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  1. TD-25E and C

    The c does have it but my parts book has seen better days. I can't seem to find that page
  2. TD-25E and C

    I can't find it in my 25 c parts book but call blue ridge tractor in Benton Illinois. They are really familiar with those tractors
  3. td25c saved

    When you investigate the 2 speed I'm curious to know what you find. Adjustments broke bell cranks or brake linings. I'm actually looking at a 1978 model machine now with two speed issues but haven't got it bought yet. Eager to see yours running.
  4. td25c saved

    Do you know what year it may be?? Those tractors will work circles around a D 8 and will sit beside a D 9 if they are right
  5. td25c saved

    All my pictures are on my phone lol. It used to let me change sizes but phone upgrade and I can't now. I could email them somewhere maybe. That's the picture of the b after a pinion change on my profile
  6. td25c saved

    I love those tractors. Just went completely through the rearend of 1. I got 2 c and 1 b all 25s. A joy to run. Can't get my pics small enough to post though.
  7. Td 25c

    Had some pictures to post of the dozers but can't get them shrunk enough to fit. Help lol
  8. TD 24

    Shoot me a text or call big tow. Seven o four six 8 two 1seven two 2. International was way ahead of its time in more ways than 1
  9. TD 24

    No more wear to the planetary in high or low the gears in the planetary revolve around the pinion when your in high brakes are applied to a big disk making the gears pull. When you shift to low with the steering lever the brakes are released on the high and the big disk spins free brake is applied to the low range disk and these gears start pulling the machine. Speed change comes from the difference in gear size sounds Complicated I know but it works.
  10. TD 24

    Two speed planetary steering. You can gear 1 track down at a time to steer under power. Very efficient when pushing in a turn. 24 had it. 25 had it and he later 20 s did. Not sure about the 15s
  11. TD 24

    If you want it to play with may be fun for a while but if some thing major broke you will have a big pile of scrap. Parts are scarce
  12. KG blade

    Would rather have a full blade style but not totally against the pin on type. Really wanted to get the blade completely off the old b. And just rake with it
  13. KG blade

    Any one know where I could find a kg blade for a Td 25 c and a root rake for a Td 25 b.
  14. Td 25c

    The transmission had a bearing going out I discovered. 2 rollers missing that were the cause of chipped ring gear. Clutches looked good. New bearing and the hook rings on forward and reverse shafts and put it back in.
  15. Td 25c

    I had the post back in May about the 25 c with all grades or rearend trouble. Ended up rebuilding transmission while I was in this deep and got it back together and running. Ready to clear some land I hope