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  1. fire2201

    Real Estate 🏡 Market (house ) Dilemma

    I was in the same boat. This summer I putting up a new house and tearing down the old one.
  2. fire2201


    And that's bad to have good benefits and a pension ??
  3. fire2201

    The Dog Thread

    MY yellow lab Bailey and grandson
  4. fire2201

    Case IH CX100 clutch

    I changed out the slave cylinder about a year ago, it was leaking. Put oil back in it. And bled the system. A real pain in the hindend for me. The clutch would be good for awhile but then I would get air bubbles in the system, and have to get the air out, usually by just pumping the clutch pedal. Its not leaking anywhere that I can see but seems to be getting air in somewhere? Some oil will push out the master cylinder reservoir cap, and it will be frothy at times. Any advice appreciated
  5. fire2201

    Anyone know IH and Perkins history?

    I have a 2001 Case IH CX100 with a 4 cylinder Perkins made in Doncaster England
  6. fire2201

    Zero Turn Mower - time saver?

    My farm would take me 6 hours to mow with 48 inch deck sears craftsmen. Got a 52 inch zero turn 45 minutes. and I have hills.
  7. fire2201

    You know you live in a small conservative county

    Glad you have conservatives, we don't have any in Wisconsin
  8. fire2201

    Mare,s Tail

    Used Valor and glypho this year on no till beans, seems to be working. has to be sprayed before beans emerge. Marestail a hard one to manage in notill with just glypho
  9. fire2201

    IH auction

    I left before they did the tractors. wind and weather were bad. Plus there were 500 people there. I heard one went for $12000 and the other one $14000
  10. fire2201

    Stop Reporting Me!

    I have a niece her name is Danielle, and she has downs syndrome. I think she is a pretty good person, very loving and kind. Maybe someday you could meet her, and maybe change your thoughts on people with downs syndrome. And for the record she didn't ask to be born that way just the cards she was dealt.
  11. fire2201

    Binckley Hurst

    Down for maintainece
  12. fire2201

    Binckley Hurst

    Yea I was just wondering I live I Wisconsin , and they seem to be more out east. But they don't have a online system anymore. I would imagine shipping is expensive. They had free shipping if you spent a thousand or more. I will try a phone call thanks
  13. fire2201

    Binckley Hurst

    Does Binckley Hurst not sell parts online anymore? I liked them for my Kinze planter
  14. fire2201

    LB67 Fair Repair Act

    Very interesting
  15. fire2201

    Something Positive

    Nice to hear a positive story