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  1. I.H. air compressor

    Thanks, Just trying to help.
  2. I.H. air compressor

    Binderoid, The Bendix quick ref guide says the 861447r93 is a Tu-flo 400, model 289819 or a Tu-flo 500, model 228344 .
  3. I.H. air compressor

    Binderoid, Help me out here, are you trying to repair your old compressor and all you need is a connecting rod? The connecting rod is available from some of the surplus vendors. Just Google the number and the vendors will come up. Or, are you just trying to find a compressor that will work? If you're not trying to keep the compressor IH, the information I've found says that the IH number crosses to a Haldex 286527x, $298.00. Also, is there any information on the data plate to tell who made it such as "Bendix/Westinghouse" or maybe a model such as "tu-flo 400"?
  4. Load star 1600 fire truck brake problems

    Sorry, I wasn't very clear on the wheel cylinders. (2 per)
  5. Load star 1600 fire truck brake problems

    Dave, I don't know about the late 60's Loadstars. All my trucks from 53-65 with juice brakes have a hydravac and two wheel cylinders per wheel. Could you have a brake booster and a clutch booster rather than 2 Hydravacs? I've never heard of an IH having 2 Hydravacs. On a side note, the last time, which was my first and last, I went to Auto Zone, I went thru the front door with a light bulb in hand. A lady said "Can I help you"? I said, "Can you point me to the light bulbs?" (holding the light bulb up for her to see) She said, "What does it fit?" I said, "It doesn't matter, I have what I need". She said "But what's it fit"? I said, " It won't be in you computer." Hitting my last nerve, she said, "I have to look it up to know if it's what you need". I said "What I need is for someone to tell me where the f*****g light bulbs are." She yelled at some fellow and told him to show me where the light bulbs were. When I went to pay, she walked away and some fellow had to come out of the back to take my money.
  6. Load star 1600 fire truck brake problems

    As R190 said, many are replaced needlessly. I've replaced a couple, probably not necessary, and it isn't a big deal. The remand's I've seen may run $200-250. The problems people have with the hydravac is they don't bleed them properly and in the right sequence. The one's on my trucks have two bleeder valves. You have to fill the master cylinder, make sure you are getting a pedal, then bleed the front valve on the hydravac first, then the rear one. Most of the time the valve's are on top of the hydravac and maybe covered with dirt or grease making them hard to see. Then go to the rear wheel cylinders and then the front cylinders. You may have to do it two or three times over a two or three day period to get all the air out of the system. The last service manual I looked at also said to bleed the system with the engine NOT running. I had no brakes on one of my trucks last fall. I told the boys how to bleed the system. No brakes. I went out and baby sit them while they did it again. Some brakes. Went back a couple of days later, baby sit again, and wow, the brakes will throw you thru the windshield. Hope this helps. Good luck. That's a nice looking truck.
  7. South Central KY

    Merry Christmas from Eastern Kentucky.
  8. RD501

    Try www.egge.com or www.millsmotorparts.com . They may have them. You might try www.obsoleteautova.com as they say they have a lot of IH parts.
  9. RD501

    Try www.egge.com or www.millsmotorparts.com . They may have them.
  10. "R" series windshield

    I've bought 2 windshields from Pilkington. Good windshield's and good service.
  11. Load star 1600 fire truck brake problems

    Mike, Let me ask a few questions. Did the truck have brakes when you bought it? Have you worked on the brakes? If, so, what have you done to them? Reason I ask is you may not need a new hydravac.
  12. S120 Engine ID

    I think you will find your engine ID on driver side toward the front of the engine on a flat surface between the bottom of the head and below the top the block. It's not a big surface so many people over look it. The best way to find it is to take sand paper and sand any flat protrusion. The engine will be identified with letters and numbers. For example, BD220 or GD240 or whatever engine you have. The data plate in the truck should also have the information on it unless the engine has been replaced sometime in the trucks life. Also, many times the stamp isn't real deep in the metal. That's the reason I recommend sanding. It doesn't take a large surface for two letters and three numbers. If you're like me, when you find it you'll say "well duh".
  13. 95 International won't start/run

    Check your grounds, especially engine to frame.
  14. Old Blue - 1966 IHC Loadstar 1700

    That's a sharp looking truck.
  15. Old Blue - 1966 IHC Loadstar 1700

    You can't beat IH red and black.