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  1. If it wasnt for that round thing i would of guess differential is goin! My ten started flaking the diff till it finally busted the cross! And if your lucky you would need cross and little gears! I wasnt lucky ate the cross the gears and ruined the diff case so that added another $700 to the bill! But with that circle not sure thats your problem
  2. Good luck finding a set you may have better luck than me up in Pennsylvania i waited 5 years till a set popped up seen one other set online!
  3. Once you get a bigger trailer your bank account gets smaller and smaller!
  4. Understandable! Glad you picked that old M up! Wish ya the best of luck and hope you get your projects you really want to get done completed!
  5. Last one! And the reason why is??????????
  6. The bottom one has a dealer sticker above the 5488 the top doesnt
  7. Couple years ago I picked up this rough looking ih 440 baler last year I finally used it worked great! But it is weathered and rusty! I wont need it till I bale straw so I was thinking of giving it half decent paint job thought about disassembling it in my back yard and painting it! What would work better maybe cheaper ti remove rust I have access to a big sand blaster at a friend's if I had to! But on the sheet metal would a wire wheel and a grinder work better or a sander? Im no painter and have never did more than paint over rust with a rattle can! So thought ugly old baler be a good start!
  8. I been reading some other forums man they sure smash our red tractors! I swear on agtalk idk how my family lived four generations of owning pre 1985 red tractors! I think thier our some peope who didnt like maintenance and didnt want to operate them as they were ment to be operated! O well
  9. Looking good Tony! Someday I wish to have that talent but for now I will be satisfied with just getting somebodys wreck goin again! I gotta new helper on the last one i/we got goin (farmall 656) didnt talk to the kid for ten years since high school one day we met up somewhere got to talking he come over to my place when I started the project helped me all along his grandpa (traveling tractor mechanic) use to come work on my grandpa tractors back in the day which is kinda neat! Then yesterday I mounted my grandpas 2000 model loader on that 656! Funny how tractors bring us together people not in
  10. Pa salt sucks! and now we got brine water hate driving I80 in the winter! But I half to!
  11. Our weeds aernt bad at all corn just short and drying quick! This year the later corn and bottom ground did way better than the past couple years!

  12. I gotta come up with a better way to handle bolts during a project! I throw them in cans and when you get back to it two years later its like ok I have no clue! How do you guys handle your bolts and all your parts when your doin a restoration?
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