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  1. Rims & Tires

    I'll post a pic as soon as I get the new tires on, replacing axle seals and three pt bsh&seals and cab mounts while tires are off. Thanks
  2. Rims & Tires

    Tires are probably about 30% not very good, had fluid in them, one has a slow leak. Part of the reason for switching tires and rims. Was last tractor with fluid. Was going to look for another tractor for the planter and drill but decided to fix this thing up. LED lights, new cab kit, air seat plus some other things. Engine is good transmission updated, no dings in tin. Mech sound just needed some TLC. When I bought a magnum w/fwd the 5488 basically sat. Only has about 5800 hrs on engine. Son had bought this tractor for manure knifing but that venture didn't work out so I kind of inherited it. Didn't mean to write a book. Thanks
  3. Shotguns

    If I was only going to own one gun it would be shotgun. Own two 870's 20ga and a 12. Have always worked flawlessly. 12ga has a 30"full choke will shoot nice tight groups. My dad had Winchester's didn't like my Remington's. Kind of like red and green tractors everyone has their favorite.
  4. Looking for

    Interesting how far some of these tractors travel!
  5. Looking for

    Drove thru Polks lot in Ind. 826 sn#u013630
  6. Rims & Tires

    I have a 5488 with 20.8 x 38s Wanting to switch to a step up rim. My rims are the std4" dbl bevel with with 7 lugs 7" apart with 16 wedges. I found a set of Titan rims w 18.4 x 42 tires double bevel but have 6 lugs 9" apart and 4 lugs 14" apart. Supposed to be universal fit. Were off a JD 4630. talked to a couple of tire dealers but neither one could be sure if they would fit. The 4 lugs at 14" should work. Anyone have any experience switching to this type rim. Thanks in advance.
  7. milk price for jan.

    Mennonite guy close by putting up another huge bldg was told it was to house his replacement hiefers. Guy that helps install rotary parlors cant keep up. Also heard theres a digester east of me and milk being trucked in and dumped. Doesn't make sense. I agree with Red Tractor above ground prices not softening up nor land rental prices.
  8. Frozen septic lines

    I have a jetter hose that connects to my high pressure washer like 12guy described, got it from Northern Equip approx cost $100. Run hot tap water thru it and it will cut thru your problem. Run from tank back to house it wil pull itself in. Have used it twice, once a septic system and once to clean a drain tile. When I worked in town we had a sewer line freeze up under a driveway. Had a access cover outside poured a gallon of Liquid Heat in (sulfuric acid) by the end of the day everything was.flowing. If I was using this inside you would need some good ventilation and wear safety glasses and rubber gloves.
  9. Deutz

    Have a V10 Deutz in our Hoes tile plow was skeptical at first but has good power and very fuel efficient for the amount of HP.
  10. 1466 steering and clutch hydraulics

    966 did the same thing last week. Checked hyd oil level, was a over full mark. Changed hyd filter, was overdue. Oil color good, still no steeering. Red dash pressure light on. Loosened the ck or relief valve under MCV till oil started seeping out then tighten back up. Dont take plug all the way out could have a mess.Had steering. Will be checking out steering pump next.
  11. Fuel problems

    I had same problem with Bio-D few years back, everything jelled. Got some Power Services Arctic Express Bio-D Anti-gel. Was expensive but got us thru till fuel was used up. Fuel man I have now winter blends starting first of Nov. Also use Howes fuel treat/anti jell when it gets this cold. Cheap insurance.Power Svc also good product. Had -12 few days back diesel pickup skid loader and 966 ran with no problems.
  12. Cold start. Who want some

    Have a 966 and 766 if they spin they start. The 9 is the better of the two though. NH160 skid loader,went to feed cows last week spun but no-go. Changed fuel filter and took right off. Long overdue! Fuel man winter blends fuel but I'm still adding a little bit of anti-gel. Cheap insurance. Always try to plug them in if I know I know I need them. Just takes at least twice as long to get anything done.
  13. IH 1460 combine Hydrostatic Cable Replacement

    If I remember correctly I took side panel off by cab, side panels by rotor undid clamps hooked small rope on and puiled it out used rope to help guide new cable in. Grommets behind cab were the worst part. Helps to have to two people. Not hard just tedious.
  14. My 55 W Baler saga comes to an end today

    Dad had a 50T with a dolley wheel. I remember if we killed the motor it was a hard starter. Continental motor also remember watching dad pull flywheel to change a brass shear key once in a while also.
  15. dairy cow sales in your area?

    Herd expansion in Elkhart Co. area continue to see new dairy barns being put up also bidding up the price of farm ground. Most have newer high dollar equip. Lots of kids cheap labor. Still at the price of milk no one can figure out how they do it. Neighbor milks 120 head. Parents retired but still help. Sister and him do the dairy. Good operation. Decent equip but nothing new. Says there getting by but sure not getting rich.