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  1. The 3588 needs some work in the pivot point so no field work with it this year
  2. I belive it is for getting a more accurate torque reading.
  3. I got no power to the yellow wire from the lockout relay so i just ran a wire with a switch in between straight to the battery to engage the compressor clutch, need to change that one day. And it works, Horray! Thats a quality compressor. Thank you for the help
  4. Thank you FarmallFan that' exactly what i needed. Yes i found the connector on the right side of the cab, now i'm getting power to the thermostat. Now i need to figure out why the compressor clutch is not getting power
  5. We had the ac guy out to look at our mx135 and we figured since the 3588 only needs gas we might aswell refill it after 14 years or so. After some troubleshooting when it wasn't working we figuerd out that the thermostat does not get any power. These three wires runs from the heat regulator and thermostat down the left cab post and there are no where for them to plugin. Now where are they supposed to go? I do not have the complete wiring diagram and i can't find one for the ac stuff.
  6. Hi i'm wondering how good the 86 series seats were, how comfortable they are and if they broke how hard are they to fix? As long as i can remember we have had a air suspension seat in our 3588, we have the original seat in our shop. This air suspension seat doesn't bolt up very well and i think it would be neat to have the original back in. Regards Patrik.
  7. Patrik

    2+2 thoughts

    As long as you don't use it as a Steiger then not really no. Make sure thou that it has never seen duals on the front axle and that the difflock has not been exstensivly used preferbly removed completly. Other than that it's the usual checks when buying same as 86/66.
  8. Lorenzo Volvo Terror, Rickard Nilsson in Sweden. Seen him a few times on tractor shows, died this winter sadly.
  9. Patrik

    Pivot point play

    I just put a jack under the pivot point and lifted it. A stupid question really. The transfer case part is sliding up and down, looks like the race is moving.
  10. Hello I noticed today when discing a uneven field that our 3588 has a bit of play in one or both pivot bearings, about 1-2 cm (2/5"-4/5"). They have been replaced once before so it's a bit strange that it is needed agian. What is a good way to check the play in the workshop?
  11. Ok thank you everyone, i can rest easy agian as well as my wallet.
  12. Hello I fear for the life of our 3588 because there is oil coming out of the joint on the exhaust manifold, not a huge amount but it coats the manifold and drizzles the filters and heatshield. It is not smoking as if it is burning oil, completely clear after 15 seconds or so after start up. Smokes a bit from the breather tube but that's normal. Only use it's seen this winter is moving it and some implements out of the way. Any theories? Our local mechanic is coming out to have a look at it just want to know what you guys think of it. And hopefully ease my stomach ache.
  13. Been drinking store milk all my life. Started working on a dairy farm where they drink milk from the tank for breakfast and lunch. First day drank it, the next had a very bad stomach for two days. Got back and drank it agian and nothing happend. If it was because of the milk or something else, no idea, i am raised on a farm with cattle so any bakteria from the cows i dout it.
  14. Patrik

    Quick question

    Under the cab where there is this sliding grove on the lever were the pressed shearmetal shaft bolts on, moved it from the middle all the way to the right towards the front.
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