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  1. Darn things are pricey, that said they are well worth it. I’ve been having awful heel pain lately and just got a pair of these socks and it subsided substantially.
  2. I’ll wrestle ya for ‘em!😂
  3. You should wrap that rock with the Trump flag and move it closer to the road. I bet you would catch the culprit who ran it over!😂
  4. I just had some returning college students do the arm pump yesterday at St Michaels College. I happily obliged in fairly heavy traffic. Got cheers from the kids and glares from the parents who were all masked up!
  5. Just baled this last weekend
  6. I use a pto driven double rotor rake and it works well in sorghum sudan. It also makes a beautiful windrow for dry hay
  7. I’m envious too, I have a fresh air shop with no roofing, flooring or insulation. No taxes either but I’m not getting any younger!
  8. Thanks a lot guys
  9. I have been looking for a 5488 for quite a while and finally found one I like. My question is can the dual speed pto be swapped into one as easily as a 1466 or is there more to it? Would the 5088 be the only donor out there?
  10. Make sure to use the right line and not a hydraulic hose.
  11. I’m talking about the feed lines that come from the filter housing, they are under the nuts on the lines.
  12. When you installed new pump did you replace all the rubbers on the inlet lines? These will get hard and brittle and suck air giving the exact problem you speak of. Diapco offers a pump mounting kit that has these in it as well as the mounting gaskets. Also check tank outlet flow.
  13. I’m surprised this list is so short!😂
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