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  1. Gleaner, not to start a political thing on the board:

    What happened was the government. They started telling us how to raise our kids. It was very bad in the US military because accusations of "child " abuse, endangerment or neglect could not only see promotions stop dead, it could destroy a career or land you in jail. And not for 6 months. More like 6 or more years. By 96 the kids on post were causing a lot of problems. On the party side 2 boys, 13, Ft Knox KY, left by their parents who went out to party. Those boys slashed 137 tires, front right only, in one night while their parents were out partying. The parents left those two home together regularly. That was in the late 80's. So it's not a new problem. In part you can blame the schools too. Not for not teaching kids how to behave but for telling the kids "your parents can't do ___________". Kids went home and threatened to turn their parents in. That started in the 80's too. Parents got to the point of being scared to parent. That's all part of the problem. Then too, old slick Willie and Hillary were going around making speech's about "it take a village to raise an idiot", or maybe that was a child". Sure there are parents out there who know what they can and cannot do in their state and do a good job but far too many heard something from someone who heard if from someone else that someone got life hanging by their toenails for telling a kid no. So they are afraid to say boo to their kids.


    And you saw it. "It's the schools job". Like **** it is!  Kinda like that silly idea that the military will straighten those little juvenile delinquent out. By the time I retired it was easy to kick someone out and we did. The number of kids who went through boot camp and advanced training, took a 15 day leave, then reported to a duty station who were being processed for a discharge within 90 days or reporting was astounding. Pot, DUI's, bad checks and gang related activities were the most common things. We even had one kid in 94 who got caught with a pistol, filed off serial number, of course unregistered on post, in the barracks. In 95 at Ft Riley KS in the space of a 2 weeks there were 4 murders committed on post. I was very glad when I retired at the end of Jan 96.

    So the guys from the 40-60 crowd just are not looking at the kids who caused problems back then. The big thing was in the 60's and 70's it wasn't in the news.


    1. Gleaner k2

      Gleaner k2

      Your 100 percent right its not new I do feel this is a problem that started years ago! My sisters and I were raised the old way you did something wrong you got your rear end lite up didnt kill us 99 percent of the time we deserved sometimes I look back and wonder why my dad never killed me for some crap I did! Haha thiers a difference on making discipline a kid and abuse we were disiplined not abused! My wife works with elementary kids and the stuff these kids say and picked up on and do is unbelievable we never did never knew about it! And I blame that on this internet its a great tool you I and everyone else use it but it opens a whole new door to infomation for kids to learn about and its not good things and puts goofy ideas in thier heads! it annoys me when I go to my wifes family functions and my sister in laws give thier kids thier phones to thier kids or tablets or the computer and they sit thier in thier own world till its time to go home! And I use to think that about the military would straighten a person out cause thats what everyone claims till a friend of mine who has some problems went to the marines and in four years all they did was make him worse! Thier is just alot of problems in this world now and I dont know how were gonna get them fixed 

    2. oldtanker


      "I dont know how were gonna get them fixed".

      Me either.




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