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  1. 7 hours ago, mike newman said:

    ...you can get that on Sky  TV, down here......all American sports actually.....

    ....some of those blokes have the ball handling skills of a lesbian...good to watch.....


    .........uhmmm          how good is that   ??    maybe that comment should be for the  NFL  post of Art 's    ??!!

  2. Just got the old w6 going after 10 years, Runs real good so think we will do a full restoration please can someone tell me year  of manufacture serial number wbk11317w3. Thanks

  3. that  mobile  rocket launcher  ,on that sheep , would be great for close encounter work.........sheep might need ear protection.......and Rick  would need an exemption   certificate from the SPCA....then good to go

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  4. On ‎3‎/‎9‎/‎2019 at 10:10 AM, FarmerFixEmUp said:

    Is her last name Clampett?   Lives in Beverly... Hills that is??

    you would certainly need to ''clampett'' driving on the old rough roads.....:o......be enough to shake the very ........out of you

  5. 7 hours ago, Atilathehun99 said:

    Been thinking on this a little more....

    So two animals of the world on the Ark?  When this event took place (supposedly) the known extent of the world was largely the Mideast and short surrounding area as we know it today.

    So how did the animals as we know them today from lands beyond Noah's understanding have been included on the Ark and then after the flood distributed back to where they exist today?

    Examples - fauna from Australia - Kiwi Land that have no record of living anywhere else.  And this whole thing of "it only takes one cow, wolf, etc" on the Ark to later re-produce entire sub-species is a BIG stretch.

    And the most laughable is the tour guides at "Arkland" explaining everything down to how the waste was managed.  Sounds to me like an extreme example of given a tidbit of the Bibles's words then concocted to validate them. 


    .....good thinking there, Atila.!! re the animals   etc......imagine the quartermaster would be at wits end trying to feed those critters for a month  or so............imagine the  ''meat eaters'  would be eyeing up the 'leaf eaters' after a few days.....guess the Captain   (Noah) would have had an E.P.A. rep on  board for  "waste management "  issues.......

    Great story when you are 8 years old......happy elephants and giraffes , lions etc ...mingling together..not a care in the world....but as one grows up a little...oh boy.....what impossible  nonsense.....:D

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