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  1. Awesome will give them a try! I'm kind of in the same boat so considering buying a 3rd for spares hahaha
  2. Awesome, thanks guys! BTD6NZ, I'm in Marlborough and have 9514 and 20469.
  3. Great thanks guys, will try my luck and see what I find. Are the rollers rebuildable?
  4. Thanks for your help guys, I ended up getting the track frame off, but took a bit of work. Have stripped the final drive now so I know where I'm at, looks like the problems mostly stem from a lack of oil, and the oil that was in there was rusty as! I'm going to need new bearings for the bull gear and a new bull gear along with a clutch support bearing and the inner bevel drive adjuster that suports the release bearing at the inner end of the clutch. The sprocket drive gear is a bit chipped/pitted but I think given the amount of work it's going to do it'll probably be OK, the bearings for the sprocket hub however are water damaged and although they don't spin fast I think I should probably replace them. The next issue is that it looks like the lower track rollers are all pretty worn so I probably need to sort them. Do you have any advice on where it's best to try and find these parts? Thanks again for your help!
  5. Hi All, A couple of years ago we up and moved our young family from the city out to a 30 acre block for a spot of country living and a good excuse to get myself a crawler. Our property is quite steep in places, it needed scrub clearing, some tracks putting in and we have a lot of trees to harvest for firewood so a crawler made sense. I was looking for a crawler with a three point linkage and a pto for driving a post driver, slasher/mulcher and for dragging a ripper/pipe layer, this requirement made it hard to find the ideal machine. Long story short after a year of looking I found an early BTD6 that had good hydraulics, tilt blade, a three point linkage and was in reasonable condition all round, only problem is it was on a different island and some 1000 km away. I arranged to have it delivered and within a couple of weeks of it arriving there was a late model BTD6 advertised for half what I paid for the first and it was only 20km from my property. So I did what any reasonable person would do and brought that one to, which has given rise to a lot of ribbing from friends/family/work colleagues!! This second BTD6 had rough hydraulics but was meant to be mechanically fine otherwise as it had had recent engine, gearbox and brake work. I got it home and discovered the left brake was a bit odd, it would jam occasionally and the pedal would pulse as the machine was moving. Unfortunately whilst moving it so somewhere to check out the brake it lost drive to the left side. As the clutch lever was operating in a strange manner I was hopeful just a steering clutch rebuild was in order. I stripped the top off and got to the clutch to find a handful of large ball bearings in the bottom of the housing and that the drum was floating up and down, not such a good sign. So with the clutch out it was obvious that the pinion bearings and the steering clutch support bearing had all failed and had also broken the bevel drive bearing adjuster. At this point I was not so enthusiastic about continuing but I got in to it and have everything undone and am ready to pull the track frame off, it was way not as hard to get it all apart as I thought. So now I'm at this point I am a little stuck and am hoping for a little advice, I've undone the 4 nuts that hold the track frame to the diagonal brace but I can't separate the two, is there more to separating this that just undoing the 4 nuts? I've also noticed that all the track rollers on that side are flogged out so will need to do something with them, from the reading I've done this sounds like it might be hard to find parts, I haven't as yet red any stories of people rebuilding them. Does anyone had advice on how I might attack this problem? Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated! No doubt I will be a regular on here as I think I have a bit of a project on my hands! Please excuse the low quality photos, was getting dark tonight so my phone was struggling! Mike