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  1. Well it turns out the little tab that grounds the magneto was pushed in tight (I noticed the other guy pushing it). I pried it out a little bit and the tractor started right up! Thanks for all the tips!
  2. I just bought a 1940 Farmall A … no generator or starter; hand crank only. The guy said they had it running but shut it off by choking it because there is no wire to the mag currently. I tried cranking and pulling it but it won’t fire at all. Can anyone confirm if the mag has its screw where the wire goes for the switch but no wire or switch, will it still work? I believe it will but have to start trouble shooting this thing…
  3. On my Farmall M, the generator had been rebuilt and converted to 12v when I bought it. It has worked well for the last 10 years but I noticed today the gauge wasn’t moving… I assume the generator isn’t charging, as the battery was a little low on power. On 6 volt systems i know you sometimes have to jump the box to get it charging again… are 12v systems similar? If not where should I start testing things?
  4. It’s actually quite the little hot rod! It would be nicer to drive if I had a trailer or some weight on the back…
  5. Perfect, I went to a local truck shop and bought the compression type. Thank you!
  6. Anybody know what you call this little elbow? This fitting feeds the air cylinder on the fifth wheel slider. The plastic air line snaps into it… but it was cut and I couldn’t get the broken line out to install the new line. I managed to unscrew it but of course it broke as soon as I touched it… is this something specific or can I just go to the hardware store and get a brass fitting?
  7. Well that answers all my questions! Thank you!
  8. Your rims are hub pilot. You can tell by looking at the lug nuts. The nut has a built on washer. Aluminum wheels are 1 inch thick. So just measure the stud. 

  9. More newbie questions… my 2003 International 8100 has what I believe are bud wheels. I have seen numerous used sets of buds come up for sale, but how do I tell if they will fit? Are the drive rims different from the steer rims? I have steel wheels now… I believe I can’t put aluminum because the studs are too short… is that true? My tires are all 11R22.5. It is a single axle day cab so I only have 6 rims total. I also am not sure if I have pilot or hub style… how do you identify that?
  10. One last thing… the new hoses come with an orange coating on the threads… I assume i don’t have to use Teflon tape on those threads?
  11. I was pretty happy to find it! I thought originally it was a 3126 and I wasn’t very excited but when I got there I realized it was a 370hp C10… that made things much more interesting!
  12. It’s a C10 Cat with a 10 speed…
  13. I appreciate it very much…you folks are great! Thanks again 😊
  14. I see what you are saying… thank you. Seems simple but when you have no one to ask questions, simple problems seem much larger than they are…
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