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  1. larv71

    Mystery Part topic

    Looks like clips under 810 grain head possibly?
  2. larv71

    Duramax diesel problem

    Drove to town last night, ck engine light went out on it's own. SIL put his scanner on and nothing showed up. The way it sounds it's just the nature of these engines. Going to change fuel filter and add more anti gel. Appreciated all the feed back.
  3. larv71


    This drum is a 6 row. Would need the bands and a new seal. Just don't think the hole size is right. If it would work let me know.
  4. larv71


    I found one drum but it's probably for soybeans. 144 hole that measures .180. Couldn't find a part number on it.
  5.  Yes it is the same

  6. larv71


    Would that be the same as a sorghum drum. I'll ck after lunch if it's still there.
  7. larv71

    Duramax diesel problem

    Son in law has a scanner, were going to ck it Sat. I've had it for ten years, this is the second time it's happened. I run treated fuel from my supplier plus Howes fuel treatment. I'll let you know what code pops up. Thanks
  8. larv71

    Duramax diesel problem

    Have a 2006 duramax, Tues wife calls on way home it won't go over 25mph. Ck engine light on.Told her it was in limp mode and not fuel jelling up. Got it home and put it inside. Next morning starts and runs fine. My question is what's causing this problem and is there something I can do to prevent this from happening again. Thanks
  9. larv71

    Removing battery from Case 1816B

    First skid loader was an 1816B, for what we used it for was great but not a tecumseh engine fan. Had a lot of engine problems, bought a twin Kohler 20 hp and retrofitted it. Was like a totally different machine.
  10. larv71

    Morton Buildings - Anyone Use Them?

    Back half is a wall. Had 3.5' of fall in back half. My son used to do cement work and had access to short wall forms. We did all the cement work and the overhead door. Didn't want to waste fill tapering it out.
  11. larv71

    Morton Buildings - Anyone Use Them?

    Built this 4 yrs ago 48x72 16' sides. Priced Pacemaker and Borkholder bldg but not Morton. Had a crew of 3 put it up. Wasn't up in 3 or 4 days but they done an excellent job. 4 ply Laminate post bolted to precast cement columns. Went with a heavier snow load rafter on 4' ctr. Picked my on steel supplier from two recommendations. Would have been easier to get it built from a major builder but I think I got a better bldg for less dollars.
  12. larv71


    Subway not bad but unless there on sale or I have coupons a little pricey for what you get. We have a couple of Culvers fairly close, I'll take their food over Mickey D's any day. Hard to beat a one of they're double cheese butter burgers.
  13. Have a late model 273 with super sweep pickup. It's been an excellent baler for me. 273 or 311 will be in your price range. I wouldn't by anything that's ran any sort of preservative. It's getting hard to find good older balers. Couple of neighbors have green balers that seem to work well for them.
  14. larv71

    Anyone else see this new Ford commercial?

    Used to be one of those restaurants in South Bend, but it went by Azar's Fort Wayne was Frisch's ,had good food. But the commercial is good regardless. One of the better truck commercials on the tube. Just like the older Fords.
  15. larv71

    5488's the new 1206's?

    Had this 5488 setting in the shed for a while. Inherited it fairly cheap. Motor rebuilt but tranny bad. Probably should have unloaded it years ago. Had tranny fixed and updated 5-6 years ago then set some more. Last winter decided to get serious, replaced turbo, ex manifold gsk. New cab mounts, iso couplers, cab kit and seat and new rubber. Used it last spring on drilling beans and side dressing corn. The more I drive it wish I had fixed it years ago. Didn't mean to ramble on.