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  1. There is no external block on it just the two pipes coming from valve to coupler. I know what you mean though, a friends 1466 has the flow control box in-line between valve and coupler
  2. I think coupler and hose ends are fine as I’ve had the 10 on every piece of equipment I own with no problem except this tedder. The tedder works perfect on the Ford too.
  3. It is a Pottinger tedder and it seems like a check valve on tractor. I put the gauge in 5000 outlet and got about 2100 psi. The tedder does not have an accumulator on it but my Kuhn rake does and the 10 has no issues raising or lowering that🤔
  4. I tried that hose in all four ports in the 10, it will lift the tedder but will not fold. It lifts then you hear the relief valve on the tractor open. The remotes have been changed to pioneer ends and same tractor will lift my 12’ disk mower that has one hose and two cylinders to lift and raises it quite fast at pto speed. I will try the 2290 Case on tedder today when I get the water pump changed just for the heck of it.
  5. I put a gauge in the coupler on 1066 and it hits 2500 psi before relief pops off🤔
  6. It is a 6 star Pottinger tedder, it has one hose to lift and fold both ways. It has a rope to pull the safety latches. I put the 5000 back and works perfectly, the 10 went back on round baler and works fine too.
  7. I got a new folding tedder this year and run it with a Ford 5000 with no problems. I unhooked it in the field in working position then hooked on to move down the road with the 1066 and it would not fold up. Tedder has one hydraulic line on it and is pressurized both directions. Neither tractor has a float position on the remote. Why does the junk Ford fold it and by favorite IH won’t?
  8. When I worked for Overhead Door I saw most everything tried to seal the bottom of door, usually the concrete floor had cracked or heaved. The design of that product looks like it will just fold inside when door is closed. Maybe it helps maybe not. I will bet it looks silly when the door is left open and it hangs down in the opening.
  9. Sure miss George’s reports on the way things are!
  10. My neighbor has had a 65 since almost new, it still runs and goes. They are tough on things so if it will stand up to them it must be a good rig. I mowed a lot of hay on it with a pt10 Hesston mower as a teen, I can confirm the brakes aren't great. With 38" rubber it would pull its guts out hauling corn in the fall.
  11. I have always been told to mix to the oil i.e. 50-1, the amsoil 100-1 was pretty scary the first time I did it but my 395 Husqvarna seems to love it and gets used pretty hard. But as said earlier it's your equipment so mix how you are comfortable
  12. That 54 is a beauty! I want one just like it
  13. My wife and kids used to make shake butter, she would skim the cream off and put some in a mason jar and let's the boys shake like crazy. Little butter balls would form and she would press them into my Grandmother's old butter mold. We used our Jersey milk so there was plenty of cream.
  14. My neighbor has had a Buffalo 130 for 25 years now. His brother has one with a turbo, I can't tell you if it's a factory install or not. As said they are great in the mud, hydraulics leave a bit to be desired in my opinion. If you use them hard in the summer the hydraulics get hot and slow, both tractors do it so not sure if both have same problem or if it's a design flaw? Also good luck trying to make the heater work reliably!
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