please.
  2. Thanks Sledge, I sure had fun doing it. Of course,,, now I want snow, and don't have any.. I hope this summer to try to paint this old girl. I fixed it mostly for my grandsons after I'm gone. They will have a blast after they play with it a bit.
  3. Thanks Rainman and AKwelder, I'll get to work on that heater. I got some pics shrunk, so here goes
  4. It's done and running. Just tried it out on my one mile driveway with only 4 inches of snow. Working great! Needed a new thermostat,, Thanks out to "Yesterdays Tractor Co" for their fast service. Anyone out there that has put a block heater on a IH UD236? I'm wondering what type of electric block heater to use. Also thanks to "Weller Tractor Service" who helped with various parts needed. I'll post some photos once i get them shrunk down to proper size.
  5. I parked it in the woods 15 years ago because it had a bad ring and pinion. Could not find parts. Recently I have ran across Reliable Aftermarket Parts out of Williamston MI. They had what I needed. I had to grab it and tow it to my shop. Once I got it inside I found the engine was locked. Finally have gone thru injectors,glowplugs and got it freed up. Next I will start the pinion removal. This is a 1962 model. Anyone ever done this ring and pinion job? Doesn't look like much fun. Took the shifter fork case off>> Oh well, I'm laid off for the winter,, it will keep me busy
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