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  1. Oh... now that makes a bit of sense then... maybe the guy had a 240 utility donor tractor...
  2. I have asked a few people about this. This tractor is up for sale... says Farmall 240 but has international badges and 240 utility badges. Guy says it was a Chisholm Ryder conversion but I know very little about them. Does this seem legit? Or just a made up thing?
  3. Apparently there is a big hill and the ferry loading area is at the bottom. Once the guy started down the hill he lost all brakes for some reason... not sure exactly why. Anyway, he stayed in the RV to avoid hitting people and made that jump. The driver later died from his injuries but I believe the passenger lived.
  4. That’s pretty cool!!! Are you visiting Kingston?
  5. Correct indeed you are!!! I was at a local dealer today and they had a display rack out back of all different size washers in different thickness options...gonna pick a few up tomorrow ??.
  6. Thank you... I wondered if I could get more spacers.
  7. I posted this question on FB but that you folks might know as well... I have a 1954 Super H and I have purchased a McCormick Deering #1b hammer mill to use with the tractor at a few fairs this summer. I also bought an old steel wheeled IHC wagon from the early 30’s that I’m mounting the mill on. The wagon is complete but I’m going over it and the wheels have a fair amount of play in them, especially the front ones. I took the caps off and they were full of grease and just like my trailer plows, there is a shaft with a washer on it and a “nut” with 3 holes that I can put a pin through. Even on the tightest setting there is still play. I know steel wheeled wagons had some play but how much is too much? There will be no high speed adventures with the wagon... I’m just looking for more info. Thanks?
  8. You sure have persevered... my hats off to you for doing such a great job. I’m sorry you had to endure so many struggles... but you sure are bringing that tractor back to life. Congratulations on a job well done ?
  9. Wow!! Looking good! What a nice job...you are really making lots of progress!!
  10. Surprisingly enough, I think it is a series one according to the little tag on the manifold. I was sure it would be a series II but alas it is not. It was an old guy that had it (he is 94!!!!!) and he was super fussy on maintenance so I think it will probably be fine for what I’m using it for. Either way my daughter is tickled pink and hopefully she will get lots of enjoyment out of it. I had my other lawn tractor out and we were running through an obstacle course together... I haven’t seen her smile like that ever. ?
  11. I’m not sure how to tell... I think it’s a series II... the serial number on the tractor is 707xxx so it is an early ccc version and it has a cast iron red rearend.
  12. Seems to be a success... she just was driving it around for an hour!!!
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