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  1. Sorry guys. Notice that anyone responded went to spam folder. Had a friend guide me through this. I am interested in the plate business. I need to look under there and see if there is one. My 484 is optioned with 3 point (Cat 2) but no remotes. I did manage to put the loader in series from the pump outlet on the LH side of the tractor, so I managed to accomplish that and then ran the return hose to the reservoir fill plug and the power beyond back into the tractor system. Everything works now and I shouldn't have any problems I don't expect.
  2. Definitely need some guidance on this. The loader has 3 lines. Is it 2 pressure 1 return or 1 pressure 1 return plus a possible add on accessory?
  3. My 1980 484 has no remote hydraulics installed. I have a DuAL 195 loader I am working through installing. I am not sure where to plumb in the hydraulics. I looked through the manual PDF and I am not entirely sure where to connect. I think it is the 2 lines in the photos that would run to the remotes if it had them. They seem to elbow into this block that sort of deadends. Any help and guidance appreciated. Suggestions welcome.
  4. Is there some way to tell without a major disassembly or via the serial? It is a truck engine from a S1900.
  5. I have a DT466C (1985 we think - going to pull the serial number when light). Just curious can this block be retrofitted with roller lifters? My plans for this are to find a crew cab of some kind, probably medium duty IH or Ford that is older and retrofit it in.
  6. Been a long time since I updated this thread. The 484 hasn't had any cosmetic work done but I have had to deal with a few issues. We moved a year ago from NW Washington to SW Washington - east of Woodland, WA. Have some acreage now. I bought a set of forklift forks for the 3pt and built a wooden platform to haul brush on it. Even just the forks, I have hauled some pretty respectable loads of brush and stuff as we clean up the property. Kept getting water into the hydraulics. Traced it to the seat draining into broken vent under the seat. I installed a semi truck fuel tank vent and hose
  7. My house on Whidbey has a buyer and we are working through the purchase process on a house with some property east of Woodland, WA. So with remotes - is there a generic approach - the ports, a control valve and some hoses? is there more to it?
  8. Mustang is a 71 Mach 1. I am moving from Whidbey Island, WA to SW Washington, most likely near Woodland. Tractor and I are in Oregon in the meantime. So to add a loader do I need remotes or is it a matter of tapping into the right ports?
  9. I am new on here. Been lurking a while and need to start of my first post. I have a 1980 484 that I bought partly because I got it very cheap and also because I have wanted a tractor project for some time. I grew up through my teen years adjacent to my grandfathers farm and had always visited and spent summers there on a century farm in Oregon. Our neighbors had mostly green tractors..including one "the right green" Oliver 1650 that I spent many hours on and developed a sentimental attachment to the brand. My parents raised christmas trees which didn't require much of a tractor. My grand
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