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  1. Dam mice! I put that disk in 95, maybe has 200 hours on it. Maybe clean it up. Rivets are deep in bores. mike
  2. I can't remember... What does "blue ribbon" manual indicate?
  3. I got my t4 27 years ago and started a t4, 5 and td5 registry 2 years later along with refurbbing the tractor. There was a pair of brothers that were ih dealers if i member right. They had a bunch those hamilton built crawlers. They were the real experts about them pre 21st century. Last winter i fixed a stuck main clutch, now the left steer won;t release the tracks, stalls engine when i pull hard enough to engage brake. bummer. Does anyone know if i can send the packs out to get rebuilt? I got a bunch of extra disc to send along. good luck with your projects. thanks
  4. Yes, only the early 500's maybe the whole 1st series. Pretty much unobtanium now, prolly gotta buy a whole machine.
  5. What i might say, maybe true maybe not. Chipman would know for sure. 1. IH Canada Hamilton took it on their own the develop from scratch a "compact farm crawler, not from a wheeled machine. 2. It was farm tractor "RED" and no blade offered. 3. IH Chicago was impressed and ramped development of a small crawler based on the 340 wheeled tractor. It sits way higher than the t4. 4. At sometime when the t4's, 5's and td 5's were still ag red a blade was offered for the red crawlers. This was because the t340 came out right away with blades AND still ag options offered. 5. When a blade was put on the t4's, 5's and td 5's there were extra bracing and reinforcement done to the chassis. I think the pinions were improved and changed. 6. If payline means yellow machines, the above improvements were engineered and made standard to all machines. These would be the "B" series machines. 7. The 500 crawlers replaced the t4's, 5's and td 5's and 340's at the same time and diesel only. 8. Most U C parts will interchange with the 1st series 500's. Maybe some chassis parts too. 500's were built in Canada.
  6. Has a build date been determined yet? Casting codes on transmissions/finals? Its been my experience that dealers repainted machines when they were offered in later year used market. good luck with ur project.
  7. With that machine being a drawbar tractor whats the drawbar hole look like? Ur lucky 2 find 1 without a blade. good luck with ur project.
  8. where are you located at? im south of ft wayne

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