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  1. WDR9 serial numbers

    I was wondering if anyone out there is tracking serial numbers for SWDR9? I don't see the R9's mentioned on here much just checking to see how many are out there.
  2. WD9 clutch conversion

    I have an SWDR9 with a hand clutch, kind of like it the way it is. My personal opinion i guess.
  3. Grinder mixers bearcat, nh, etc

    I grew up with New Hollands, can't beat them, worth the extra money IMO.
  4. 986 gear noise

    Which gear is gone? How do you know?
  5. Sad story, good job keeping that 9 away from the scrap man.
  6. 460 Utility diesel

    As i found out from the machine shop today I have a older serial # tractor with a newer serial number head. This guy has been in the engine rebuilding business for a lot of years, hoping he can fix me up with the right head gasket. Going to measure all pistons at TDC and see where i'm at. I only need 1 or 2 more thousands clearance and I'll be set. thanks for all the info guys
  7. 460 Utility diesel

    Thanks for the info Marty, I have pulled that particular piston (the one that was hitting) and there doesn't seem to be any wear on the wrist pin. Looking more and more like a faulty head gasket.
  8. 460 Utility diesel

    Sent the head off to the machine shop today but valves are opposite on each cylinder (intake and exhaust). I'll get some pictures of the pistons tomorrow.
  9. Baling rotary straw with an 8460

    Try running at about 2/3 PTO speed and it doesn't break up the straw as badly. You will have to slow down your ground speed a bit but the straw should at least get in the baler this way. Heavy dew helps too.
  10. 460 Utility diesel

    No didn't remove pistons from the rods. I didn't check thickness of the old gasket against the new one. Probably should have but have already thrown away the old one. will have to compare this one with the with the new one and see what's up.
  11. 460 Utility diesel

    Every piston seems to be stamped with a 2 and the divets in the piston are all exactly the same.
  12. 460 Utility diesel

    I was paying attention to connecting rod numbers when re-installing but you might be on to something. maybe pistons and connecting rods aren't matched up. i'll check it out. thanks.
  13. 460 Utility diesel

    Rod and the piston are the originals (didn't change them), the piston was in the correct position. Attached a couple pictures.
  14. Working on a project 460 utility and ran into something odd, was wondering if someone could give me a bid of insight on this. Recently replaced con rod bearings and rings, put everything back together and noticed i had a substantial knock. Pulled the pan off, plastic gauged all connecting rod bearings and mains and couldn't find anything out of the ordinary. Pulled the head off and found a shiny spot on #3 piston and also a corresponding spot on the head that was shiny. Assuming that the piston is hitting the head at this spot. It's on the high spot on the piston between where the pockets are for the valves. Has anyone out there heard of this happening before and what was the cause?
  15. Removing Roosa Master pump

    Remove the the timing cover on the pump. If the marks line up on the pump and the crankshaft pulley your on number one. If your on #6 the pump marks don't line up.