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  1. My favorite International machinery.

    My guess they thought if you needed 4 wheel drive! You were to buy a 2+2!
  2. My favorite International machinery.

    My dad hated grandpas 56 blower! He bought it new! I dont know why my guess is cause they were trying to blow up a 60 ft and 80 ft silo with a 450 diesel! I know thiers was alot around! I only ever was around a gehl 1580!
  3. IH 1456 front axle

    I would say the axle came from salvage yards! And added on later! I love to have a 66 series narrow front! Hopefully someday!
  4. I picked up a little 3 fast hitch bottom 14 inch plow it uses the old style long points with long point and wider shin! Can i swap the bottoms out with bottoms newer bottoms from a 550 16 inch im using for parts?
  5. Shopping for pickups, not as fun anymore

    Nice 99 superduty! Dads 99 frame broke after 15 years! It rusted through! Running to work on I80 is killing my 05 that crap they spray is horrible! I hate it but wife wont move! The salt sure cost a guy alot of money over his life time in vehicle's!
  6. Mx 120

    My dad needs a new headlight for a MX 120 i have searched all over online and found nothing! Caseih wants $250 and he isnt paying that for a light! I can find head lights for the older 71 72 89 magnums the MX magnums the older 51and 52 series the cx series but no Headlights for a bigger mx maxxums! I can find the sidelight! Will a older magnum light fit?
  7. 86 series 4post value?

    Oil is your best friend with the 86 series tractors! Those tractors still bring alot up here in Pennsylvania! But alot of us are behind the times and still run the old stuff!
  8. Other options for overhaul kits

    I just put a reliance in my 986 knock on wood i hope its good! Put one in a 656 a year ago so far good! I am gonna pull the pan when i change oil in it and check the rod bolts hopefully thiers no stretching like some guys are saying thier having problems with!
  9. Fluid in tires and road wear

    Do you guys think tires will run longer without fluid? I do alot of roading and all our tractors have fluid in tires cause well thats just what everyone does around here! The extra weight does help on our hills! But what im thinking is goin to firestone radials which is what half our tractors and the other half with the bias version of the firestone radial! Im thinking radials with half the weight of the fluid in cast iron wheel weights! Hoping for longer tire life!
  10. Lost my sister this afternoon

    Sorry for your loss!
  11. Hydro push manure spreaders

    Mybold boss in sludege businesses ran little jd hydro pushes and hagedorn jd were good spreaders hages were tanks though i pounded 42 loads a day 5 days a week which was 500 tons a day for three years through the 500 bushel hagedorn i think a couple bearings and hydraulic hoses and tires! Beater paddles would wear cause if rocks in the material we were spreading like i said the hagedorns were ran hard and nothing to complain about! The little jd the splines would strip in the beater but they were spreading HEAVY stuff compared to manure! I tried talking dad into one over the web chain but NOPE! My idea so he goes the opposite way! And thier fast to unload! And you dont get that dribble at the end waiting fo the chain to emty out! If you have the money to spend i buy the hag! DO NOT BUY A LEON! All im gonna say! Good luck
  12. Valve adjustment on a 986

    Trying to wrap up this in frame rebuild on a 986! I feel dumb for asking this but i never did a 86 series before but how do you know when the number one cylinder is on top dead center? All the other tractors i been into had the pointer on the little door on the clutch housing! My 986 has no pointer and my dads 1486 has no pointer! If thiers marks on the fly wheel i can borrow the pointer off my 1066! But didnt know if thier was marks on a 86 series fly wheel since neither of our 86s have pointers! figure i ask here before i went scrubbing the fly wheel looking for marks! The IT book i have says use the pointer!
  13. Valve adjustment on a 986

    Thanks guys!
  14. Brought home a 1026 yesterday! No book! How many gallons of hy tran do they hold? I was thinking thier more than a gear drive tractor!
  15. International 1026 oil capacity and a pic 😃

    I had to give alittle green to with the 806 but still wasnt a bad deal! Yes i will get the truck tires off might wait for a bit till i get the other stuff done! Thier ugly but dont hurt it! Unlike bad oil! But it will get two new fronts sooner or later!
  16. International 1026 oil capacity and a pic 😃

    Yes it does have a fast hitch!
  17. International 1026 oil capacity and a pic 😃

    Thanks guys! Its not bad but not great! It has a radiator leak and its already been patched up a few times. A few oil leaks around the oil cooler hytran is really milky. Some oil leaks under the seat and definitely needs four new tires! But it runs and i own it! Traded a nice 806 gas for it didnt really want to but not very often you come across a 1026 around here! 806s are everywhere here!
  18. 1486 Shifting problems

    They say the cab mounts eventually sag overtime and let the cab get outta wack! Maybe you need new cab mounts to get the cab sitting wherevit suppose to get the shifting right! Im no expert on shifting adjustment but we do have two 86 series and spray lube on a regular basis is your best friend!
  19. 3688 4wd turning radius

    Went on a road trip this weekend on the way back spotted a 3688 4wd at a case dealer they were closed by then so couldnt drive it! Are thier Turing radius big like the old 1066! I never drove a older 4wd international! Dad had a mx120 and my old boss had two ford 7700 and 3 tw35 all 4wd and all but the newer tw35 didnt turn very sharp!
  20. Tunkhannock,Pa

    Thiers lots to do if you want to drive around! Especially if you start at one end of the state and go to the other! Besides tractor shows around at different times and county fairs! Ag progress days, Penns cave, Pennsylvania grand canyon, different train rides around the state, thiers a ferry boat ride in williamsport pa, a ton of state parks, Pennsylvania elk herd in bennezette, north of I80 from about the 60 mile marker to 150 mile marker consist of lots and lots of trees and were pretty rural up here! That area thier where i live is alot of logging and sawmills and coal mining and scattered out small old farms! Pennsylvania is a nice state if you like out door stuff
  21. Thrower rack wagons

    What have you guys built thrower rack wagons out of? I know wood isnt the best to use but its cheaper than steel and probably faster to put together! I have lots of amish around sawing boards! Is hard wood worth the extra money to use like oak or build it outta soft wood and be fine? Be nice to go buy some new rack wagons but i dont square bale enough to buy new at this time! Thinking 8x16
  22. New york farm show Syracuse

    Is the new york farm show worth visiting? Is it more for the farmer or more for the public like Pennsylvania farm show?
  23. Pull type combines

    I messed around with a couple allis 66s before! I would like to find a nice ih 82 someday to play with! My local salvage guy has a decent jd 42 and allis chalmers 90 not many around here left! Thought about trying to buy them both! I actually have a 66 here needs alot of work to run! But to good to scrap! I use a jd 6620 sidehill to do my crops now!
  24. New york farm show Syracuse

    A meat sundae? I will half to track that down!
  25. New york farm show Syracuse

    Thats what i wanted to know! Thank you