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  1. Hi all. Had a forklift mast leaking, and water would just pool on top of the cylinder and it let a bunch of water in to the system. Any advice on getting all the contaminated fluid out? I have gotten all the drain plugs(I hope), all the hoses drained and cylinders. Still seeing a bit of white crap around. Should I fill it full of cheap fluid and run it and drain it again? I used HyTran last time, but don't want to contaminate new fluid. Need to put this baby back to work, but don't want to do it twice. Thanks for any advice.
  2. Cool. Thanks ksfarmdude do you know the wheel info? 8x16?
  3. Hello, I have a 574 with a forklift on the front. It had old truck tires on it when I got it. I replaced them with stock size 6.5" tires and they just aren't enough. I know I can put some skinny truck tires back on there, and get much more load rating than the tractor tires. However, I do kind of want ribbed fronts if I want to drop the forklift and pull a disc through the field. The other day on tractordata.com I was looking at the pix of 574s there and noticed one of the pix had front end loader and great big wide front tires. Can anyone tell me which wheels and tires are in the pic? Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Thanks for all the great advice guys. Time is a thing for sure. I'm going to be more patient and less of a tightwad.
  5. 8K actually my bad. More parts available for the D4? It is a little suspicious with all fresh paint and lots of overspray on the tracks.
  6. Hi. I'm hopefully getting a piece of property that needs a bunch of dirty work. The dumb thing is of course I got a TD6 about 3 years ago for a song, and living in town, couldn't find a reason to own it. Traded it for a 570 Diesel with a front fork lift so I won but still.... Three years later. Man I wish I had that TD6! But at the new place Wifey says "you'll need a bulldozer". And I tried to contain myself. so right off the bat there's a 55 TD9 about two hours away asking 3K will probably take 2. Its been sitting for three years, but 'ran good, and worked good'. I owned a 400D for a few years so I'm pretty familiar with the engine. I feel pretty confident I could get it running. But I'm really wondering If I should be a little patient and spend a little more? There's a yellow one 53 D4-7U only 20 minutes away supposed to run good for 10K. There's also a 50 D2 not too far away but hasn't ran in ten years 2K?? The transport is a thing, and of course the blade is off. Not a lot to go on with these pix, but I'm wondering opinions. Any advice is much appreciated.
  7. SUCCESS!!!! lug nut on, handy man jack between spring pack and back of lug nut. Left side, gain an 1/8. Right side gain an 1/8. Repeat 20-30 times each side. eventually i was gaining like a 1/4 to 1/2 inch. ? Thanks again for the help you guys. I'll have to start a brake thread next. ha
  8. It moved a little!! I think I can start to slowly get it. it seemed like it released anyway. Thanks a bunch guys. Ill start a build thread on this soon.
  9. So pulled the axle/ bearing. Now just pull like ****?
  10. Thanks a bunch, oh yeah Idaho! We're down here in Homedale on the OR border and the Snake river. started on the axle last night. as soon as I get to the napa for the 3 1/4' Socket I'll see what happens. Ive been working on this truck like 15 min a month for 4+ years and this is all thats stopping me from a test drive.
  11. Great, thanks for the response, sorry though this is getting out of my experience zone. So if it won't slide off its the brake? I don't have the other side off. Thanks for the help. I appreciate it. I haven't been able to get it to turn even after draggging it down the road so I was just assuming it was the brake. You know about those assumptions though.
  12. I've got a stuck rear brake on this Cargostar 1610b 15x5 hydraulic system.It's been sitting for awhile. Couple of questions. Are there two adjusters to loosen the shoes or just one? And is there a release you have to hold up to loosen the adjuster. I can't get the bottom one to move and I'm not sure if it's rusted shut or not. Afraid to start going too crazy on it without loosening the shoes a bit. I've seen some cool gear puller type setup for getting drums off and thought that might work. Any advice out there? Thanks in advance.
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