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  1. Your cheering support in the stands is outstanding.
  2. When I pulled my 560 gasser, someone put paper wings on it at a pull. But I usually ran racing fuel in it.
  3. Started out with a new 250sx, summer of 84. (for work and play) Started playing at silver lake dunes, got bit. Added a 250x quad, got bit harder. Added a 250r, twisty throdel, studded flats for ice, stock nobs for (stupidity), and paddles for the dunes. It's a merical I am here to type this. But good times, with good friends.
  4. Very nice job done on that horse, proud owner I'm sure.
  5. Not saying it is the answer for your problem, but I use plain water and a sponge. Then wipe with lint free towel.
  6. I had more field work done before the 24 of march than now. Oh well I'm not alone, march planted beans was a fail. Just had to try some, it was perfect field conditions. Don't know if you don't try. 😕
  7. The combine wheels will fit, just more negative offset. I would have to measure, seemed like about an inche.
  8. Just a observation, when I put 16.9x24's on my 1440. I kept the 11.00x16 for spares, the offset is different on the combine and tractor wheels.
  9. I just converted a 1550 oliver (gas) to electronic ignition, night and day improvement. Didn't change wires, plugs, or coil. Needed the tractor on snowblower, runs like a champ now.
  10. This is why, I prefer the farm life. (countrylife) There are tough times, but good memorries are more plentiful IMO.
  11. Veeerrrryyyy NICE!!!! Memories madde for ever.
  12. Thoughts and prayers sent. Totally understand, we all question in these type of situations. We are human, somethings are beyond us.
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