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  1. AZ8950

    pro 700 w/ auto steer in older magnums

    Yes. I had it set up on RTK. The tractor was originally running a Trimble FMD. Switched out the wire harness and changed the Nav to CNH. I did this so that I could just run one display when I purchased a 1250 planter.
  2. AZ8950

    pro 700 w/ auto steer in older magnums

    I have one in an 8950. Works fine. I'm not sure what the harness is called but there was one available.
  3. AZ8950

    Mx270 exhaust venturi

    Not the same tractor, but I had the muffler rust apart internally on an 8950. It was actually blocking off the exhaust causing no power. But it also forced exhaust into the air cleaner. Of course it had 13,000 hours at the time... Replaced the muffler with a Thomure aspirator and pipe.
  4. AZ8950

    7240 air cleaner full of exhaust

    I had this problem with my 8950. The muffler had fallen apart internally and was pushing exhaust toward the air cleaner. It also caused power problems because the muffler was blocking the exhaust enough to prevent turbo boost. The worst part was that it was intermittent. It got fixed with adapter and straight pipe from Thomure.
  5. AZ8950

    826 Serial Number Registry

    826 Hydro Diesel Gold Demonstrator 8 bolt front, 3pt, 38" rear 2510120U013790* Located in southeast AZ. May have came from Oregon?
  6. AZ8950

    Cub Cadet 'Rideall' TM

    Sorry for the delay...
  7. AZ8950

    Cub Cadet 'Rideall' TM

    No problem on posting it. I will get some more pictures next time I'm at my Dad's place. -Shawn
  8. AZ8950

    Cub Cadet 'Rideall' TM

    I'm a new member but have been lurking for awhile. I was very surprised to see the picture you posted of the 660 with Johnson scraper. That tractor is owned by my dad. I took that picture years ago. Amazing what shows up on the internet. If you need any info about it, ask away.