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  1. National Farm Machinery Show

    That "N" Ford may have been the beginning of the garden tractor classes!🤔
  2. Why, when you’re cold and in a hurry...

    Ya know after dropping enough oil plugs in the drain bucket maybe my tethered idea like a gas cap isn't as foolish as I thought🤔
  3. Calls on Cell Phone

    I had been getting them quite often, now when they don't leave a message after 3 consecutive calls I block number. I have been diligent and it's starting to slow down. What's next with these scum bags?
  4. Something You Were Always Told As Kid

    Almost forgot " get the damn light out of my eyes so I can see what I'm doing"
  5. Touchy subject

    I can't say I ever got a spanking that I didn't deserve! My boys can say the same thing. We don't tolerate disrespect for adults in our house or their siblings for that matter. They can really rile you up at home but the teachers say they are all well behaved at school. Must be doing something right, I hope!
  6. Something You Were Always Told As Kid

    Your in my light and sit back your blocking my mirror sure bring back memories. When I would go somewhere with Gramp he would always tell me "boy, kids are meant to be seen not heard" as we were pulling in most anywhere.😊 Put a smile on my face typing this thinking back to my childhood.
  7. Deutz

    Neighbor has a DX 3.70, it's been as reliable as anything they have ever had. It's 60 ish hp and has 18.4/30 rubber on it so its low to ground, it has that column shift also. It's easy on and off and they seem to use it for everything. It has around 14000 hrs on it now
  8. Cleaning out the shop

    I would like to find one close to VT I have a friend that is in refrigeration business that can make anything work
  9. Tractor pulling air shut off question

    I have always used a truck pto cable and a rain cap, the "counter weight" or whatever it's called on the cap needs to be cut off and mount it on the inlet of a 3lm in the stock + class
  10. 966 injection pump timing

    If you pump still has intervance set at 22 and play with it. A 13mm with locked intervance I ran at 40 degrees with best results and 42 when I ran pure purple fuel
  11. whats worse wind chill or cold temps?

    You can get out of the wind but cold temp gels fuel, guess it depends some on what you need to do. That said I am not a fan of either!
  12. 25,000 today and still climbing

    Seems we all deserve this after so many years of stagnation!😀
  13. genius's at Genex

    They are doing you a favor. Genex is the worst stud in the business, your herd will thank you until you retire if you switch to Select.
  14. Firewood

    Check out the DR rapid fire splitter. Fastest splitter I have ever seen!
  15. What a sharp restored White 2-180 we have here

    I worked for a farmer that had a 2-180 when I was a teenager. I was always happy to drive it as it was only one in fleet that had working a/c. Hauling manure tank on road was interesting with the clubby shifting, it was very good at turning diesel fuel into noise at the tune of 12-14 gallons per hour pulling big harrows.