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  1. It could be, I'm replacing the main rubber line/hose also. It is cracked and weather checked. No fuel leaking but shows signs of age and wear.
  2. yes, all of the rubber lines between the injectors were replaced.
  3. The 1066 got a new pump and injectors this weekend. Unfortunately after running for about 10 minutes it started running out of fuel. After it sets for about five minutes it will fire right back up and then run out of fuel in about another five minutes. I'm going to put new fuel filters on before I run it anymore. I've thought about draining some fuel out of the tank and see what it looks like since it has set for about five years. The fuel was treated with Power Service when it was filled last (five years ago). Any other thoughts or suggestions before starting it up again? What is the best way
  4. I'm looking for a set of hub mounted duals for the 1066. During my search I've been told there are two different axle lengths for the 1066 and depending on the offset in the duals I buy they may not fit. I've also been told that the diameter of the axle could be a 3 1/4 or 3 1/2. Unfortunately I'm out of town for a bit and can't measure the width or diameter of my axle. Before I pull the trigger on a set I've located what do I need to know to get the correct setup?
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