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  1. You will miss those hydraulics when thier gone! And if you ever decided to sell it and no hydraulics nobody wants a tractor with no hydraulics! If you up grade disc or bush hogs you may want hydraulics! Just saying in my personal life experiences when you say you dont need something down the road you wish you had it! So id just fix the darn thing!
  2. Good luck! Will waiting to see how her new owner treats her!
  3. Trade it in buy a 1066 problem solved!
  4. Wasnt it a guy by the name of dave thurmore or something along those lines
  5. I think the porcupines beat us to them! I usually take a walk through the woods once the snow melts and i havent found one in a couple years in the woods out in the middle of the field when doin tillage i will but hardly anything ever among the trees or near them!
  6. It sure is different out thier than back here in the east! Wife and i was down through thier once in 2014! Nice country
  7. is it me of does it look like on the side the guy is busing the axle cap on the of the housing dont look right! Maybe just the video!
  8. Wish you were closer id buy that 4 post!
  9. Take the fuel pump off and get tested! First
  10. I know what you mean and agree! Everybody wants bigger and bigger till the day comes 5 people are in control of all the ag business! Maybe not that extreme but you know what i mean!
  11. My 966 has one and my 986 has one! Love them! My 966 gets used alot!
  12. I like the 50 series front wheels on the 60 series tractor on the box
  13. If thier was damage done it will show just run it cause if thier is damage its already been done!
  14. The ones from tractor supply bout every other fill up
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