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  1. I am thinking about buying a disc ripper but want some input if running one would help increase yields. I live in south central Illinois where most of my ground is light timber soil and some clay.
  2. To clarify the question I have to slow down the ground speed. After talking to a veteran combine mechanic this morning he told me that the priority valve in the valve stack is getting weak and needs shims added to it to correct the problem.
  3. Haven't changed filter in a couple of years. All other hydraulic functions run normal.
  4. Electric over hydraulic
  5. I am running a 1020 head on a 1440 combine with electric over hydraulic controls. For the first couple of hours the head floats fine then it will start dragging dirt under the middle of the head. Also when I go to raise the head it won't raise until I slow the combine down some. Just wondering if these 2 problems are related and what could be done to fix it. Nothing worse than leaving piles of dirt and soybean residue in the field when you are finished combining.
  6. Yes, I have thought about putting weights on the tongue to counter balance it.
  7. I do not have an operators manual. Are the three holes located by the leveling crank on the front of the disc?
  8. I just mounted a tine harrow on my 496 disc and now it is causing a negative tongue weight on the front of the disc. I see used discs on dealers lots with harrows on them and they are balanced. Any ideas on how to fix this issue?
  9. Ok, I will speed up the rotor and see if I and find a shredder grate and install it. Thanks to everyone who replied to this post.
  10. Didn't notice what side the clumps were landing. Saw on another forum that people installed those disruptors, Shoup sells them for $500, just wondered how well they work for the money.
  11. I believe I am running at 500-550 rpm.
  12. I have been cutting green stemmed soybeans with my 1440 and it's throwing out clumps of stems instead of spreading them evenly. I do not have a chopper only a beater. Is there anything help eliminate this problem?
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