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  1. Apparently there is a big hill and the ferry loading area is at the bottom. Once the guy started down the hill he lost all brakes for some reason... not sure exactly why. Anyway, he stayed in the RV to avoid hitting people and made that jump. The driver later died from his injuries but I believe the passenger lived.
  2. That’s pretty cool!!! Are you visiting Kingston?
  3. That is indeed looking good!!
  4. I am so sorry...I feel for you🙁😢
  5. There we go... I guess that is not what I need.
  6. I completely agree with u... however this would just be for 3 letter series tractors, a 504 and a few cub cadet lawn tractors.
  7. I was thinking the same thought...it has been kept in an unheated building. That being said, I suspect the water would all be at the bottom... so it may be ok for the most part
  8. I knew it... it’s not bilingual ! And it should say “30 wt eh”
  9. I would sell it to u for the same price... but we are very far apart and across an international border so probably not going to happen🙁
  10. Lol... there was a brand new barrel of hytran as well
  11. I assume that’s a decent price?
  12. I was at a dealer today and asked if he could get case #1 30w oil. He asked me if I was interested in a drum as they had switched over to something different... he offered me this drum (never opened-still sealed) for $100.... is this the stuff I want for my older tractors?
  13. My friend who is welder came over and helped me... he is a great welder...me on the other hand, I really shouldn’t have a welder 😂. Anyway, he was reluctant to weld a nut... he said the same thing... just going to break off flush. He said in this instance it was the only time he had seen it work. Oh, and it was a stick welder we used as well.
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