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  1. The Holy Grail: Farmall Works Office Sign

    Doctor Evil, I think this is what you are looking for.
  2. Grinder mixers bearcat, nh, etc

    No parts are available for the Bear Cat mills. We have two 950’s in the shed and a New Holland 355. Purchased the NH because it was getting hard to keep the Bear Cats running. All parts have to be fabricated locally. Someday I think we could put parts of the two mills together and make one work, but only for so long. I think the fan housing would be tough to get fabricated when that goes again.
  3. Cattle guard finished

    Nice! I’ve been thinking about building one of those. How heavy of steel did you use?
  4. Choppers

    In our opinion it seemed cheaply built. Been a lot of years ago and I was fairly young but besides the axles breaking I remember the spout needed to be reinforced, and everything just seemed to wear out very fast. Have to talk to my dad to get more in detail. After we traded it we heard the axles broke off again for the next owner! Maybe we had a bad one but we sure never would buy another 790.
  5. Choppers

    Dad traded his New Holland 900 for a 790 years back. Biggest pile we ever owned. Nothing seemed to last very long on it. Heck, we even had the axel shafts break off. Didn't keep that very long before he went back to the bigger chopper. Been running the 900's & FP 230's ever since.
  6. Always Looked Forward To This Segment Of The Tonight Show

    The town of Wanamingo is about an hour or so north of me, this headline from a local paper was quite popular on Facebook. Proofreader must have been on vacation!
  7. Badger 1050 forage box

    They do well 95% of the time. If the hay gets into the stage where it's very sticky they sometimes will bind and slip the belts. Pure grass can be a problem with them sometimes as well. We are very happy with them though. Keep the auger wipers set and spare belts on hand and we're good to go. The four we have now are eight years old, the four before that I think we kept for 10 years.
  8. Badger 1050 forage box

    Feel the same as you Snowmad about those Gehl wagons. We had a 980 I believe it was. Biggest piece of junk we ever had! After a couple years of constant breakdowns we traded it for a H &S HD twin auger and couldn't be happier. Run four of them now. We also still have one of our New Holland chopper boxes, made by Badger. Still a good wagon after 30 years but we like our H &S better.
  9. IH 540 plow

    Thanks everyone! Might just wait till a smaller one comes along. Don't want to work the old girl too hard and wreck something. Rather spend the money on other implements, not repairs from pushing the 560 too hard.
  10. IH 540 plow

    We have nice heavy black soil with some clay on the hill tops in some of the steeper areas. My dad had told me that grandpa pulled a 4-16 with his 560 back when he farmed so there should be no problem that way. I would be using it mostly for recreational plowing and it wouldn't be on any of the steeper hills that have the clay. Thanks guys.
  11. IH 540 plow

    There is a IH 540 4-16 plow listed for sale locally. I think it would be a good fit for the 560. Any specific problems with them?
  12. Mouse in the van

    Parents had one of those live traps in the garage once. A mouse got in as it was supposed to, then the dog destroyed it to get the mouse out so she could have the mouse!
  13. IH #8 plow.

    Guess I over looked the asking price part. Sorry about that.
  14. IH #8 plow.

    That's a lot more than those plows sell for in SE MN! Saw a #60 sell last summer for $300. Looked perfect, just needed paint. I have picked up five #8 plows the last couple years and paid $65 for a rough 2-14 for parts, $150 for a fair condition 2-14, $200 for a fair condition 2-16 and $210 for a 2-14 slat bottom in good condition. Last one I got was a 3-14 slat bottom in excellent condition for $90. Even had a brand new rim and tire on the tail wheel!
  15. IH Radio

    No problem, thanks for the update.