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  1. Here is a another picture of the pump upload picture
  2. Bought this old TD9 a couple of weeks ago. image free hosting image hosting site no sign up It was not running and had no gas cap on the tank so I only paid about what it was worth in scrap. I took it home and cleaned the tank, hoses and changed the fuel filters. I also made a new gas cap. When the time came to start it up I put a fresh battery in it and tried to crank it but it felt very tired. The starter came off and got new bearings. What a differense! pc screenshot After the air was bled out of the system the motor fired up in a cloud of black smoke. But it did not respond very well to the throttle and it only ran for a few minutes and then it cut out. There were also a knocking noise like it was not running on all six cylinders. I tried cranking it right away after it cut out but it did not want to start again. I checked the filters for air but there were only fuel. After about 10minutes I cranked it again and it started right up again only to cut out again after a minute or two. I have tried many times now but its the same every time. I also put on an electric fuel pump too feed the system but there are no improvements. I think the problem is in the injection pump. Its an RD injection pump i belive. Not so common nowdays? picture upload Are there any easy fix to this problem or do the pump need rebuilding or replacing? //Johan from Sweden
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