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  1. What would be a decent round baler in a 4x5 size for 5k or less! Dad had a claas 46 good baler 20000 bales 0 problems but it was a soft core and he bought a new claas 4x5 belt baler good baler! I havent ran it yet or even really did anything to it. Its his! Out of my price range anyhow! Really the 46 was all i was every around and operated! Id prefer net wrap and a belt baler for a hard core!
  2. They all keep goin up! And i think the trend will keep goin up!
  3. Looks nice! Looks like it was a cab tractor?
  4. Id give it try and see if she goes get the engine to run jack it all up and see if she spins the wheels before anything else!
  5. Anyone still use a new idea cut/ditioner? We had a 279 grandpa used it to chop corn stalks! When o came around dad used it to mow pastures we never used it to mow hay! Ours was a 9ft 279! I always thought they were a good concept simple and heavy duty to me!
  6. Thiers a 1066 hydro over in morris if youd like another! Haha Was down through thier a few weeks back!
  7. Oh the hate on the 86 series! Will never see why people think thier the worst tractor international ever made!
  8. We have a cross bar just looks like thickness! Wise grandpa had it do they have ih part number maybe i oghta clean it up! Figure they were all off brands!
  9. Some really really awesome photos! Those 1456s are just beautiful!
  10. Yes it comes down to serial number but all those things point away from being a true blackstripe!
  11. You can bring it to my house you get tired of it!
  12. I doubt it has the wrong side sheet metal has the louvers serial number tag on the bell housing and dont see the bolt holes in tge rear axle housing for the 86 series cabs! And that tractor had a cab on at one time wrong deck pto lever and steps and the oil cooler hoses dont go through the sheet metal the steel lines come half way up from the multiple control valves! Nice tractor not original though! Wish thier was a rearend pick cause it probably has wrong drawbar and 3 pt hitch to be a blackstripe!
  13. Are the back axle cut off? They look short
  14. Im up for adoption???? Sharp 986 the one neighbor bought one off are other neighbor about 25 years ago exact same set up had 800 hours on it when it changed hands dad wanted to buy it at the time no money in the 80s! I tried to buy it cause we farm the original owners land and i wanted one of his tractors but the current owner wants to much told me he was gonna get it running then i will see its worth that much! It now has about 2000 hours on it! Now its rotting away out side hasnt moved in 5 years! I been waiting to get the call he worked on it but havent yet! Thinking about stopping to see i
  15. Your putting to much thought into this! If your 756 is doin it now! A 966 is gonna do better! Thier good tractors as long as they been maintained like anything! If you do buy a 10 that cat 3 doesnt mean nothin! If your just baling hay! Not like your paying more for the tractor that is that old if it had a 2 or 3! A 9 will be cheaper than a 10 everybody wants a 10! That why i have two 9s and one 10! Would like to buy another 9 if in can scrap up the money!
  16. Looks good! My old boss had a stieger i thought the way the duels clamped were dumb way to go on but he didnt use much off set disc and a big old spreader that was hydraulic spreader that sat real high didnt haul as much as the knights he had so he didnt use it much when i worked for him!
  17. I dont know what it is about washing 40 years of grim off of something! But its always very satisfying to me! Looks good keep it comin!
  18. Another 14 saved! I swore you said awhile back the next one was gonna have a factory cab! Haha maybe the next one!
  19. Gleaner k2

    Mx 120

    My dad needs a new headlight for a MX 120 i have searched all over online and found nothing! Caseih wants $250 and he isnt paying that for a light! I can find head lights for the older 71 72 89 magnums the MX magnums the older 51and 52 series the cx series but no Headlights for a bigger mx maxxums! I can find the sidelight! Will a older magnum light fit?
  20. I want one with a narrow front someday! Are you putting a narrow front under it? Or does it already have one!
  21. Looks good witg 18.4/42 i assume! With that cab! 38s never fill that fender space!
  22. Thats the way i see it to! The clean originals are getting fewer fewer! To bad my wife doesnt get that! Haha! Looking good i kinda like your way of just fixing and cleaning them up good! Paint can always come later!
  23. I bought studs for my 400 at case ih!
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