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  1. Just went by one of their empty plants in Rochester In. Sad to see but I think Walmart helped by building their own processing plant.
  2. larv71

    1482 combine

    Ag Express Electronics, believe that have places in Nebraska, Iowa, and Indiana. Rebuilt my sprayer monitor, good work and not out of line on pricing.
  3. larv71

    Sad but true

    Our county passed an ordinance some years back you had to have a recycle bin. Every other week pickup. At first they sent bills out for six months service, $16.50 twice a yr. Lot of people wouldn't pay so they put it on your county taxes. Plastic, glass, newspapers, tin containers even aerosol cans. Chem jugs rinsed and smash. If its remotely recyclable it goes in. Been said if they can't get rid of it all it goes to the landfill.
  4. Took a couple of no longer used pieces to Polks consignment sale lot today. Here's a few pics of some decent red items i took while I was there.
  5. Just got a set from Costco. Free exam which was pretty thorough. Wore a set around the store far a good hour. So far I have been satisfied with the quality and price. Approx $1500. Batteries don't last quite last a week. Well worth the price.
  6. If I know were going to use it at a certain time I use a heavy duty timer programmed to come on a couple hours before and they pop right off like it was summer. Easier on starter & batteries and electric bill. Won't let them plugged in over night, had one short out once. All are in block heaters. Keep good cords on them. My two cents.
  7. If you're going to replace bushings just do them all. If a couple are bad, others aren't far behind. I buy quite a few new parts from Worthington's seem to be of good quality and fair price.
  8. 45 years ago my wife's grandfather asked me what was worse than having too many salesmen knocking on your door. Being pretty naive I told him I didn't have a clue what he meant and asked what. He laughs and said none at all. Older I got the more it made sense. Got a couple neighbors that fit this narative.
  9. larv71

    Dog toys

    Have a 10 month old chocolate lab, destroys about everything except this. Believe they call it a jolley ball for horses. Bought him a nice dog pillow for Christmas. Three days later was in the trash.
  10. Bought this a few years ago at a winter farm show. Burns #1or#2 diesel, no fumes and quieter than a torpedo. Only drawback is price but I use it all the time with minimal maintenance.
  11. Maibach tractor parts in Creston Ohio. Old Oliver dealer plus salvage yard. Should have it be able to help.
  12. 50T baler, same as problem as the above mentioned 55T. In alfalfa fairly decent. Fresh wheat or oat straw it was terrible. If it was rained on once worked better. Dad usually rode on twine boxes. IH must of had premium twine in 50 and 60's, got a bale from the neighbor once to finish up. Off brand stuff. Refused to tie put IH in and worked decent again. Also had the continental engine. If you killed it might as well wait an hour. Next baler was NH 273
  13. There's a place in Bourbon In. that makes new ones for IH and Deere drills. DMillerImplement
  14. Finished up Saturday, harvest went better than I thought it would have earlier this fall. Had some break downs but nothing major. Few pics
  15. What's your price on propane. Asked my delivery man last week about shortage. Said they were still in good shape supply wise but later it gets the tighter supplies will get. Paid .95/gal this year. Still have 10 acres of corn will be a few days had 8-10" snow. Corn moisture was running approx 22-25 percent, kept shelling because corn was going down so bad. Between this spring and early winter just want it over with.
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