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  1. A local farmer had an incident with a car stuck in his alfalfa field late at night. They knocked on his door for a tow, he willingly obliged. Once the chain was hooked the old White 4-180 lurched backwards “accidentally” up onto the hood almost into the windshield! Haven’t heard of them coming back.
  2. Send all the best from VT, hope she’s in top shape when she comes home.
  3. It sure looks like a winding cone for a door spring to me too, that little tab held with a screw would anchor the end of spring. Likely a residential door or light weight door.
  4. Lift master makes a jackshaft operator that will work for low headroom doors. It is a residential operator and has all the safety stuff needed for that environment. It has a cable minder that prevents the cables from coming off the drums. I can’t recall the model but I installed a few when I worked for Overhead Door.
  5. My grandfather has same issue with his Cadillac. Loves the car once he is in it and dreads getting out of it. Another friend with a few more years of experience told him to quit complaining and get a minivan. He never will but after getting in and out of his I must agree! Not very flashy looking ride but very easy on the body getting in and out.
  6. Darn things are pricey, that said they are well worth it. I’ve been having awful heel pain lately and just got a pair of these socks and it subsided substantially.
  7. I’ll wrestle ya for ‘em!?
  8. You should wrap that rock with the Trump flag and move it closer to the road. I bet you would catch the culprit who ran it over!?
  9. I just had some returning college students do the arm pump yesterday at St Michaels College. I happily obliged in fairly heavy traffic. Got cheers from the kids and glares from the parents who were all masked up!
  10. Just baled this last weekend
  11. I use a pto driven double rotor rake and it works well in sorghum sudan. It also makes a beautiful windrow for dry hay
  12. Just out of curiosity would a dt466 bolt into an existing Magnum. I’ve seen a few Magnums with engine trouble and would love that set up if it’s simple enough.
  13. Lucien Paquette, the narrator of that video, is still alive. He celebrated his 100th birthday last summer. He is responsible for most of the good parts of our local fair. Until just a few years ago would still participate in the hand mowing contest and usually win! An amazing man, wish more like him around.
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