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  1. Thats why my 361s are sitting collecting dust just not ready to gamble the very expensive lesson that could be learned quit yet!
  2. Wouldnt that be something if thats all it was! My luck never goes like that!
  3. Went to a little junk yard about a hour from me today just to see what he has drug in! Has a 784 guy dropped it off said it was wore out so they made a deal then the yard owner said now that i bought it whats wrong with it! Guy said it was hard starting used either and finally he couldnt get it to start again so he said the heck with it parked it and bought a new one sat outside for 3 years! Tachometer says 3100 hours pedals all tight not much wear 3pt drawbar look good definetly looks like a 3100 hour tractor possibly! It has a odd loader im not sure what it is but heavy and its 4wd which i
  4. If the block is good why couldnt you cut off the u shape braket and make two new ones and weld them to the end of the shafts! i have heated them up and sprung them open to get them out or the road and heat them up and bend back together no problem putting them back together!
  5. Thats what i was thinking i have seen alot worse looking stuff running on farms all the time than in the pics of that stuff in that yard!
  6. Thats not a salvage yard thats heaven!
  7. I would feel better if that stem they put in was plastic! It was aluminium
  8. Well i screwed wrench yanking this weekend! Swapped injections pumps on my 986 got it all ready to fire up! Hit the key boom running thought GREAT it wasnt 180 off! Shut it off looked at the pump said to myself you idiot you didnt pull the little stopper do hickey and put the plug in! It even has BIG tag on it! Anybody know how bad that screws up the pump? The do it yourself college of hard knocks isnt always cheaper! 😡
  9. My old boss added air to a stieger cougar one with the automatic transmission! He mounted a spreaded box to semi trailer axles and need air for brakes and ran the beater off a hydraulic motor!
  10. A question for the older guys on here! Has it always been that the people in the working class dont think ahead? or plan? I work at a garbage transfer station as a excavtor operator 7 years now! For those who dont know they dump out the collection trucks and load on a semi to go to a land fill! Now we all heard for days that the cold was coming! Im in charge of the tipping floor i have one helper a excavator wheel loader and a yard truck! So my helper (a good learner) and i made sure everything was tip top shape for cold fuel treatment block heaters working air tanks drained ect! 40 degree win
  11. Its sad! I dont know where we are heading! I didnt read it all but the lawsuits are just ridiculous anymore! I dont if any other towns are doing it yet but clarion pa wants to tax you for storm water! Any water that runs off youth property and into the storm drain system thier gonna figure out the amount of tax by the square footage of property you have!
  12. Pull up on it i spray wd 40 on mine on a 966 everytime i grease the tractor mine use to leak oil when i got it cause the valve rod was pitted and leaked no parts availible i had machine shop make me a new rod for the valve cost me $50 dollars! Now i lube it so it doesnt rust!
  13. I second the fact thier not as good as they use to be!
  14. Is the procedure to follow written out and sent with the ta that hy capacity has or is it some tricks of the trade to make them last? Im planning on doin my own ta in a 966! The ones we did in the past we pulled the center section an sent to the dealer!
  15. Make a smaller round bale! They can push around by hand
  16. Are those new made for pulling tractors or just machined original gears?
  17. I assume you no till it! If you have what do you usually seed and in perfect conditions how many cuttings the year you plant it?
  18. Anybody got any ideas on how to clean up a old hayfield? Picked up some grass hay fields manly orchard grass that wasnt baled last year! So all the old junk is still out thier and i want to avoid any off the old stuff in the 1st crop this year! Would it be smart to go bush hog it off early before it gets growing if i can get in without tearing it up? Would a flail mower be a better choice then a bush hog i never had a flail mower besides a new idea cutditioner id buy one if it work to mow it off grind it up so it rots faster? Or am i just stuck with junk in the first crop this year?
  19. Didnt know this either! My 80y was just red! I remember the light on our 1066 when it first come would flash then it quit for years so i put a new bulb in now its just red! Guess i need the right bulbs
  20. I can guarantee i wouldnt mess with the guy that can do that! I would hope i could run faster scared than he could mad!
  21. I seen that he did a excellent job on that cab! I picked up a late model 86 cab (what was left) cheap at my local yard but it needs all the sheet metal i want to try redoing for my 986 i bought that was rolled! I have most parts between the two
  22. I wish somebody would just make all the sheet metal for the 86 series cab in a kit! Cause thier just gonna get worse i know mike at triple r has some!
  23. Were pretty rusty over here in pa. to! Haha i hate it
  24. Guess you could put a coleman on the front of it!
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