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  1. Also commonly used in heavy truck rear axles for holding the diff. carrier in the axle housing, and axle shafts to the hub
  2. Exactly the same as the ones I have
  3. Don’t know, but would ARP have anything? If they do, it would probably be the highest quality you could find
  4. Summit Racing lists a selection of double ended studs.
  5. My Lincoln SA200 welder had a 4 cylinder Continental. Also lots of smooth power. That’s about as close as I can come to knowing anything about a plane.😆
  6. Depends on the course. The couple times I tagged along for a round nobody said anything to me. They’d be crap out of luck anyway because boots are the only footwear I own.
  7. Good luck with your sale. Pretty sure you won’t have an issue finding something to fill all your “spare” time
  8. Looks like that’s going to be a fair sized jib crane
  9. Only time I ever use float is plowing snow. 12’ wide snow pusher on an old allied 790 loader on 2wd 5088. About an 8’ would be more appropriate, but it’s very obvious how much less stress is transferred to the tractor and loader when I run it in float position rather than rigid on the ground
  10. Sometimes the most awesome things are right out your front window if you take a moment to notice them instead of focusing on trying to search for them somewhere else
  11. Usually pay $2 a small square here picking them up in the field. Even the mixed farmers in the area are generally not wanting to drop any more straw than their own use. It’s more valuable chopped and worked back in.
  12. Looking in the shop at the local large Ford dealership it’s not uncommon to see 4 or 5 cabs lifted up to the ceiling while techs are working on the trucks below
  13. Been there too. Had them chew them up and make a nest out of them. I think they saved the bigger pieces to use as blankets for the cold winter nights
  14. Along with the extreme amount of mosquitoes this year, we also have a way higher than usual amount of ticks. I’ve already had more than I’ve had in the last 5 or 6 years put together. Had 4 bite and latch on so far
  15. Pulled the swather out of storage from the shed at the other farm last night. Apparently the Irish Sping soap in the cab is not a deterrent. The little bast#*~s ate it.
  16. Depends on the year and feed supplies and region. Probably $25-$30 here
  17. Yep, they bite hard. Not too many of them, but we’ve had them here as long as I can remember.
  18. I’d like to come across one in a 4X4 someday. They’re pretty much non existent around here
  19. Have the occasional one wander through the yard here. They haven’t really been a real issue, but the population has gone up in the last couple years. Without our friends from south of the border being able to come up and hunt them there are a lot more of them looking for territory and food. On a normal year just one of many of the local guides said they would harvest 350 bears a year. Has been some record size ones taken from here
  20. Mostly bottom I think. Top isn’t dry either though. Was really bad on start up with -40 degree oil this winter
  21. Leaking hand pump on my early serial # 5088 (Same as 86 series)isn’t getting any better on it’s own so I guess I better get it looked after. Just wondering what parts I need to order as I can’t really have this tractor down for any longer than it takes to get it fixed. I’m thinking all I will need is #23, #2, and a 86585473 seal kit. Is there anything I’m missing while I have it out? Pump works fine, just leaky.
  22. Haven’t seen anything in our news here. California fires always seem to be newsworthy though.
  23. Measure it just for interest to see how close it was from new. If it was good, put center punch mark on main beam at hanger locations before you cut the old ones off. Once you do this one you will see how simple it is. Tandem enclosed contractor trailer I upgraded from 3500lb axles to 5200lb last week only took me 4 hours start to finish including welding on spring pads and rewiring all 4 brakes
  24. Was a good learning experience for me definitely. Had a few mfg plant jobs in my earlier years. The concrete is definitely hard on you. Between that, working cattle, and jumping on and off farm equipment all my life I’m wondering when I should schedule my knee replacements as it’s already getting harder to get up when I have to kneel down and I’m only 46
  25. I could unload those weights at my house for you!
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