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  1. I think i do.... u asked about ih toolbar stuff i had? this maybe at the hcea national show where i had the d4 swing crane? thanks
  2. Unstuck and lubed for another 25 years. It was barely stuck to the f-wheel and i think by clamping the c-pedal to disengage and blasting it twice this past week helped big time. thanks.
  3. Got the clutch pedal clamped down to the floorboard using a bar clamp... easypeasy. Went under with a drip pan and a can of loosejuice and did the best i could. Its a 38" gauge with only 28" wide under there thus drip pan on my chest and damn fatass throwout bearing in the way unloaded a half a can of blaster up/in there. Gonna use up the can thursday and have help coming sunday to wrench over the engine while i try to get the disc off the f-wheel.
  4. With the clutch pedal depressed i can get a drywall knife between the disc and p-plate. i'm gonna tie it down and using that gap try the knife between the f-wheel and disc. Well see what happens.
  5. I'd have to plug up some holes and make a dam from coil stock, then rtv everything in place.
  6. Got it started in gear and bumped it to a hickory stump to unstick it. No deal... only spun those little worn out 10" shoes. Did this 3 times.... no luck. Took belly pan off along with dust cover and the disk is stuck to the flywheel and the pressure plate disengages like it should. This machine has the short propeller shaft between the bellhousing and transmission.(so i ain't gotta split the tractor}. Anyone had luck driving slimjim type wedges between the f-wheel and disk with the c-pedal depressed? Thanks 4 any ideas.
  7. Iffen i could find a good 6 or 9 around here with McCormick combination dozer on it i'd keep the stuff i have. I believe it'd be the only toolbar harvester crawler east of the Mississippi. good luck with ur project.
  8. Nice toolbar tractor with uncommon McCormick combination blade/tool carrier. toolbar post with more info. Let me know if u want a complete rear tool bar setup.
  9. Which blade? the angle job? Thanks Louie! great info.
  10. louie, do your brackets measure the same 10.5" centers as this? and is this number close? Plus you think ih only made continental US t -b's in california? I believe they were mostly used west of the rockies... but only assembled out there???? thanks.
  11. i see now the ends of the push/draft beam that the blade fastens to. 2 pins for the bracket and a pin for the adjustable turnbuckle. tomorrow i'm gonnatake a photo of my mount bracket with tape measure showing center numbers and maybe u could check ur setup to see its the same. thanks
  12. just came in 4 lunch, good timing... i don't know, but think maybe t-b's were built on as needed basis at the factory (in the midwest) where the tractor was built. btw can u show ur draft beam to t-bar connection? i'm wondering about what model tractors use the same connecting bracket design, method and dimensions? thank u. mine mounts like this, i don't know what the draft/push beam end looks like.
  13. Problem is that the tractor with a McCormick "Combination Carrier" option is hard to find and most guys who have it on their machine doesn't know what it is. They just see the blade and that is all that counts.
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