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  1. Part number 260277R6. Does anyone need 1? Supposed to be new. It is still in a crate but is rusty from moisture getting to it.
  2. Does the sprocket attempt to turn?? Pull the oil out of final drive and see if it’s full of metal. Right side works fine?
  3. This dozer has the 817 engine and the anaroid valve on the back of the injection pump is not connected to the intake manifold. Is this something that really needs hooked up?? It runs really well and don’t smoke much at all
  4. Got the hoses changed in the rear ended for the steering and put all back together. Tried it out and the steering is good. Machine sat for 11 years due to a blown hose
  5. I’m gonna replace them all and would like a picture of the correct routing and ends if anyone has 1. I know the 1 that blew wasn’t run the simplest way but may have been the right way
  6. Was going to change all the hoses. Do recommend a certain brand of hose to stand the heat and oil all the time??
  7. Wow. Does he have any parts forsale?
  8. Found a blown hose today in rear end so hopefully that’s my problem. Going to remove top tomorrow and see
  9. My phone number is seven o 4 six 8 two 1 seven 2 two. I’m gonna work on this thing a little tomorrow and if u could give me a call I’d appreciate it if u have a minute. I’m really familiar with the c model tractors but not much on this E. I ordered a manual but it won’t be here for a couple days
  10. The 4 ports on steering valve ports LB and LC have 280 in high range and 200 in low range. Ports RB and RC I have 280 in high range and 90 in low range. How can I tell if valve is bad or in the clutch
  11. What should the pressure be on the 4 test ports on steering valve?? I have no manuals for the E series
  12. I don’t have any manuals for the E series. Everything I have is for the B and C series dozer I need to order a manual for this dozer.
  13. I got way less than that invested and rails rollers and sprockets are 75 to 80 percent so I should be ok. Just wanted a 25 E to go with a 25 B and 3 25 Cs
  14. Well ended up with a 25E to add to my 25 collection. This tractor runs but has some steering issues in the low range side of left steer lever.
  15. Well I paid the scrap man for the dozer today so if anyone needs 25 parts I have a few on hand.
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