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  1. Those transmissions don’t generally give much trouble unless abused. . Our experiences have been the converter or pump. The 1 I’m working on has decent pressure until it gets hot then falls on its face. Will move but not well. Filters are full of aluminum also. Did he buy it on Craigslist?? I seen 1 on there cheap.
  2. Your welcome. I got gauges on a 25 now. The converter is bad on it.
  3. The main pressure 260 to 280 is the pressure your referring to and needing to check I assume.
  4. I sent u an email with my phone number
  5. Here are some pictures from a manual. It’s on a Td 25 but the test ports and pressures should be the same.
  6. U could call fp Smith in California or blue ridge tractor in Benton Illinois. Worth a shot.
  7. Have they gave u a price? I’d be interested in talking to the owner
  8. Serial number tag on a 20 b should be on the left side of the seat frame kinda below and behind power shift tower if it’s a power shift tractor
  9. If u get a serial number I can probably come up with a part number or the parts books will sometimes give the O-ring dimensions
  10. I had a steering pump fail this week on 1 of my C tractors. If this is where your leak Is it would be an easy diagnoses and fix if u can just put a seal in your pump. My pump locked up and broke the shaft that drives it. Got it all apart and parts off another unit and was back running the next day.
  11. Ok questions again. Have ran this E enough now to know I got issues with transmission pump and or torque converter or both. Where would aluminum flakes be coming from getting in the suction filter? A lot of them but small flakes. Checked transmission pressure and main pressure is 280 at low idle or high idle. Converter pressure will barely reach 30. Also sometimes while running it if u stop for a break or something and idle it all the way down it will sometimes loose main pressure all together like the pump looses prime. Was gonna take pump off and have rebuilt but wondered about converter si
  12. I have 5 25s and u got a real deal. If u can keep fuel to them you can move mountains of dirt in no time. Fun to run
  13. I’d give blue ridge a try before I gave up. I feel sure they will call u back.
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