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  1. i got this ih 1. it comes with this ih toolbar setup. https://i.postimg.cc/mrfvBjnF/SAM-2563.jpg
  2. Very uncommon machine. I wonder if the serial number tag jives with it being wide gauge. Heres a wide low profile (shaved hood orchard) machine i knew of along with my t4 narrow gauge. First 1's were built late 59 but model year is 1960.
  3. tia, can't find my blue ribbon, the 4 hash marks on the bolt head gots me confused. (Grade 8?) These are original ih marked head bolts for a 1960, 123 gas power unit. thanks.
  4. This 1960 engine has about 1500 hours and never taken apart. It starts and runs perfect. I've had engine 25 years and always check/test fluids every fall. Now i'm slowly getting trickle of antifreeze in the oil that builds up enough to notice a substantial over fill on the dip stick after sitting a month at a time. Any ideas/help. tia
  5. Did Harvester even offer a fender toolbox??? I can't find any brochure photos showing it???
  6. Lids are the same size, the red 1 doesn't have a side seam plus the bottom and sides are 1 piece. This is a Cat box from the 50"s Yellow 1 has hard 90* bottom corners, the red 1 has rounded radius ed bottom corners.
  7. Has a build date been determined yet? Casting codes on transmissions/finals? Its been my experience that dealers repainted machines when they were offered in later year used market. good luck with ur project.
  8. Manufactures tags pictured above. Rare 2b on there!
  9. It was on chicago c-list for 2 years, $1000 or offer. It was pretty well worn out but not locked up. Can i post parts here?
  10. I had this1 4sale on c-list for a couple years, went to china, i took off what i could with a broken arm. No offers, no one came and looked at it. Town wouldn't take my excuses anymore. I stiil got parts.
  11. No, just the aft stuff, not even a 6 or 9, thats why i was interested in the whole machine. Did you part out a McCormick Combination Carrier machine?
  12. Wow! thats a nice machine.... but not the McCormick toolbar blade option. More in the style of drott and B-E. Thanks for the photos. I'll keep looking until i sell the toolbar setup i have.
  13. FROM YESTERDAYS POSTING! PHOTO PLEASE! I will pay for expenses for decent side view photos showing the hydraulics, push beams, blade connections. Thank you If u look at the ads u'll see it has a blade too. Normally most guys don't know they have a toolbar machine, because they only see the blade and don't know about the toolbar option. I have a complete rear toolbar setup for the 6's or 9's and been looking for a machine to put it on. THE MACHINE HAS TO HAVE THE Mc CORMICK BLADE ON IT ,REMOVE THE BLADE, THEN THE REAR TOOLBAR CAN BE PUT ON. thanks 4 any help.
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