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  1. Dang I tried! Hahahahahaha! I try again on the next 14. Shes looking good! It must be cause its dryer climate down thier in texas those old girls wake up from a long nap heck up here engines can lock up in a couple years if conditions are right!
  2. Good luck! Will waiting to see how her new owner treats her!
  3. Someday i want a 766 balckstripe narrow front! Looks like a nice axle good luck on the rebuild!
  4. I seen that he did a excellent job on that cab! I picked up a late model 86 cab (what was left) cheap at my local yard but it needs all the sheet metal i want to try redoing for my 986 i bought that was rolled! I have most parts between the two
  5. I wish somebody would just make all the sheet metal for the 86 series cab in a kit! Cause thier just gonna get worse i know mike at triple r has some!
  6. Were pretty rusty over here in pa. to! Haha i hate it
  7. Guess you could put a coleman on the front of it!
  8. i second the narrow front with duels id say no cab but im a original guy and if the cab isnt shot it should stay! Cab narrow front an duels and maybe a set of rear wheel weights and a whole rack up front weights would be alittle different!
  9. The more projects i see you do the more i like this style of restoration! I dont know why i use to think a restoration wasnt complete without paint job! Keep up the good work!
  10. Anyone still use a new idea cut/ditioner? We had a 279 grandpa used it to chop corn stalks! When o came around dad used it to mow pastures we never used it to mow hay! Ours was a 9ft 279! I always thought they were a good concept simple and heavy duty to me!
  11. Some really really awesome photos! Those 1456s are just beautiful!
  12. Yes it comes down to serial number but all those things point away from being a true blackstripe!
  13. You can bring it to my house you get tired of it!
  14. I doubt it has the wrong side sheet metal has the louvers serial number tag on the bell housing and dont see the bolt holes in tge rear axle housing for the 86 series cabs! And that tractor had a cab on at one time wrong deck pto lever and steps and the oil cooler hoses dont go through the sheet metal the steel lines come half way up from the multiple control valves! Nice tractor not original though! Wish thier was a rearend pick cause it probably has wrong drawbar and 3 pt hitch to be a blackstripe!
  15. I want one with a narrow front someday! Are you putting a narrow front under it? Or does it already have one!
  16. Looks good witg 18.4/42 i assume! With that cab! 38s never fill that fender space!
  17. How many 1066 do you have in the registry? And what was the first 1066s number?
  18. 1066 hydro 2610163U007144. Sold new in western Pennsylvania same family grandpa now my dad! Fender tractor 1066 gear drive 2610172U026441 came from illinois to western Pennsylvania now fender tractor
  19. Couple years ago I picked up this rough looking ih 440 baler last year I finally used it worked great! But it is weathered and rusty! I wont need it till I bale straw so I was thinking of giving it half decent paint job thought about disassembling it in my back yard and painting it! What would work better maybe cheaper ti remove rust I have access to a big sand blaster at a friend's if I had to! But on the sheet metal would a wire wheel and a grinder work better or a sander? Im no painter and have never did more than paint over rust with a rattle can! So thought ugly old baler be a good start!
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