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  1. Old gun boat T Bird?
  2. Ordered some disk parts from Shoup, backorderd. Found just enough shovels for the soil finisher to finish spring work. Generic roundup along with Liberty is tight and more expensive. Usually fill LP tanks in late summer, not waiting for that crisis, list goes on and this is only the tip of the iceberg. Going to get worse before it gets any better.
  3. 2.25" here along with snow flurries. It's been dry enough here that it soaked in well. Need some heat. Been cold and windy last couple of weeks. Ground has worked up as good as I've ever seen. Once over with soil finisher & rolling basket and it looks like a garden. Just need sun & heat.
  4. Replaced the bad brg and rechecked spring alignment. Went to the field and another brg started sqealing. Called the svc mgr/ head mechanic to come and check it out. Wanted to know where brgs came from, all new from your dealership. Took two with him back to the store and would call me within the hour. Called and said he split them open and were junk. Had grease zerks but not drilled to let grease into the bearings. Not even prelubed. Parts mgr was told to pull them off the shelf and call supplier. Got eight Case/IH brgs. Say they're BCA & American made. Rain now going to install tomorrow so we will see. Luckily we have a good soil finisher & dbl rolling harrow and didn't loose two good days.
  5. Appreciate feed back. I've had this disk probably 20 years, use it on 5-600 acres never had any major issues with bgs. He brought me a brg last night and I think this may be the issue. Almost no side movement. Think there probably china junk. Going to try to find some USA made and see if a difference. Will ck back . Thanks
  6. I have a IH 496 24' rockflex disk, my son rebladed the front gangs, all new earth metal blades, new bearings and half spools. Checked all the full spools and were fine. When the gangs were remounted you could spin them easily by hand. He tried working some ground today and ruined one bearing and half spool and can see another one starting to wear excessively. Only thing I think would be the rockflex springs out of adjustment. I'm not much help, had hip surgery two weeks ago. If anyone has any suggestions or have had the same problem would appreciate any feedback. Thanks in advance.
  7. Ethanol plant in South Bend was bidding $6.66 today. .15 over board. Long term not good. Wait till we go buy imputs for next year.
  8. It's a plow, started out with a Buckeye half track wheel machine to do my own tile projects. My boy got interested and started doing small jobs for neighbors, then upgraded to a Buckeye Super D. Got busier and purchased the plow for system tile projects and use a DynaPac 2400 trencher instead of Super D . Started this 9 years ago and now evolved into a full time business.
  9. Not a Dozer but does have tracks, Deutz power & hyd drive.
  10. Try Duane Miller, Bourbon In. Deals in planters, drills & hay equip. 574-849 3607. Hr might be able to help.
  11. Son in law's family have a Injection molding plastic business, running low on resin and getting hard to find. My son ordered 3 semi loads of drainage tile for a job, two price increases plus not everything available. Planted wheat for my own project this summer, told him to get it delivered before we can't get anything or price prohibitive. Luckily bought our fertilizer early. Prices thru the roof. I retail ag chemicals, should have had a lot of product delivered by now. Anything coming from across the pond is a problem. Either on its way or waiting in port to be unloaded. Going to be a logistical nightmare. I'm afraid this is just the beginning. Didn't mean to hijack this thread.
  12. larv71


    Most I ever heard from dad was dam or sh-t. Have tried to do the same. Worked in a machine shop years ago and it was tough not to bring it home.
  13. Im with tractormanmike, Culvers, cant beat their Butter Bugers!
  14. larv71

    The Dog Thread

    These are my two hounds Hank and Bertie enjoying the fruits of my labor. They're enjoying it much more than I am.
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