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  1. Down Corn

    Looking for a little insight here, guys in Central Ne battling dropped ears of corn and down corn. Some will be raking it up, then fallow with a pickup head.... Here's my question: What's the best way to rid all this loose corn that scattered on the ground. Plow??? Will a disk chisel with twisted shovels do justice or not??? Thanks!!
  2. Help locating Dad's 1086

    The serial # was tagged in the manuals but it will be a miracle to find them. Any other ideas?
  3. Help locating Dad's 1086

    Im trying to gather that serial # for you guys at this very moment.
  4. Help locating Dad's 1086

    Looking for some help! Ravenna Ne in approximately 1997 my dads "Brad Zech" 81' 1086 was sold on a farm sale along with the 1206, cyclo 800 6row with liquid, 19' 496 disk, kent disc chisel, saddle tanks and other 6 row equipment. Im trying to locate the 1086 it was a very unique 10 with approx 5,000hrs equipped with western cab, factory tilt wheel, high back seat, 3 remotes, custom IH front mudflaps, 4" chrome exhaust, long axles, 18.4x38 coop bias rear&duals , 10.00-16 fronts. Paint was a near 10 waxed several times a year. This tractor also ran pretty hard 220+Hp. Any help locating this tractor would mean worlds to me!! Part of my Dad left with that machine and I want to bring it home. 2017 resolution. Thank you Bill Zech
  5. Questions on Tillage

    We've planted rye before and had good luck, but in this case, the ground was too hard to no till into. I've never seen it like this, the disk wouldnt even penetrate the ground. The night before last we did catch a half inch rain, that will certainly help. This ground is always hard, but not like this year, the corn yields were terrible for being good dark soil.
  6. Questions on Tillage

    When u guys pull your disk chisel or conser till, how deep are you aiming to go, also is this a decent choice for hard pan elimination? I personally have not pulled a chisel for 15 years, we've been doing a no-till practice, this year the compaction is terrible. Any input would be great. Thank you, Bill
  7. Buddy seat in an 88 series cab

    The seat is a foldable chair that would mount with little fabrication. Its a K&M buddy seat for a 7000 series jd. It would basically mount on the left fender well of you 86, 88 series tractor
  8. Fall Tillage

    Basically wanting to know the minimum depth? I have not hooked to this yet, we just had a half inch of rain so tomorrow will be the day. We planed on working in the trash with the disk, but the ground is so hard the Krause 4900 with new 24" blades wont even penetrate the ground. So this is the reason for the conser till.
  9. Buddy seat in an 88 series cab

    I seen a add-on seat in a jd 7810 that i thought would work in my 1486, i will try to look it up.
  10. Fall Tillage

    My 1486
  11. Fall Tillage

    How deep are you guys pulling the Case IH 6500 Conser-Till, 9 shank straight shovels? This ground is good heavy black dirt...has spots gumbo as well. Thanks Bill
  12. 2016 summer field and fun 1486 & 856

    I wasn't pulling it very deep, mellow ground, just keeping the weeds off. Yes those are 42s
  13. Tilt wheel for 86 model

    My Dad had a 81 1086 he had bought with 180hrs on it back in the 80s. This tractor had the tilt from factory, not so hard to get in and out of when I was 10 but now its a little different story lol.
  14. Tilt wheel for 86 model

    Can anyone tell me where a guy can find a tilt wheel kit or assembly for my 1486