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  1. 6 hours ago, Farmall1066 said:

    Thanks for the numbers Brian! I do have both on the registry, you gave me the numbers last February.  I’ll let you know again how they fall in the list so far

    7110 located in IA and is a forum members tractor 

    7196 located in IA and was the lowest serial number in the red power magazines highest and lowest numbers in 09

    26366 was for sale in KS

    26450 was for sale in WI, both I have lost contact of.  

    How many 1066 do you have in the registry? And what was the first 1066s number? 

  2. 1066 hydro 2610163U007144.  Sold new in western Pennsylvania same family grandpa now my dad! Fender tractor  


    1066 gear drive 2610172U026441 came from illinois to western Pennsylvania now fender tractor

  3. 8 hours ago, sugarmaker said:


    Gleaner, Thanks! You might be out of place with all this RED around you? :) PA is big where are you?

     There wasn't much magic here. Used a 3/8 extension  and hammer on to a piece of rail, for the reshaping tools. Gentle reshaping back to correct form on rib at a time. They are not bad to reshape, the metal works good. Start with a bar that's not too far out. Work it straight. It will build your confidence too. Plan to spend a day on a grill like this.  You can't hurt it much. My grill is a 10 footer. But looks better than being mashed up.



    Im down by Dubois jefferson county! 

  4. Couple years ago I picked up this rough looking ih 440 baler last year I finally used it worked great! But it is weathered and rusty! I wont need it till I bale straw so I was thinking of giving it half decent paint job thought about disassembling it in my back yard and painting it! What would work better maybe cheaper ti remove rust I have access to a big sand blaster at a friend's if I had to! But on the sheet metal would a wire wheel and a grinder work better or a sander? Im no painter and have never did more than paint over rust with a rattle can! So thought ugly old baler be a good start! 

  5. Looking good Tony! Someday I wish to have that talent but for now I will be satisfied with just getting somebodys wreck goin again! I gotta new helper on the last one i/we got goin (farmall 656) didnt talk to the kid for ten years since high school one day we met up somewhere got to talking he come over to my place when I started the project helped me all along his grandpa (traveling tractor mechanic) use to come work on my grandpa tractors back in the day which is kinda neat! Then yesterday I mounted my grandpas 2000 model loader on that 656! Funny how tractors bring us together people not into tractors just dont understand! Keep on wrenching! Brian


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