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  1. jungle love "Ape Call" from Nervous Norvis. That may well qualify, but remembered by the more mature..members here
  2. raysflat

    NLCS baseball

    .........uhmmm how good is that ?? maybe that comment should be for the NFL post of Art 's ??!!
  3. raysflat

    w6 info

    Thanks for that Marty, we're up at the top of south.Koss
  4. raysflat

    w6 info

    Just got the old w6 going after 10 years, Runs real good so think we will do a full restoration please can someone tell me year of manufacture serial number wbk11317w3. Thanks
  5. do ya always have trouble in the river....!! neat pic
  6. can't beat American hand tools just buy the best and be done with it
  7. ....have you run out of pictures ??!!
  8. ....what is that all about ?
  9. like those pictures. Got any more ? Some more of IH or cat. not fussy
  10. that mobile rocket launcher ,on that sheep , would be great for close encounter work.........sheep might need ear protection.......and Rick would need an exemption certificate from the SPCA....then good to go
  11. no, you are right not to smart. you were lucky to make it out alive, good pictures though the cat looks like it took a helluva blow, around the nose cone,front end ?
  12. jam session ..I think your "door jam "...should have been "door jamb "
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