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  1. Lt.513-2

    locked up farmall regular

    I've used transmission oil with giibbs penetrating oil for my concoction. I read it is better to free an engine up going the opposite direction. I had my cylinders soaking for a couple of weeks. my uncle and i got a wild hair up our a$% one day , hooked a chain up to the duramax, it took a few attempts in a stone driveway and 4 wheel drive and some ruts and then it came loose ! It was stuck good but not super tight though. I pulled the pistons put new rings and a few other things and it's in running condition now. Thanks Jason
  2. Lt.513-2

    Farmall M no spark

    Yes the mag needs needs the points to make spark at the spark plugs. If you have spark at the mag you should have spark all the way to the plugs , providing you put all new on . Some of the times you should just be able to shine the points up and wa-la you should have spark where you need it, even with old wires. I bought 2 mags for my F20 for 40 bucks took one apart and cleaned a few things up to my amazement it worked, that's the mag that runs my tractor now. My 47 M with old wires ran ok when i first got it even though they were bleeding a little. It now has new wires. Thanks Jason
  3. Lt.513-2

    F-20 Road Gear

    Heisler would be my top pick. Where to find one ??? other than the ones mentioned. Do you have the high fourth in the transmission ? Any road gear imo is good. I have a Behlen knock off on my tractor ( has no name any where on it ). MY road gear doesn't have the detent to keep the lever in place. i will end up making a bracket to catch the lever sometime. If You do facebook join the pre 39 farmall page. From time to time you may find one.Hope you find one soon ! Thanks Jason
  4. Lt.513-2

    IHC sickle mower gauge wheel

    Could be ? look for NOS or try a bearing/ seal place. Brown Transmission not far from me. They were able to get me a replacement seal for my road gear ! 1-800-366-9201 Thanks Jason
  5. I bought Behlen road gear model R101 for my f20. Found out the road gear will not work. The top shaft is too small for the road gear. I was thinking it needed an adapter for the top shaft but I was wrong. Can anyone shed some light on the top shaft of the f20 on the correct road gear. Does the f20 top shaft need to be drilled and tapped for the correct top gear and the adapter that goes with it ? Also willing to trade for the correct road gear complete. This road gear is complete and cleaned up. Gaskets are all made up. Missing 1 cover bolt , easily obtained. I’ll look to see if I can find it. Pm with any questions Thanks Jason
  6. Lt.513-2

    Liver & Onions

    I enjoy that meal myself! I grew up eating all the good stuff.....heart, liver , gizzards , tongue. I have 2 boys ( ages 8 & 12 ) that will eat most of that stuff. My youngest eats a liverwurst sandwich just like me .I prefer the more expensive liverwurst. Thanks Jason
  7. Lt.513-2

    RIP burial at sea

    A stream light flashlight in the bottom of the ocean. We were out on a tuna trip out of Lewes, Del. It was night time and we were fishing for squid bait as i was bent over the side using my light, it slipped out of my hand, all you could see was the beam of light until it's final resting place. Jason
  8. Lt.513-2

    2MH Help

    To think i would like to have a picker for the M or F20. I've been told it quite the job to put on and take off, now i'm getting a better understanding. BTW i don't own a farm..... but i do like to try and accessorize my tractors 😃 Thanks Jason
  9. Lt.513-2

    Mowing the yard ,waste of time ?

    Robot mowers they say work great. They are close to the same price as lawn mowers are.They have different sizes ( I believe 3 ) ? in the Husqavarna line. A classmate installs them....he promotes them big time ! I would get one but no side money to give towards that concept. They've been using them for quite sometime over across the big water. Maybe the're worth the money ? Thanks Jason
  10. Lt.513-2

    Zero Turn Mower - time saver?

    Maybe ? ask your sister to try it out on your lawn before you buy a zero turn. Remember all zero turns are limited to what hills they can withstand. Simplicity tractors have a good turning radius for a lawn tractor and they leave a nice cut IMO. I'm partial to the simplicity tracts though. How old is your snapper ? it could have similar qualities of a simplicity depending on the year. Thanks Jason
  11. Lt.513-2

    Preferred JD lawn tractor model #

    I Hate John Deere ! To a certain extent.... parts can be expensive. 2 & 300 series are good tractors though. I agree with the 318's get expensive to repair since the engine is an onan. 400 series are not a bad tractor. Cam gears normally go around the 3-500 hour range. I've heard of ones having up to 1000 hours and then the cam goes.The cam isn't a bad deal to replace. Thanks Jason
  12. Lt.513-2

    Bee keeping help!

    keep an eye on the brood production. I agree with swapping brood from the other hive to help your population. I've had a queen one time that was not working out well , bought a mated queen and things worked out for the better at that time. How does your population look ? How is their temperament ? i would think something happened to the old queen ? Hope this helps some. Thanks Jason
  13. Lt.513-2

    i need advise

    I had a similar issue with the C that my FIL has. We had a stuck valve to take care of. In the mean time while adjusting valves and turning the engine over i put the rotor in the wrong position....that being said we were 180 off. Like stated above you go through the process of #1 top dead center and work from there. As long as everything is right from there it will just pop right off. Thanks Jason
  14. Lt.513-2

    Farmall M

    Most likely shine the points up, clean the rotor for now , check for spark , look at the valves and rotate to see if you have a stuck valve anywhere.I agree with the oil in the cylinders to raise the compression. Also double check that if/when you get spark make sure it shuts the spark off before you start it....just for added insurance. Thanks Jason
  15. Lt.513-2

    300 u won't run without choke.

    Had a similar problem after my father in law bought his 350U. Checked the fuel flow at the carb it had very little flow. Sediment bowl is a PIA to get to. Blew back through the line from the carb and all of the sudden i had more gas than what was once there.....The next time this happens i'm going to take the tank off and flush/clean it. Jason