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  1. early model t-340 Drott rebuild & pics

    thanks, i found these but don't understand exactly what he's selling. they're marked 150. http://www.ebay.com/itm/International-T340-TD340-crawler-rear-counterweight-307579R1-one-weight-300-lbs-/331103681243?hash=item4d17513adb:g:QngAAMXQVERSzq~s
  2. early model t-340 Drott rebuild & pics

    Tag is in rough shape with only 2 rivets holding it on. S/N reads t340 - 3259, does anyone know its year of birth? thanks 4 any help.
  3. early model t-340 Drott rebuild & pics

    Some photos. international weights, don't know if they're correct to the tractor. loader tag. bucket tag.
  4. early model t-340 Drott rebuild & pics

    the number stamped onto the block behind the governor rod is 22518, i can'think its a early engine??? i haven't been able to get a camera or the loader arm up yet to read the tag.
  5. early model t-340 Drott rebuild & pics

    thanks 4 the location. its there from what i can see of its edge. with loader arm in the way no way to read it. its also got what looks 2b the original volt regulator in the way of reading it. i'll get better pics when i get another camera. BTW, my hat off 2 u putting great effort into ur 340. it looks 2b a labor of love. how long u been working on it? good luck with ur project.
  6. early model t-340 Drott rebuild & pics

    heres 1 that came into the yard… got see if it'll run and steer b4 we offer it. wheres the s/n on these ? thanks 4 any help.
  7. without the hood being drilled for the hood latch catch i would say this is a low profile tractor. it looks that it was kept on the machine using 4 bolts rather than the more obtrusive sticking out hood latches.
  8. i got parts too. 5zero8333933six
  9. pm me ur addy and i'll send u my extra blue ribbon service manuals.
  10. u need 2 get the blue ribbon service manuals 4 these machines. both r 1000rpm ptos standard from factory, reduction gear boxes bring to 540 rpm.
  11. positive ground, if you want to change it to neg ground u gotta switch wires at coil. maybe someone done it already… u really need 2 see how the coil is wired. by memory i don't remember which 1 goes where. stop worrying about those tracks, they good enough and u ain't gonna find any others.
  12. that could be a lp hood??? i ain't seen 1 up close. it looks to have die cut holes too?? why i don't know. maybe a halfbreed? anyway u got most parts 4 a complete lp.
  13. i've never used a e-pump, keep the tank near full and u won,t be changing gas contaminated engine oil so often. try it on ur steep grades…. may not work on the steepest 1's. u should get books.
  14. for now use a temporary gravity tank. fuel pump used when original tank was only 1/3 full, or when tractor was on steep up /down grades.
  15. i'll look in my parts book about those being l-p part numbers on the steering levers. that machine seems 2b a mix of l-p and stock