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  1. Just out of curiosity would a dt466 bolt into an existing Magnum. I’ve seen a few Magnums with engine trouble and would love that set up if it’s simple enough.
  2. She’s a nice one, I know a guy that would like it if you don’t.😂
  3. I’ve figured out a few that I’ve met on here. I missed out on meeting Sid at the robot farm auction.
  4. Not to mention she has quite a smile on her face after such a procedure.
  5. One night when i was super tired after haying all day a pig ran out in front of me so close I had no chance to react other than turn around and see what I hit, also a herd of antelope between Laramie and Cheyenne at 120 mph
  6. My remedy so far has been to leave it on the 5000. I only found this issue when I tried to fold tedder with 10 just to move it to a different farm. My intention was never to tedd much hay with the 10 but it bothered me some that it would not fold the damn thing. The biggest issue that day was the water pump went on 2290 so 10 had to finish mowing and I wanted to move the tedder and not go with empty tractor. Another day I may look deeper at this, I just wondered if there was something simple I was missing
  7. There is a rope to pull that unlatches the locks. The 10 will raise and lower the tedder but not fold.
  8. The 1066 has been converted to pioneer remotes in the last few years. I did try two new tips on tedder, first the ball end then the nipple style and have positively ruled that out. Yes they were the known good ones from tailgate of baler
  9. I said the tedder will raise on the 1066 but will not fold. The tractor works on everything else, and the tedder works on two different tractors. I would guess that would rule out the hose end on tedder and the remote on tractor but perhaps I am missing something
  10. Just an update, I put Case 2290 on tedder and it folds with ease. Just baffles me what the reason could be for 1066 not working.
  11. There is no external block on it just the two pipes coming from valve to coupler. I know what you mean though, a friends 1466 has the flow control box in-line between valve and coupler
  12. I think coupler and hose ends are fine as I’ve had the 10 on every piece of equipment I own with no problem except this tedder. The tedder works perfect on the Ford too.
  13. It is a Pottinger tedder and it seems like a check valve on tractor. I put the gauge in 5000 outlet and got about 2100 psi. The tedder does not have an accumulator on it but my Kuhn rake does and the 10 has no issues raising or lowering that🤔
  14. I tried that hose in all four ports in the 10, it will lift the tedder but will not fold. It lifts then you hear the relief valve on the tractor open. The remotes have been changed to pioneer ends and same tractor will lift my 12’ disk mower that has one hose and two cylinders to lift and raises it quite fast at pto speed. I will try the 2290 Case on tedder today when I get the water pump changed just for the heck of it.
  15. I put a gauge in the coupler on 1066 and it hits 2500 psi before relief pops off🤔
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