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  1. Jasher452x

    656 loader "jerky" on the way down

    Check to see if it has a double acting check valve. If it does take it apart and clean it. Those double acting check valves can act jumpy at times because the volume of the return side exceeds the supply side on the downward motion.
  2. Jasher452x

    Replaced Alternator on 1066

    the third pin is for a tach lead, On some engines and equipment this is where the Tach gets its signal
  3. Jasher452x

    606 pto won't turn off, advice please

    the 606 is a mechanical unit
  4. Jasher452x

    606 pto won't turn off, advice please

    if it was parked with the PTO engaged, the clutches and steels may be seized together. not sure if you could hook it up on the PTO and see if it will come free... i am sure some one will have a way short of pulling the PTO out and rebuilding it.
  5. Jasher452x

    IH 504 Utility Serial # suffixes

    S=torque amplifier x=high speed low and reverse Y=12GPM pump FF=4.5GPM hitch pump
  6. Jasher452x

    Help my "new" 5240 won't move

    the two relays are not the same, the first one normally open, when activated send power from 30 to (2) 87 terminals, the other just sends it to one 87 when activated, 87A when not energized