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  1. Lt.513-2

    IH fire extinguisher

    I haven't seen one of those myself. What equipment did they come on ? Thanks Jason
  2. Lt.513-2

    1969 Ford Firetruck

    Awesome trucks! Yes the plan is to have it in this winter. We may put it out and decorate the fire truck and the farmall in the front yard ! Thanks Jason
  3. Lt.513-2

    1969 Ford Firetruck

    I like it ! That set up reminds me of the first time i drove a fire truck for an EVOC class. Our engine likes to be warm ! It also likes to be driven like you stole it ! The old timers really know how to run them ! Thanks Jason
  4. Lt.513-2

    No start 606

    How about more than a shot ? maybe it wasn't enough ? Did you clean the carb ? make sure you have gas coming in. I say that because my F20 needs to have flow coming from the fuel line before i tighten it down. Try pull starting it like mentioned before. Thanks Jason
  5. Lt.513-2

    1969 Ford Firetruck

    Yes they're originals as far as we can tell 1969. We are thinking when the tags and title get switched we should invest in new used modern front tires. Thanks Jason
  6. Lt.513-2

    1969 Ford Firetruck

    Yes they can be a treat to get into ! I believe the passenger door would like to fly open sometimes during a call ! Not sure if that has been remedied yet ? Thanks Jason
  7. Lt.513-2

    1969 Ford Firetruck

    We did get some of the original equipment. Some of the brass appliances were kept at the firehouse. Thanks Jason
  8. Lt.513-2

    About chain saws

    I’m a fan of jonsered and husqavarna! They’re both the same. My fil used to sell Efco , there was a model 940 it was a small saw I think you could put a 16” bar on it. They were a great problem free saw imo. I have a 1998 jonsered 2050 16” bar haven’t had an issue with it at all. I abuse that saw ! Keeps on going Thanks Jason
  9. Lt.513-2

    1969 Ford Firetruck

  10. Lt.513-2

    1969 Ford Firetruck

    Years ago we we had twin engines, a 1963 with 750 gallons and a 750 gpm pump. Engine 2 at that time was our tanker with 1250 gallons. Those engines both had Hale pumps. The one guy that was on the truck committee was a big fan of the Hale pumps. I remember those as a kid. Thanks Jason
  11. Lt.513-2

    1969 Ford Firetruck

    Is this a drop in filter style ? Similar to what you use for your heating oil tank ?
  12. Lt.513-2

    1969 Ford Firetruck

    Yeah the gas mileage is at best 5mpg ! Normal 2mpg. The fuel pump is good so far. I would just like to freshen things up a bit. Thanks Jason
  13. Lt.513-2

    1969 Ford Firetruck

    1250 gallons
  14. Lt.513-2

    1969 Ford Firetruck

    Sorry I’ll have to pass on that. My wife wouldn’t like to see anything else come home. I do enjoy the old ALF trucks though. I found a 1947 not too far from me.
  15. Lt.513-2

    1969 Ford Firetruck

    This beast has a 534 gas straight 5 speed. Hydraulic brakes. 1250gallon 750gallon pump. Thanks Jason