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  1. 6" and then 4" laterals running sand tile, mostly clay loam but hit sand layers every once in a while.
  2. Helping out tiling. Son running the trencher, grandson on tile cart. Nice to tile when ground is fit.
  3. larv71

    Shingles vs steel

    Built a new house two years ago and installed standing rib steel. Wife and I both agreed on steel she picked the color. Was more money than shingles but longevity was primary goal. Should last 40-50 years or longer but will more interested how much it fade. Had two bids same brand material but $6500. difference in quotes. Amish bid was highest. Guy that installed it did a excellent job.
  4. Just saw this 826 was in an auction on 9/9 Washington Court House Oh. SN 14205.
  5. Had 1.5 over weekend more coming Mon & Tue. Was just getting fit back to square one.
  6. Prayers for your daughter and family
  7. Had a jag 3000. If it had old gas & not treated usually the carb. I'd clean it again. I always tried to start them once a month in summer. Kind of a pain but cut down on carb issues. Doesn't take much gunk to cause a problem.
  8. Looks like clips under 810 grain head possibly?
  9. Drove to town last night, ck engine light went out on it's own. SIL put his scanner on and nothing showed up. The way it sounds it's just the nature of these engines. Going to change fuel filter and add more anti gel. Appreciated all the feed back.
  10. larv71


    This drum is a 6 row. Would need the bands and a new seal. Just don't think the hole size is right. If it would work let me know.
  11. larv71


    I found one drum but it's probably for soybeans. 144 hole that measures .180. Couldn't find a part number on it.
  12.  Yes it is the same

  13. larv71


    Would that be the same as a sorghum drum. I'll ck after lunch if it's still there.
  14. Son in law has a scanner, were going to ck it Sat. I've had it for ten years, this is the second time it's happened. I run treated fuel from my supplier plus Howes fuel treatment. I'll let you know what code pops up. Thanks
  15. Have a 2006 duramax, Tues wife calls on way home it won't go over 25mph. Ck engine light on.Told her it was in limp mode and not fuel jelling up. Got it home and put it inside. Next morning starts and runs fine. My question is what's causing this problem and is there something I can do to prevent this from happening again. Thanks
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