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  1. Found the problem to be the voltage regulator. Running great now once the voltage regulator was replaced. Thanks for all you input on this.
  2. I ordered the alternator from NAPA, they found the part number for me, not sure of the model but it's a Wilson alternator.
  3. I will have a look for it. These conversations have been very informative. Thanks for your input everyone. Mechanical stuff, I can usually figure out but auto electrical is my weakness I'm afraid. Vintage diesel, not much electrical there but gassers are a different story.
  4. So this alternator doesn't have an internal voltage regulator? I thought all alternators did. Not trying to be a smart ass, just trying to learn so I can get this problem fixed. I don't see an external voltage regulator anywhere on the tractor.
  5. Tried the multimeter on a pickup and seems to stay steady at 14.2. I don't think it's the meter. cleaned the connections on the starter and battery that didn't seem to help either and it does start as long as there is spark.
  6. Didn't load test the battery, but it is only a couple months old. i will try the jumper wire thing. Thanks
  7. I'm working on my neighbor's 656 gas that is loosing spark and voltage is all over the map. It will be running along fine, then out of the blue will just die. When i check for spark after it dies there is nothing. Changed the coil thinking that was the problem but that didn't help. After a few minutes it seems to come back to life and starts again. Along with this problem when I put my multimeter on the battery the voltage jumps around all over the place, from 2 volts to 14. Thought the voltage regulator was gone in the alternator so I changed out the alternator and this didn't help. I cleaned up the ground cable where it is attached to the tractor, that didn't seem to help either. Does anyone think the stalling problem and the voltage problem are connected? If so where show I start looking? Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. new1206

    Super MD

    Going to look at a Super MD in a few days. Motor is stuck, it's been sitting outside so don't imagine the tires are very good. Hasn't ran in several years. Does this seem like a worthwhile rebuild? I know pumps are very expensive to repair because I rebuilt a SWD-9 a few years ago. Thought anyone?
  9. So, changed the pump on the 656 but it still hesitates a bit lifting the loader when you first start it. If you lower the loader first then raise it, it works fine. Lifts loader way faster than before and has full pressure. Any idea what could be causing this? I bought a pump from a wrecker, it has full pressure once it starts pumping. Once you get rolling, lifting bales and whatever the hydraulics work great. I did not replace the gaskets on the suction tube when changing the pump. Could this be the problem? Would a couple extra gallons of oil in the hydraulics (over fill it) fix this problem for now? And by the way there was one mismatched coupler, a pin a ball. Replaced it and fixed up the jerking on the loader on the way down. Thanks in advance for your replies.
  10. How does one check the cross check valve?
  11. Thanks for the info guys. I will remove the ball and spring, check the couplers are matched and go from there. If the relief valve is not holding and the pump is putting out full pressure, should I hear any whining or anything from oil by-passing? Just wondering how to determine if it's the relief valve or the pump causing slow hydraulics? It actually takes about a minute for the loader to work at all, then it slowly creeps up, both lift and tilt are slow. I changed the filter about 50 hours ago so i doubt that is it.
  12. Thanks for the info on the couplers by the way. I will check that out.
  13. On the bottom of the piece with the brass pipe fittings, sorry don't know what it's called, there is a plug. Under the plug is a spring and ball, what do they do exactly? The spring is broken, i have to get a new one but not sure what to ask for.
  14. I'm working on a 656 with a front end loader. The loader has been jerky on the way down for quite some time now and lately the hydraulics have been very slow. Any suggestions on what's going on? is this 2 separate problems or could it be the same thing causing both?
  15. It is possible there are only 3, so they should get removed once the clutch is installed?
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