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  1. Well I paid the scrap man for the dozer today so if anyone needs 25 parts I have a few on hand.
  2. Trans is 46.5 total length. 2 inches from bottom is low 3 inches from bottom is full
  3. It is the 817. Dozer is a 73 model c. Someone put the other decals on it. Engine has a rod hanging out the side of it 😳 but there is a pile of other parts there.
  4. Hoping to save another 25c from scrap yard.
  5. Almost positive it's an air research. Any ideas where to look for 1. FP Smith??
  6. Is the turbo on this engine in a Td 20 b the same as a turbo of a DT 466. Anywhere I could find 1 for the 429
  7. The c does have it but my parts book has seen better days. I can't seem to find that page
  8. I can't find it in my 25 c parts book but call blue ridge tractor in Benton Illinois. They are really familiar with those tractors
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