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  1. U could call fp Smith in California or blue ridge tractor in Benton Illinois. Worth a shot.
  2. Have they gave u a price? I’d be interested in talking to the owner
  3. Serial number tag on a 20 b should be on the left side of the seat frame kinda below and behind power shift tower if it’s a power shift tractor
  4. If u get a serial number I can probably come up with a part number or the parts books will sometimes give the O-ring dimensions
  5. I had a steering pump fail this week on 1 of my C tractors. If this is where your leak Is it would be an easy diagnoses and fix if u can just put a seal in your pump. My pump locked up and broke the shaft that drives it. Got it all apart and parts off another unit and was back running the next day.
  6. Ok questions again. Have ran this E enough now to know I got issues with transmission pump and or torque converter or both. Where would aluminum flakes be coming from getting in the suction filter? A lot of them but small flakes. Checked transmission pressure and main pressure is 280 at low idle or high idle. Converter pressure will barely reach 30. Also sometimes while running it if u stop for a break or something and idle it all the way down it will sometimes loose main pressure all together like the pump looses prime. Was gonna take pump off and have rebuilt but wondered about converter si
  7. I have 5 25s and u got a real deal. If u can keep fuel to them you can move mountains of dirt in no time. Fun to run
  8. I’d give blue ridge a try before I gave up. I feel sure they will call u back.
  9. Call Fp Smith in California. They will have them but will cost u. Did blue ridge in Benton not help u?
  10. Google blue ridge tractor in Benton Illinois and see if they can help. Have serial number
  11. That’s a really good looking dozer. U better seek an oil cooler and get that problem fixed
  12. One on left is a 25 c 1974 model. Other is a 25E not sure of the year but later serial number.
  13. Just finished some work with the c and e. Boy a lot of fun to run
  14. It’s the higher sn number. I just finished the job I was on with it. Plan now is to pull converter and rebuild and have pump and cooler checked
  15. I’ve not figured it out. I still suspect pump because it pulls and pushes and don’t slip any but after a couple hours when everything gets warm(hot) the clutch pressure will be lower than when u first start running it. First clutch gauge stays in the edge of the black to the right of normal and as everything heats up it falls back to the left of the normal. Talked to a guy from blue ridge and he suggested looking at the charge pump first( easier to get off) and have it checked and if that don’t fix it pull converter and rebuild it and while converter is off take oil cooler off and make sure it
  16. If I have oil bypassing in either transmission or converter is there any way to pinpoint which 1?
  17. My engine temp barely gets in the green on gauge. I put a manuel gauge on converter today and it would get to 230 on a push but drop back to 200 or so after push was over. I think it’s heats up too much but don’t know why. I’m thinking the pump on torque converter is weak but that’s just a suspicion. It pulls fine and don’t slip but will get warm. As for the engine I don’t think the thermostat works. Believe it’s hung open. Only concern I have is it’s cool weather here now. When it gets summer and the outside temp is 90+ I’m gonna cook something
  18. Blue Ridge Tractor in Benton Illinois is a Dressta dealer and very knowledgeable on the international and dresser equipment and will help u find anything u need. Chattanooga dozer parts in Rozwell Ga are very helpful too on the older stuff. Both top notch dealers to work with.
  19. Found some old parts boxes and the cans still have tapered bearings in them.
  20. Does this mean anything under 250 is acceptable?? Maybe a dumb question but as I aid earlier I’ve never had 1 run this warm with the style gauge that’s on it so I don’t know what’s safe
  21. Well to be honest all the others the gauge will stay right in middle of the green and only move up a little past 12 o clock on a long heavy push but no where near the check zone so I’ve never been concerned or had a reason to check the temps on them. I’m gonna get a gauge that has temp numbers on it instead of green and black so I will know what temps are. Just thought it was odd the oil going from pump to filters is hotter than oil coming from the converter going in oil cooler
  22. Hey got this machine up and running and it runs good. Only concern is torque converter temp gauge says runs all the way to far right. Not out of the green but I think u had a long hard push it would get past the green. Doesn’t slip or stop pushing just indicates too hot. I shot all hoses with a heat gun and 190 is hot as I can find a hose at converter but the big hose coming from pressure pump to filters is 215 on inlet side of filters and 190 on exit side. Help
  23. Found this lighter at an antique store and thought was neat.
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