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  1. The two sided ones dont work for me worth a darn!
  2. Nice tractor! You guys gotta lot of 1456 down thier
  3. I seen that he did a excellent job on that cab! I picked up a late model 86 cab (what was left) cheap at my local yard but it needs all the sheet metal i want to try redoing for my 986 i bought that was rolled! I have most parts between the two
  4. I wish somebody would just make all the sheet metal for the 86 series cab in a kit! Cause thier just gonna get worse i know mike at triple r has some!
  5. Isnt about time for the sap guys to get busy? How will the mild winter here in december atleast in Pennsylvania effect the sap? Dont you guys like it cold?
  6. Thanks bitty i will give them a call this week
  7. No i usually figured the chattering in that situation is the input shaft goin south! The pto was not engaged it definitely the transmission i dont have the money to put towards it for a full rebuild at this time! So it may sit i been around hydros all my life just never worked on the internals!
  8. So the old 1026 i know is probably on the weak side! Today i was pawing around at the end of a field on a hill riding a the break trying to get turned around and the transmission started clattering! So i backed off and it quit i know on the highway its not right! It had new hytran and a full service after i got it i put a 100 light duty hours on it since! My question is if i keep running it light duty will i do more damage than what is already been done? Can i destroy something that isnt available parts wise that isnt for a hydro anymore? Not in the budget at the moment for a rebuild! But rath
  9. Were pretty rusty over here in pa. to! Haha i hate it
  10. Yes the guy on the ground needs a reflective vest so the stuff falling can see him! At work we always ask if three guys walking across the parking lot 2 have vest one doesnt the safety guy always sees the guy with no vest!!! Haha
  11. Guess you could put a coleman on the front of it!
  12. i second the narrow front with duels id say no cab but im a original guy and if the cab isnt shot it should stay! Cab narrow front an duels and maybe a set of rear wheel weights and a whole rack up front weights would be alittle different!
  13. Dont feel alone sandhiller i have the same problem to many projects trying to work a 60 hour week job and farm! Wife says im nuts people at work think im crazy! Atleast we can get on here and talk about our problems with other people who understand! Hahaha
  14. The more projects i see you do the more i like this style of restoration! I dont know why i use to think a restoration wasnt complete without paint job! Keep up the good work!
  15. Not that i know of! Would need step up rims to go to 42!
  16. So the other day i had a molar yanked out in back of my head they told me oh we cant fix it the roots are eroded away! Ok i guess pull it then! Well went to the oral surgeon he yanked it and another! Well when he pulled the molar i guess the roots were better shape then the thought and they went up in my sinus! Well after he smashed his hand in his own pliers and told me that was the hardest tooth he ever pulled. He got it out he realized thier was a bigger problem with the hole he put alot of stiches in thier i tried counting how many stitches as he was sewing! After he realized this problem
  17. Hope you get better soon! I just had 3 teeth pulled today! Dentist slipped of the tooth and smashed his finger in his own pliers! That was something to see and hear in your head!
  18. I like it! I bet it gets good traction and would hold mud like duels! My old boss we had a 7930 jd 4wd that had 710 something by 38s loaded with beat juice on the rear it went good they had duels to but never put them on!
  19. What size of tire is that? Whats it on?
  20. And the 20 ft 475 disc in good shape jockeys and dealers want more than that now for them!
  21. The claas 46 was a baler that cost dad nothin to run was never broke down! He did hit a ground hog hole and broke a axle once! But he bought it new and besides me sometimes he was the only operator! Makes a huge difference on equipment! Im just thinking of branching out into some hay i square baled some last year could have did more i was the bale handler and wife tractor driver! What id like to do is square as much as i can and then when i start running out of time roll up the rest!
  22. Gleaner k2


    And when i was in school the other kids said i should grow weed on the farm! I always said how much ya giver fer a round bale? Now its gonna become a reality! Hahaha seems to be alot of talk in Pennsylvania about this week with that turd ball governor the rest of the state voted back in! 😡
  23. Sorry to see that i had a couple close calls never lost one completely! Dad just got a new gehl skid steer was gonna haul manure took skid steer down parked went to get the spreader came back and the skid steer was smoking so being 14 i jumped on it was still running and smoking headed for the milk house and got the hose out! Lucky it was new didnt have any oil and everything else in the bottom of the belly pan battery cable shorted out! Then one time i just bought a 966 first day out it had some extra wiring up under the dash for something i was picking corn and it shorted out lucky they didn
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