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  1. I have worked around mussle white years ago we graveled the road into the mine. The company I work for is working around pipestone right now
  2. I also love the sound of Detroit diesels , I ran the old clark and timberjacks back in the day . The Euclid r22s were fun to drive with the 671s . I'm still in local 793
  3. I have about 25 years in a loader, my favorite loader was the cat 980b and could load 200 loads a day @ 4 buckets a truck.
  4. About 2 1/2 days last week on this section doing rock grade with a D8r and 3 trucks hauling to me
  5. Will do , it probably won't be until July or August
  6. When I was screening gravel, the rocks rolled off nice , the small roots would shake off also . I will definitely have to wait until it's hot and dry so it flows through
  7. I have a mountain of topsoil that I originally built it for ,it has about 30-40% sticks , logs and roots in I haven't tried any through it yet , was thinking i need the wife with a rake to pull some off every once in awhile
  8. Hey thanks, it has definitely saved me a lot of money with not having to buy gravel . I only have a couple hundred into the screener
  9. Yes it shakes pretty aggressive, I just have the top of screen bolted tight and loose on sides and bottom, so it has like a double shake action
  10. Yes it is a beast , I mostly use the 2101 husqvarna that I put a D handle on . Yes you got that right with a good rifle , good sawmill and a good woman
  11. Hey thanks , my next project will be a kiln when I have the time as I'm in the process of building a new house for the last 5 years lol
  12. I just used poplar that I had on the property, I cut them 3" thick, they dried to 2 5/8" with a slight cup so I plained down to 2 3/8" I wanted to build out of ash but didn't have the time to get out and find some
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