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  1. What would be a decent round baler in a 4x5 size for 5k or less! Dad had a claas 46 good baler 20000 bales 0 problems but it was a soft core and he bought a new claas 4x5 belt baler good baler! I havent ran it yet or even really did anything to it. Its his! Out of my price range anyhow! Really the 46 was all i was every around and operated! Id prefer net wrap and a belt baler for a hard core!
  2. They all keep goin up! And i think the trend will keep goin up!
  3. Looks nice! Looks like it was a cab tractor?
  4. Id give it try and see if she goes get the engine to run jack it all up and see if she spins the wheels before anything else!
  5. Anyone still use a new idea cut/ditioner? We had a 279 grandpa used it to chop corn stalks! When o came around dad used it to mow pastures we never used it to mow hay! Ours was a 9ft 279! I always thought they were a good concept simple and heavy duty to me!
  6. Hopefully getting some killed your way! We have to many and not many killed yet!
  7. What will you do with the oats after you bale them?
  8. Can i borrow that i give it back after oh 30 years! Haha nice work
  9. Thiers a 1066 hydro over in morris if youd like another! Haha Was down through thier a few weeks back!
  10. Did IH make a 3 row snapper head for a harvester or only a 2 row?
  11. This weather absolutely sucks
  12. Split it and inspect rear main clutch input shaft prrassure plate fly wheel ect! Sucks to rebuild and split a month later cause of a stripped pto gear been thier done that!
  13. Well thanks for the info guys! Guy didnt know what he had it was a model 30! It had no cracks or re welds it was priced right so i bought it anyhow it will work good on the 656! But im gonna keep a eye out for heavy duty 50!
  14. Auto parts sell or can get short cans
  15. Goin to look at IH 50 back blade are they a good heavy blade would a 966 be to big?
  16. Awhile back i found a place in the U.K that had a ton of international baler parts! Said they shipped world wide when i start rebuilding my 440 im gonna find them again! And ther prices were way less than in the u.s! Im sure shipping be some money but if they get new parts better than worn out ones or no parts!
  17. Haha its only a google search the other day! My dad doesnt use the web much buy he was wanting to know when the full moon was or something! So he google full moon! Wasnt what he was looking for but wasnt bad!
  18. I think they look better with them but im all about original! Dont look at my tractors on the original part its a work in progress! Haha
  19. Oh the hate on the 86 series! Will never see why people think thier the worst tractor international ever made!
  20. Ok so 986 d436! Cracked a liner last winter i through a cheapo kit in Abilene machine! Wrapped it up late winter at my dads drove it to my place it was leaking oil on the cornor by alternator then i found antifreeze in the oil pan! Tractor was only ran a half hour since put together! Pulled head off found 2 holes not cut in the gasket and were plugging two water ports to the head so blammed the water on the bad head gasket! Bought caseih gasket put all back together its sat all summer didnt need it or time to finish it up so today i decided i was gonna wrap it up and get it running! Needed mu
  21. Dads shop os 50x50 and it turned into a catch all! Dont know where he put everything before now it ends up thier
  22. Coyotes??? I try to chase them west then! We have a pile of them in pa.
  23. Looking good! Its always nice to hear something fire back up for the first time! Especially when everyone else says it will never run again!
  24. Thats crazy to wreck that 1256!
  25. We have a cross bar just looks like thickness! Wise grandpa had it do they have ih part number maybe i oghta clean it up! Figure they were all off brands!
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