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  1. I have a 79 4070B which used a lot of the same parts as the 4300. My truck is in pretty good shape but I still might be interested in some parts.
  2. What kind of semi parts and for what models? Do you still have them listed on craigs list?
  3. You will sell more stuff on Ebay than any where else. Also, a good place that I would recommend that gets a lot of IH attention is "oldihc.org ". What have you got to sell?
  4. Both of my trucks are R series and are 1953 models. The one on the left is an RDFC-405 and was a tandem when new. Previous owner changed it to a single axle. The center one is an RDTC-405. The Emeryville on the right isn't mine and I'm not sure of the year or model.
  5. Yes an Emeryville. Not mine but wish it was. It's a real nice truck.
  6. Yes it does. I checked and I don't have a picture of it. Maybe I can get one in a few days.
  7. International didn't build the suspension but used a lot of them as did most of the other truck makers. I would suspect it was an option available to buyers when specking out a truck.
  8. Thanks, the drive axle is the rear one. It has the old "Page and Page" suspension with the pusher axle.
  9. The HRBB-600 engines are sitting straight up and not slanted. The fenders were a lot of work an took the longest amount of time to repair. We had to replace a lot of steel in them. Here's a couple of pictures of what we started with.
  10. The louvers are original and both trucks have them and I assume for air movement
  11. I forgot, this is what they looked like when they came out of the same junk yard.
  12. Both trucks have a Cummins HRBB-600, 180 Hp. The day cab has a fuller 5 spd OD with a 2 spd rear end. The Integrated sleeper cab has a Fuller 13 spd with a 2 spd rear end. Here are a few more pictures. I don't have many for the sleeper cab since this was it's first trip out of the shop.
  13. High Binder

    Truck show

    I took two of my trucks to the ATHS show this past weekend.
  14. Google fe-3069 then google fe-3070. You'll find them. Then google the rear number. All available from the same company.
  15. Thanks, Just trying to help.
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