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  1. I've gotten a used bearing from Alderson tractor for my f20. IMO i would put a used one in.The oil groove is missing (which should be seen like the other ones ) I had called a place i believe that was down in Kentucky ??? You need to do careful measuring and send the info along with however many bearings you want poured. Sticker shock.... i can't remember how much though. $400 maybe ?? Thanks Jason
  2. Awesome diary from your uncle. Yes the farm is old ! Will post more pictures of the barn. That is a old chestnut log barn. I also have the feed chopper branded A.B. Farquhar ( not sure how old that one is ) ? a wheel barrow style seeder ( 16' long )and a grain cleaner. The farm is in York County PA not far from where the farquhar steam tractors were made. Thanks Jason
  3. Need help in determining the year/ age of this machine. What I have been able to find is this is a “groundhog thresher” because of the tooth design. I have not found any markings on it yet. On the farm in the attic at some point there is a plywood sign saying 1860 threshing machine. So at some point someone knew the round about year ?
  4. IMO you shouldn't need them. The F4 mag for my F20 had a coil looking like that, the coating had melted and ran down into the rotor. That meant a total disassemble of the mag. I have a 47 M that has a 90 degree distributor. I was told it was converted from a mag to a distributor ? The coil is red under the band so.....it might be original ? Thanks Jason
  5. IMO The pump may need replaced. My FIL ran into a hydraulic pump issue also ( U350 ) Hydraulics would work " OK " at times and then not work hardly at all. I've gotten other advise on what to do and that was to mount a PTO pump off the crank shaft or PTO. The route my fIL went was to find a used pump. So far it works but i have my doubts because when we first fired it up it was struggling going down....was it because of air ???? After that i asked him a day later because i had other stuff to do if it worked better, he said yes...i still haven't tried it for myself to form an opinion. BTW i'm no hydraulic person by no means . Thanks Jason
  6. I believe it's worth fixing also. Take your time, look around and see if you can find a donor tractor or a good engine. I don't know your area but they're most likely a dime a dozen ? Thanks Jason
  7. I bought Behlen road gear model R101 for my f20. Found out the road gear will not work. The top shaft is too small for the road gear. I was thinking it needed an adapter for the top shaft but I was wrong. Can anyone shed some light on the top shaft of the f20 on the correct road gear. Does the f20 top shaft need to be drilled and tapped for the correct top gear and the adapter that goes with it ? Also willing to trade for the correct road gear complete. This road gear is complete and cleaned up. Gaskets are all made up. Missing 1 cover bolt , easily obtained. I’ll look to see if I can find it. Pm with any questions Thanks Jason
  8. Most likely shine the points up, clean the rotor for now , check for spark , look at the valves and rotate to see if you have a stuck valve anywhere.I agree with the oil in the cylinders to raise the compression. Also double check that if/when you get spark make sure it shuts the spark off before you start it....just for added insurance. Thanks Jason
  9. Awesome project ! that seems like a project that i would take on also!
  10. The plug wires you tried, were they copper inner core ? I've read the carbon fiber inner wire has too much resistance, therefor won't spark that well. How well is it running?
  11. Yes understood, i don't have plans to do the 12 volt conversion yet.The battery that was with the tractor was an 8 volt. I will need to do some checking to see if they adjusted the regulator and generator to be able to charge the 8 volt battery. Gotta love farmer fixes on these old tractors ! Tractor wrenching will continue here when spring arrives in 2018
  12. Dennis it does turn slow right now. I did get the starter rebuilt and replaced the cables with 0 gauge, but my problem still must be the battery (weak ). It also could use new wires new solenoid etc.... It was converted to a push button instead of the foot start. I'ts been sitting since 90 something... Jason
  13. An update on the M, Adjusted the valves to try and get the valve tap out. The manual says .017 hot. I did run it for about 15 minutes or so . Started it up and ran good until i took it down to idle. It was revving up and down like a carburetor issue , i think i may have set the valves a little too tight ? Any thoughts ? I'm going to try again and see if i run it longer and adjust the valves at that time. Jason
  14. Update the M is running good. Just a carb clean and a pop start to get it fired up ! It runs good, but i think it may need a few RPM's. There is some valve tap, still runs smooth though. Doesn't smoke hardly at all. The tires seem to have some " bounce " in them when in 5th gear. Could this be from sitting flat for quite awhile ? Or maybe the brand of tires ? Jason
  15. Thanks everyone! Today was just trying to get it to run. The starter needs help, it's still the 6 volt positive ground. Most likely will need a carb clean. The engine barely turns over...had a few puffs with it turning over but no good "pops". So things were getting the best of me, I coasted back and then down the drive to the road. The M fired a little and then died. The trusty F20 had to come and rescue it back to the house. It was getting late in the day so i don't have pictures of my youngest son steering the tractor. His face was priceless as we went around the barn on a slope.. he thought it was going to tip over. It was the first time he steered with a push pole on the front of a tractor, so a lot of coaching was in order. He did do a good job once he got the hang of it. Tom H the story with the M is similar to yours. I've always wanted a M. I was on the farm a few years ago hunting groundhogs and i seen it sitting there. A few years pass, he came to the shop, that's when i asked him what his plans were. He wasn't ready at the time to let it go. He comes a year later and asked what i would give for it. I said without looking it over good i would't give over $800. He and i set up a time and got to looking it over, I offered $500 and the tractor was mine. There is a few " farmer fixes " to address nothing that a little time and money won't solve. Jason
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