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  1. Tony, I remember another little item from when I had a 806 LP. We had our local IH dealer put in a new short block and after they got it running it was put on the dyno and they adjusted the fuel screw on the carb. Its the big screw where the big line from the vaporizer comes into the carb. I think that was to adjust the air fuel mixture so it did run to rich or lean, if my memory serves me right.
  2. Not sure what size pipe you used on your exhaust, this maybe a option. Tony Heatshield Products 240003 1-3/4" ID to 2-3/8" ID x 3' Long HP Hose Sleeve by Heatshield Products 4.0 out of 5 stars 1 customer review Price: $35.97 Free Shipping for Prime Members You can earn $1.07 in 3% back rewards with the Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card. Learn more Only 15 lef
  3. Number 35 is the angle bracket that I mentioned, it was mounted on top of the hood and the t went around the pipe just below the muffler.
  4. Looking awesome! Tony If I remember right the heat shield you have is just a bit longer then the one that was on our 806 by a couple inches. The heat shield for a 560 was only 6 to 8 inches since the tank was a lot smaller in diameter. Also on our 806 the exhaust pipe from the manifold up to the hood there was an asbestos wrap. It was like a sock with the toes cut out and slipped over the pipe and held on with a hose clamps on the top and bottom. Mine had a kind of a angle iron bracket that bolted to the hood and had a u-bolt that went around the exhaust pipe. I think I may
  5. Great job! I had an 806 LP sold it and a 1456 on my farm sale back in the late 90's wish I had kept them both. I see the large vapor bleeder has been plugged on your tank, it will take a long time to fill that tank using the small bleeder. Is that a new guage on the tank if so where did you get it? I need a new one for my 560. Tony in Ks
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