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    Honda 250R trike

    Started out with a new 250sx, summer of 84. (for work and play) Started playing at silver lake dunes, got bit. Added a 250x quad, got bit harder. Added a 250r, twisty throdel, studded flats for ice, stock nobs for (stupidity), and paddles for the dunes. It's a merical I am here to type this. But good times, with good friends.
  2. 1086plowboy

    Ih 1066 question

    100% agree with split.
  3. 1086plowboy

    Made a little progress finally!

    Very nice job done on that horse, proud owner I'm sure.
  4. 1086plowboy

    international 14++ series window glare

    Not saying it is the answer for your problem, but I use plain water and a sponge. Then wipe with lint free towel.
  5. 1086plowboy

    Some assembly required

    Very nice looking job!
  6. 1086plowboy

    Hows planting goin

    I had more field work done before the 24 of march than now. Oh well I'm not alone, march planted beans was a fail. Just had to try some, it was perfect field conditions. Don't know if you don't try. 😕
  7. 1086plowboy

    Tires and Rims

    The combine wheels will fit, just more negative offset. I would have to measure, seemed like about an inche.
  8. 1086plowboy

    Tires and Rims

    Just a observation, when I put 16.9x24's on my 1440. I kept the 11.00x16 for spares, the offset is different on the combine and tractor wheels.
  9. 1086plowboy

    Farmall 656 Ignition kit

    I just converted a 1550 oliver (gas) to electronic ignition, night and day improvement. Didn't change wires, plugs, or coil. Needed the tractor on snowblower, runs like a champ now.
  10. 1086plowboy

    Me 25 yrs ago

    This is why, I prefer the farm life. (countrylife) There are tough times, but good memorries are more plentiful IMO.
  11. 1086plowboy

    Pullers for Christmas

    Veeerrrryyyy NICE!!!! Memories madde for ever.
  12. 1086plowboy

    Asking for prayers, held out as long as I could

    Thoughts and prayers sent. Totally understand, we all question in these type of situations. We are human, somethings are beyond us.
  13. 1086plowboy

    3 year old in the hospital

    Praying all goes well.
  14. 1086plowboy

    My turn for prayers

    Prayers sent, hoping for the best.
  15. 1086plowboy

    Wisdom of buying an Elwood axle to farm with?

    Jass1660 is correct, I have one on a 1486. Just use for tiillage and grain cart, I pull the drive shaft for the cart when FWD isn't needed. Run small width tools on small fields, it works just as well as the 180 Puma I had. But I don't use it on the round baler, afraid driveshaft by pinion would wrap with hay.
  16. 1086plowboy

    Another Mid- West Beauty,To retire in CA.

    Tony, are there many row crop muscle tractors in your area? By the way very nice collection!!
  17. Weapon beat me too it, that is correct.
  18. 1086plowboy

    Ruby Red's IH Equipment at Work

    Nice updates to a good ole tractor, enjoy your pics and stories.
  19. 1086plowboy

    Spelt ,is it harder to combine ?

    Have not done spelts in 25yrs, used them just like oats in the cattle feed. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think spelts are used now for gluten free flower. Can't remember, but I think there is a mill/bakery in the thumb area of michigan. Someone will know for sure, I'm developing CRS with age.
  20. 1086plowboy

    Could use prayer

    Prayers sent.
  21. 1086plowboy

    Some prayers needed

    Prayers sent, hope for the best.
  22. 1086plowboy

    Happy B/day 1086 plowboy

    Thanks, weather held back. So a good day!
  23. 1086plowboy

    We got Frost this Morning

    Cousin had 24.8 on one of his recorders in the orchard.