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  1. My 1066 blew the o ring on the pump flange a few times run a month blow it again id change it again and again! Finally talked to the mechanic at our caseih dealer he said puy the o ring in and dont buy the original gasket use gasket maker (silicone) been in thier 10 years now!
  2. Gleaner k2

    What the heck

    My guess since thier is a big circular saw on the front and all that pipe running around the sides my guess they were trying to build a something cheap to cut brush! And the tractor was to under powered to propel its sell and run the saw and i assume that has no life pto so with the extra engine the saw be running all the time! Just a guess
  3. Gleaner k2

    440 baler knotter knife

    Can anyone give the run down on how to change the twine knife on a all twine knotter on a 440? I really need to get a book i know but never think about till im working on tge baler! Thanks in advance!
  4. Gleaner k2

    Pumping hydraulic oil from tractor

    I wouldnt! Short cuts cost money in the long run!
  5. Gleaner k2

    My new addition

    Parts??? That is a shame!
  6. Gleaner k2

    Brinkly auction yard oklahoma

    Thats the my kind of stuff! Haha everything in PA is clapped out junk! And if it isnt its 3 times what its worth!
  7. Gleaner k2

    Brinkly auction yard oklahoma

    Does that brinkly auction really sell 350 tractors a month? Are thier prices good? Anyone go to thier auction!
  8. Gleaner k2

    Brinkly auction yard oklahomaa

    Does anyone use one of those rocky mountain hay sweeps for a skid steer! Seems like a good idea for small amount of square bales!
  9. Gleaner k2

    806 hydro control levers

    Mine were cut off and welded in extensions look pretty decent i think but are definetly noticeable if you look!
  10. Gleaner k2

    Alabama bound!!!

    Good luck
  11. Gleaner k2

    Some people are sooooo stupid!!!

    WHY? Shaking my head!
  12. Gleaner k2

    1586 project or bad deal

    Thats easy IF thats all it needs! Why didnt they fix it? Now if it said something major then i get that! Never could figure out why people dont fix the simple stuff! Maybe they just say the heck with it i dont know!
  13. Gleaner k2


    Alittle steep on price in my opinion
  14. Gleaner k2

    766 stopped pulling

    Did your cross go in your differential pull the top link plate off let the clutch out and see if its spinning!
  15. Gleaner k2

    winter...down under.....a few pics

    Nice pics and tractors i like the 86 series!