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  1. I can’t say I’ve ever paid any attention to these, but there is a early 70’s GMC 5000 with a 292 six near my mother in laws. Are they ok trucks? It has a working dump box with a new floor and is asking a reasonable price. Thoughts?
  2. Thanks for all the input folks. I'm glad I'm not the only one to get a little tired. I really do enjoy this forum and all the experience and insight you folks offer. Winter is coming and I find that usually helps reset things a bit.
  3. Oh my goodness… glad you are doing better! I appreciate the advice and hope you are back doing those projects soon😊.
  4. You are 100% correct… actually I kind of backed away from online forums a little when I found Facebook groups. I’ve now come back to the forums as Facebook can quickly go downhill😬. There are lots of good people but I think now we can associate with people we like a lot easier and ignore the ones we aren’t so fond of. When we go back out like we used to into groups and activities we suddenly realize how much nicer it was not putting up with other peoples nonsense.
  5. Yes indeed that was me!! Thinking back that was a great day… and there are a lot of great people. Being at home alone a lot does change the way you think and feel, and I think you hit the nail on the head. Maybe I’ll steer clear of the super competitive pulling guys and just focus on calmer activities for a bit🙂.
  6. Do you ever lose interest in collecting stuff? I’ve been doing this for 10 years and have loved IH stuff and even some Oliver and Deere stuff. But lately I feel sort of blah…there was a huge tractor pull here and I didn’t even attend… just wasn’t interested. I find big events bring out hordes of braggers and people full of very pointed opinions and that just makes me want to hide. Not complaining just wondered if anyone else has felt that way?
  7. I saw a quick hitch for sale that had a Year-a-Round sticker on it. Was that something they offered or did they make them for tractor companies? I never have paid much attention to them but recognized the name when I saw it. We’re they good quality quick hitches? It had 2 small levers on it to operate the mechanism.
  8. Thank you! I have been racking my head for hours...and I' ve searched IH/Farmall parts online and that never came up once!!!!! Thank you again...
  9. I seem to have gone crazy...I always use Messicks to look up parts online, and then see if they have the part in stock. In the past, I also looked at another site once I had the part number, but darn it, I can't find it and I dont remember what it was called. I thought it started with a B but its not Burch...seemed it was a big outfit and had lots of new and used NOS parts. Anyone remember?
  10. Dang it!! I was thinking it would look like the pump on an H or an M… you are indeed correct… there is a little water pump in the bottom corner!
  11. I’ll look tonight… gosh I may have missed it then. I thought it was behind the fan😬
  12. Steiner lists them as American made… but that opens the 2nd problem. This 130 has c123 motor stamped near the top of the block on right hand side and is also stamped 354898r3… but there is no water pump!! So finding the correct head gasket is tricky. My local parts place has both 113 and 123 gasket sets in stock and said to bring the old gasket and he will match up… just brings more confusion to this question.
  13. I have a 130 that leaks coolant from the head gasket on the right side of the block ( on the outside). It is a small leak… several drops each time I run the tractor. I had the oil pan off and saw no indication of a leak internally and no coolant in oil that I can tell. The tractor runs great so I’m kind of hesitant changing the gasket, but I can see where it leaks it looks like the gasket is kind of mashed. What are your thoughts… it’s not a huge job but I hate to pull a head on a tractor that runs really well. On the other hand, I hate seeing coolant running down the side of the motor.
  14. Oh... now that makes a bit of sense then... maybe the guy had a 240 utility donor tractor...
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