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  1. I like the Cyclo Breakaway as a general use penetrant. Far better than WD40. SeaFoam Deep Creep works well also. PB Blaster is good for soaking rusted up stuff but zero lubricity. Use a product called Gibbs on my rifles & shotguns but is a little more pricy. Going to mix up a batch of ATF & Acetone. Lot of you seem to have good luck with it.
  2. larv71

    Rain anyone?

    NC Indiana, .75" late yesterday & last night with more chances on Sunday. Crops look decent for being so dry. Corn starting to tassel.
  3. $5.08 for 87 octane in North Central Ind. Filled up with E85 for $4.38 at Casey's.
  4. My 2 cents, don't know if you need the extra money or work but for myself there is no way if they're a weedy mess. #1 hard on machine & header. #2 You'll probably be talking to yourself by the time your done. If your fields are clean your going to be bringing weed seed back no matter how long you clean up your machine. If you have to wait for a freeze to kill weeds, could be late in the season missing good weather. It sounds like he's jumping into this whole hog without a good plan. 2+2 above seems to have a handle on growing organic but I'll bet it didn't happen the first season. These things always sound good on paper but sometimes hard to execute. Good luck in your decision.
  5. 10-12" in Southern St Joe Co. IN. Minimal wind so not that much drifting. Used the skid loader to clear house drive. County highway dept. did a good job clearing roads.
  6. It was used to hold a lye cleaning solution to clean units. I've got two milk units with pulsators but always on the lookout for other dairy related items.
  7. Picked this up at Rentown Old Fashion Days near Nappanee a couple weeks ago. When we milked cows 50 years ago dad used a IH milker & two Surge milkers. Still have them all. Wife let me hang it in the breeze way. Still in pristine condition considering its age and being stoneware.
  8. We've got a 1644 & 2144 both with 20' #1020 heads. Cannot interchange heads without an adapter on the 1644. Everything was backwards plus real jumpy. Got the pigtail adapter from headsight with resistors and it works great. Might be your problem, as above get hold of Jeff.
  9. If I remember correctly, 315 was a wide throat. My dad had a model #93 and I believe it was a @228 head, 2 row wide and a narrow row would be a #327. Someone else might have better information. I do remember they were a pain to switch. Good luck.
  10. I assume you have Crohn's or colitis. Have never used Entyvio but when I was diagnosed with Crohn's my Dr. put me on high doses of steroids along with two other drugs, Humera & Pentasa. I ignored my symptoms too long and eventually led to surgery to remove part of my intestinal tract. Dr. weaned me off the steroids over time but will be on the Pentasa & Humera till the end. Humera is also a biological, take an injection every two weeks. Probably been on it for 15 plus years. I wasn't crazy about it either but better than the alternative. If I remember my Dr. wanted to start me on Entyvio but gave me the choice between these two drugs. You might check with your Dr. about Humera. Don't know if this helps but understand your concern. Good Luck
  11. Ordered some disk parts from Shoup, backorderd. Found just enough shovels for the soil finisher to finish spring work. Generic roundup along with Liberty is tight and more expensive. Usually fill LP tanks in late summer, not waiting for that crisis, list goes on and this is only the tip of the iceberg. Going to get worse before it gets any better.
  12. 2.25" here along with snow flurries. It's been dry enough here that it soaked in well. Need some heat. Been cold and windy last couple of weeks. Ground has worked up as good as I've ever seen. Once over with soil finisher & rolling basket and it looks like a garden. Just need sun & heat.
  13. Replaced the bad brg and rechecked spring alignment. Went to the field and another brg started sqealing. Called the svc mgr/ head mechanic to come and check it out. Wanted to know where brgs came from, all new from your dealership. Took two with him back to the store and would call me within the hour. Called and said he split them open and were junk. Had grease zerks but not drilled to let grease into the bearings. Not even prelubed. Parts mgr was told to pull them off the shelf and call supplier. Got eight Case/IH brgs. Say they're BCA & American made. Rain now going to install tomorrow so we will see. Luckily we have a good soil finisher & dbl rolling harrow and didn't loose two good days.
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