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  1. I like my ac 7020 powershift but my favorite will always be my trusty 706
  2. Yeah it will probably be gone by Sunday. I plan on hanging around the house unless I have to get out. The cows and goats didn't even come out from by the barn until this afternoon. Here's a couple of more pictures.
  3. I'm in a little town called munford halfway between Oxford Anniston area and Talladega.
  4. Got 3-4 inches already and it ain't letting up any. Glad I put hay out yesterday .
  5. I left an offer of 10500 and that was with new batteries and at least checking the air. He said he had an 11500 offer from a Mexican the week before. Its in Alabama. I got a feeling I'll get a call in about 2 weeks when the Mexican doesn't show up.
  6. Got the itch to up grade tractors so I have been looking for a good cab tractor to bale with. I got online and found a good looking 986 on a dealers lot and went and looked at it today. It needs some TLC. It has a little over 5000 hours on a non working tack reman engine with some blow by. The air doesn't work and only about half the lights work. The 3 point levers in the cab were rusted and would barely move. The 3 point looked like it had rarely been used. So I guess that is a good thing. It had some rust on the bottom of the cab doors but not bad and the paint was fair. It had a ta that worked and didn't slip and all it shifted good in all gears. It wouldn't start cause the batteries were dead. The sales man said the best he would do would be 11500 as is and wouldn't even look at fixing doing anything to the tractor. Do y'all think I walked away from a good deal.
  7. I'm working on putting a new wiring harness on a 444. I have most of the wires hooked back right but I needs some help figuring out what wires go to the glow plug switch and the junction block. I looked at the diagram on the case ih website but it's not really clear. Does anyone have a wiring diagram or pictures of the dash wiring on that tractor. Thanks Jordan.
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