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  1. New congress woman I think.
  2. Ck with Mike Links @ Triple R Tractor
  3. Been on it for close to fifteen years for crohns disease. For me the benefits out weigh the risks. Most drugs either have side effects or the possibility of other ill effects. Take a shot every every two weeks. Was on three other drugs initially plus humira but have since dropped two and reduced the third but will probably always be on humira. If you suffer from crohns or colitis its not a pleasant experience.
  4. Reason for the season! Good job.
  5. As posted above the Val6 is probably best diesel fueled heater on the mkt. Mine will be going into its 5th season. So far only changed fuel filter. They are pricey but no need for kerosene which is ridiculous price. Mine has the hi/low switch which is nice. Pretty economical also. Had a hard time pulling the trigger because of $ but its been a good investment.
  6. X2 Have never missed a Presidential Election.
  7. larv71


    Left the house at 5:15 for a 10 minute drive to the polls, 118 ahead of me. Line was a minimum of 150 to 200 yards back when I got thru. Lines moved steady though. With all the early voting & absentee ballots, I've never seen anything like this.
  8. Trouble with the Curve, good baseball flick, The Eiger Sanction was also good.
  9. Worked parts dept for an Agco dealer twenty five years ago. Wouldn't pay overtime for same reason, ag exempt. No matter how much you did was never enough. Family business. Owner, his wife and son. Would come in early sometimes to overhear the arguing between the three. One would tell you how they wanted something done then, next one would tell you it wasn't right. Still remember selling a Kubota mower part to a guy, next day calls in asking if price was right. Checked computer and found the son had marked it up 50% cause he didn't think it was enough. Moved on down the road after that.
  10. I rebuilt a grain cart auger couple years ago, got flighting from Express Flighting supply. 800 832 6090. Well satisfied
  11. Waiting to dump grain so here's a couple
  12. larv71

    Weed fed beef

    Son has a dozen cows and all calves are fed out for freezer beef, I pick up a few feeders locally to feed out also. Can't keep up with people wanting home grown beef. Their fed all the good hay and ground feed they want. Not any cheaper but they like the quality Nd knowing where they've come from. Biggest problem is scheduling for processing.
  13. Had a combine fire today just south me. Pretty much total loss but no one was hurt. Checking out all my fire extinguishers plus getting a couple extras.
  14. Guess I need to switch seed corn companys.
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