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  1. There after the blood from the calf before its born, this been going on for many years. Theres a company in Waunakee wi that specializes in this. SPL, scientific protein labs
  2. I got a kit from Triple R, sanden compressor Mike was very helpful, and I paid a shop $300 for install works great. on a 1086
  3. They make bark collars that will shock every time the dog barks. They work well, my lab is 1 year old and she was bird trained when she was 6 months old with a few other 6 and 7 month old pups, and the trainer would put those on the dogs because they would get so excited when he would take them out one by one every day on live birds.
  4. I pull a 10 shank disc chisel with my 1086, I'm in sandy soil in WI
  5. I buy 250 gallons a time and keep it 6 months or more no problems at all
  6. fire2201

    New Zealand

    Its going to get worse before it gets better. Lot of mental health problems out there. Prayers very sad day.
  7. Thanks I will have to try that. My 966 is loud.
  8. Same thing going on in Madison WI, this will be a nationwide problem, we will run out of clean water long before oil. Thankfully the republicans are in charge and they will kick the can down the road, so my grandkids can clean up the mess during there lifetime.
  9. I was in the same boat. This summer I putting up a new house and tearing down the old one.
  10. And that's bad to have good benefits and a pension ??
  11. fire2201

    The Dog Thread

    MY yellow lab Bailey and grandson
  12. I changed out the slave cylinder about a year ago, it was leaking. Put oil back in it. And bled the system. A real pain in the hindend for me. The clutch would be good for awhile but then I would get air bubbles in the system, and have to get the air out, usually by just pumping the clutch pedal. Its not leaking anywhere that I can see but seems to be getting air in somewhere? Some oil will push out the master cylinder reservoir cap, and it will be frothy at times. Any advice appreciated
  13. I have a 2001 Case IH CX100 with a 4 cylinder Perkins made in Doncaster England
  14. My farm would take me 6 hours to mow with 48 inch deck sears craftsmen. Got a 52 inch zero turn 45 minutes. and I have hills.
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