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  1. If your comin eastbound on 80 in pa. around the 83 mile marker is alot of road construction its one lane and the idiots been wrecking thier atleast a few times a week! Its bad! Good luck and save trip! Hoping to make it out friday!
  2. We never had a strong ag community back in the day of my grandpa the area had it all! The dairy farms here progressed till the 70s the 80s rolled around and alot of guys shut down those older guys hung onto the farm untill they dad well in the past 20 to 15 years alot of those guys past on and the kids finally got it all straightened out and alot of these farms are all getting broken up in 20 acer parcels and sell to hunters wanting food plots and house builders! Pretty soon i dont think thier be anything left of a actual farm! They break them all up and get every nickel they can out of them! And from a ag point of view you cant pay 4k a acer on ground that will barely grow 135 bushel corn as it sits! Things are definitely changing! Good or bad i dont know!
  3. Gleaner k2

    Mx 120

    Thank you Thank you to both you guys mx 120 lights are like hens teeth definetly check this out! And get a set!
  4. Well stopped at dads the other day and now after two of his mechanic friends tried to fix his leaking valve cover on his 5288 he asked me of I wanted to try! He doesnt usually let me touch his stuff no matter how much stuff i fix of mine own in his shop! Father son deal. Im sure some of you can relate! 😕But any how long story short but dad says you gotta pull everything off the top of the engine to get the cover off the air box on top is the main thing do to the a piece of sheet metel over top of the cover in the front! I have never worked on a 88 series but i have fixed all my leaking valve cover gaskets on my 10s and 9s! O was just wondering if thier is a short cut to get that cover out without tearing the air box off? I didnt look at very long last night hoping to do this today! Now this 5288 did get a replacement dt466 before dad bought it so maybe the valve cover on a original 88 series is different thats why this cover was hard to get off before! Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  5. Thats cause you cant afford anything in PA. Tractor prices in pa. Are nuts! Then you cant afford to truck it very far cause are stinking fuel prices are the highest around! Thanks to old uncle wolf! 😡
  6. Dang I tried! Hahahahahaha! I try again on the next 14. Shes looking good! It must be cause its dryer climate down thier in texas those old girls wake up from a long nap heck up here engines can lock up in a couple years if conditions are right!
  7. Been thier done that 2 times on dads 14 do to hired help! First time sent to our dealer who is good fast and decent shop time came back with 6000 bill! Second time we pulled the rear end out from under the tractor hauled the rear end and transmission down to the dealer to go through it! Bill was like 15 to 1800 cant remember! So 3000+ savings to do it ourselves in about 15 to 20 hours total was great! I wanted to do it all dad said no his tractor his money so yep!
  8. You will miss those hydraulics when thier gone! And if you ever decided to sell it and no hydraulics nobody wants a tractor with no hydraulics! If you up grade disc or bush hogs you may want hydraulics! Just saying in my personal life experiences when you say you dont need something down the road you wish you had it! So id just fix the darn thing!
  9. Good luck! Will waiting to see how her new owner treats her!
  10. Trade it in buy a 1066 problem solved!
  11. Wasnt it a guy by the name of dave thurmore or something along those lines
  12. I think the porcupines beat us to them! I usually take a walk through the woods once the snow melts and i havent found one in a couple years in the woods out in the middle of the field when doin tillage i will but hardly anything ever among the trees or near them!
  13. It sure is different out thier than back here in the east! Wife and i was down through thier once in 2014! Nice country
  14. is it me of does it look like on the side the guy is busing the axle cap on the of the housing dont look right! Maybe just the video!
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