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  1. Tractor hauling in the winter/salt spray

    I feel bad for the guy with the i think 5088 goin down the interstate last year heading east it was on the back of a drop deck and it was literally brown from all the ice and crap off the road looked about 3 inched thick froze to the tractor!
  2. Dt 407 overhaul kits

    That old girl needs some loving! Good luck!
  3. Something you don't see everyday

    Not a fan of snakes! In my area all we have have are black snakes and they get up to like 8 ft! Areas near by have some rattle snakes and copper heads! Back when l i was about 20 i was working for a guy spreading sludge and we were on the job site and they said no rattle snakes up here just some harmless black snakes OK! Well we spreading up over this hill out torward Bittys area! Where i was running back and fourth across the field in the high grass i see a black snake stretched across my tire snakes so i speed up run it over it curls up i parked the tractor front tire on top of it and get out and its head sticking out about 5 inches dummy me not knowing my snakes and goin by my way of thinking if your gonna kill something kill and make it fast as possible so no stick no shovel i stomped on its head with my boot! Backed up the tractor it was a freaken rattle snake! About crap myself after i killed it knowing what could of happened if it woulda bit me in my boot! First in only rattle snake i ever killed!
  4. 1066 registry

    I want one with a narrow front someday! Are you putting a narrow front under it? Or does it already have one!
  5. 1066 registry

    Looks good witg 18.4/42 i assume! With that cab! 38s never fill that fender space!
  6. 806

    Trade the 806 in for a 986! If your like me your fabrication skills aernt spectacular or youd be in the fab business and make enough money to buy a new tractor! Betime you buy the cab fiddle around rigging it to fit you could have a decent 886 or 986! With alot less headache! Thats my two cents!
  7. 1206 w/ 30 inch rubber

    Perfect for my shed! You can send it down here! I will love it when your tired of her! Haha not a bad looking tractor at all!
  8. An IH day in the cold & snow

    Since of from Pennsylvania and my geography teacher wasnt very good! What the heck is north of 60 mean? Besides way up north! Haha
  9. 1456 gold demo S/N 13313 progress

    Thats the way i see it to! The clean originals are getting fewer fewer! To bad my wife doesnt get that! Haha! Looking good i kinda like your way of just fixing and cleaning them up good! Paint can always come later!
  10. Small gravity wagon opinions!

    Thats who i bought my ez trails off of! I havent had any problems with my ez trails! Just curious as to why the killbros an jm are so much more money! Than the ez trails! Are they that much better box and gear i know the old killbros 350s werent anything great but did the job!
  11. Small gravity wagon opinions!

    Im looking at gravity wagons! I bought two new ez trail 230s one on a 10 ton gear one on 8 ton gear! Seem good so far no problems! The JM 250 and killbros 257 look like nice wagons! I want to buy a couple more! Im looking for longevity hoping thier still around in 30 years if thier taken care of! The jm and killbros are almost twice as much as the ez trail! Thier slightly bigger wagons! But are they twice as heavy as the ez trail wagons?
  12. 986 rear axel price

    My question how did ya snap the axle?
  13. Head stud needed

    I bought studs for my 400 at case ih!
  14. Unusual sheet metal

    Maybe somebody worked in a copper coating facility and thought it be neat to copper coat it! The tractor is 50 years old now!
  15. West Texas IH 1256

    Looking good!