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  1. I rebuilt a grain cart auger couple years ago, got flighting from Express Flighting supply. 800 832 6090. Well satisfied
  2. Waiting to dump grain so here's a couple
  3. larv71

    Weed fed beef

    Son has a dozen cows and all calves are fed out for freezer beef, I pick up a few feeders locally to feed out also. Can't keep up with people wanting home grown beef. Their fed all the good hay and ground feed they want. Not any cheaper but they like the quality Nd knowing where they've come from. Biggest problem is scheduling for processing.
  4. X 2 Sandhiller & AMEN
  5. Had a combine fire today just south me. Pretty much total loss but no one was hurt. Checking out all my fire extinguishers plus getting a couple extras.
  6. Guess I need to switch seed corn companys.
  7. I deal with two customers who are serious pumpkin growers, herbicides, fungicides and insecticide. No different than any other crop.
  8. RED KAP, buy on line hold up well. Always get short sleeve but i get them big enough to wear a light long sleeve turtle neck in the winter.
  9. larv71


    Got 1.5" last night thru this morning. Dry enough it all soaked in. Filled a silage bag yesterday afternoon before it rained. Lucked out on that.
  10. Storm hit here about 6:45 this evening, very high winds. 1/4 mile north of us took a direct hit. Lost most of his grain system and all hog barns damaged and machine sheds. Another neighbor straight east 1/2 mile had dairy free stall barn collapse. Bunch of us are meeting in the morning to see what can do to help.
  11. Maybach tractor parts in Creston Ohio state they have fiat engine parts and a Oliver 1250 for salvage. Might try them and get lucky.
  12. Drove thru that part of country in Sept of 98 coming back from Bar Harbor Maine, beautiful country. What goes in the bin your on and the holding tank on the superstructure? Brock bins are made about 15 mile from me.
  13. He was also at the White House for Obama, never hear anything on that. The CEO of Goya said he came for Obama when asked and came when Pres Trump asked. Said he had respect for the Office regardless of R or D and that's the way it should be.
  14. Bought two 3EH for the 966 this spring C/IH brand. $105.00 each at Bane Welker .Priced both Napa & Carquest, both were around $130. Dealers sometimes are cheaper but I try to shop unless it's an emergency. Rural King had a special this spring bought two gr 31 for the grain truck for $130 exides.
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