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  1. larv71

    Calling Italy

    Maybach tractor parts in Creston Ohio state they have fiat engine parts and a Oliver 1250 for salvage. Might try them and get lucky.
  2. Drove thru that part of country in Sept of 98 coming back from Bar Harbor Maine, beautiful country. What goes in the bin your on and the holding tank on the superstructure? Brock bins are made about 15 mile from me.
  3. He was also at the White House for Obama, never hear anything on that. The CEO of Goya said he came for Obama when asked and came when Pres Trump asked. Said he had respect for the Office regardless of R or D and that's the way it should be.
  4. Bought two 3EH for the 966 this spring C/IH brand. $105.00 each at Bane Welker .Priced both Napa & Carquest, both were around $130. Dealers sometimes are cheaper but I try to shop unless it's an emergency. Rural King had a special this spring bought two gr 31 for the grain truck for $130 exides.
  5. Peugeot diesel thread caught my attention, were your engine parts hard to access. Have a peugeot engine in a spray coupe 3430 sprayer, I believe a UDT 11 but agco can't get engine parts other than a timing belt. Very economical and haven't had any issues. I believe bobcat 751 used the UDT 9. Tried local industrial engine suppliers but nothing seems available. Anyone with any information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. larv71

    All Labs matter

    Here's ours Hank & Bertie
  7. Bought a set of 18.4 x 42 tires and rim's that were off a deere and put on the 5488. Matched up fine. Did some checking first though with local tire dealer and Unverferth. Fit right on.
  8. Got one at Napa couple years ago for our tile trencher, older counter guy knew what I wanted and took the time to find it in there computer. Weren't cheap
  9. Couldn't say it any better, pure class act!
  10. larv71


    We had from 800 to 1000 layers when we were kids. Mom delivered eggs weekly to store in town. Had to pick, wash, grade eggs and crate them. Remember when dad bought all new nests, roll always, we were in 7th heaven. Also raised at least a 100 broilers to go into the freezer every summer. Didn't care for them at the time but doesn't seem too bad now. The good old days.
  11. Been wearing Red Wing shoes for quite a few years, #202 I believe. Six inch boot with three grommets at the top. Get them at the amish store for about $150.00. Last me at least a year and half or more. Doesn't take much to break them in and are comfortable on cement. My two cents.
  12. We have a JCB 214II, it's been a reliable machine for our tiling business. Good hydraulics but parts are pricey if from JCB. Local shop carries the british metric ftg. Haven't had any major problems but will probably look at a deere or case when replacing possibly.
  13. larv71

    Avoiding stress

    Ended up with Crohn's disease about 20+ years ago. I blame it on stress to this day, kept too much stuff bottled up. Some just handle it better than others. I didnt.
  14. Just went by one of their empty plants in Rochester In. Sad to see but I think Walmart helped by building their own processing plant.
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