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  1. 1066lover

    5488 Planting Pics

    That 54 is a beauty! I want one just like it
  2. 1066lover

    Leaf Springs and hangers, where to buy?

    X2 on Bailey spring and chassis
  3. 1066lover

    Making homemade butter

    My wife and kids used to make shake butter, she would skim the cream off and put some in a mason jar and let's the boys shake like crazy. Little butter balls would form and she would press them into my Grandmother's old butter mold. We used our Jersey milk so there was plenty of cream.
  4. 1066lover

    Same tractors in the US

    My neighbor has had a Buffalo 130 for 25 years now. His brother has one with a turbo, I can't tell you if it's a factory install or not. As said they are great in the mud, hydraulics leave a bit to be desired in my opinion. If you use them hard in the summer the hydraulics get hot and slow, both tractors do it so not sure if both have same problem or if it's a design flaw? Also good luck trying to make the heater work reliably!
  5. 1066lover

    Vintage Aerial

    Have found farm Mom grew up and I spent lot of time on but not Dads. The farm across the road from it and up the road where my Dads 420 JD that I have now came from but not the homestead😟
  6. 1066lover

    Vintage Aerial

    Have you all seen this site? It is pretty cool, I have been looking at the 1967 pics the last few days. I am looking for my Dads family farm that was sold just before I was born. It has been lots of fun checking out this snap shot in farm history hope it doesn't get too addicting!
  7. 1066lover

    1066 puller clutch advice needed

    X2 on Carl at Atlas
  8. 1066lover

    Did ALL 15XX tractors come with the 8-bladed fan?

    Both my 1066s have 8 blade fans, both were cab tractors one has been removed
  9. 1066lover


    Why aren't our liberal geniuses crying out and demanding this piss poor example of a sherif resign or be thrown out of office? Seems like a cut and dried case of dereliction of duty on his part right on down through his deputies and so called armed resource officer!
  10. 1066lover


    I was watching our local news last night with the fully funded knee jerk crowd imploring our governor to do "something"! The one sign I noticed that made my blood boil was "gun laws save lives", apparently the young lady holding it, Tide pod challenge survivor perhaps, has never been to or heard of Chicago! My question remains, what don't you get about criminal? Bad people don't care how many laws you write or who's rights you strip they only disarm the honest. Seems like it plays right into the criminals agenda! Rant over my blood pressure can't take much more
  11. 1066lover

    National Farm Machinery Show

    That "N" Ford may have been the beginning of the garden tractor classes!🤔
  12. 1066lover

    Why, when you’re cold and in a hurry...

    Ya know after dropping enough oil plugs in the drain bucket maybe my tethered idea like a gas cap isn't as foolish as I thought🤔
  13. 1066lover

    Calls on Cell Phone

    I had been getting them quite often, now when they don't leave a message after 3 consecutive calls I block number. I have been diligent and it's starting to slow down. What's next with these scum bags?
  14. 1066lover

    Something You Were Always Told As Kid

    Almost forgot " get the damn light out of my eyes so I can see what I'm doing"
  15. 1066lover

    Touchy subject

    I can't say I ever got a spanking that I didn't deserve! My boys can say the same thing. We don't tolerate disrespect for adults in our house or their siblings for that matter. They can really rile you up at home but the teachers say they are all well behaved at school. Must be doing something right, I hope!