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    Red tractors. raise hogs. chickens. turkeys. small farming mainly to feed myself n family make a little money ,but mostly for the joy of working the ground.

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  1. It appears that this dowel is in the wrong place. It needs to be on the slotted side. I could not see that from my manuals illustration I guess these manuals have been copied so many times we are losing stuff
  2. Thank you cbfarmall I did not know that I purchased a kit from Devons tractor parts and bought all 3 sizes of shim from IH dealer. And yes big mess I will try the air to test it.
  3. Thank you so much for your reply’s I'm tearing back into it now.
  4. Hey everyone Big question.I looked thru all the old content looking for any pics of how the Behlen torque generator goes together but no luck. Does anybody have pics of one torn apart with the cams and pins in the correct position? We bought a 54 400 power steering did not work. Disassembled it to replace leaking seals and I could tell some ones been inside it already. I put it back together how I found it but it does same thing. Plenty of pressure to the unit. It will turn engine off but running it will not turn one way and other way fights me and kicks back. I have all the manuals but pics are hard to see. I don’t think the v notched pieces are suppose to be locked together on a roll pin. Thanks
  5. Yes We love the fast hitch. We have the plow disk corn planter and sickle mower so nice to use.
  6. I just wanted to show off 2 years worth of work and fun my family and I had love this tractor and the fast hitch system the 8 grand we spent on parts and machine shop work was worth it.
  7. Theese decals here guys two on gas tank one on touch control. any ideas where a fella could locate theese?
  8. Trying to post pics of decals they are on lower left side of gas tank and hydraulic unit.those are the ones i cannot find anywhere.
  9. New guy here guys. I was wondering is there anybody that makes all the decals for my super c? she is rusty original still has what,s left of the corks in the bolt holes. I can still read the decals on the gas tank and hydro barely. cannot find anybody that sells all the decals. any help would be cool. thanks
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