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  1. BCS imo is the best tiller on the market for tilling. They will jump like most any tiller that gets hold of something hard in the soil. Their is a hefty price tag on them though. I think they're the modern gravely ! IMO they take a smaller bite faster, and troybilt takes a bigger bite slower. They're Italian made. Thanks Jason
  2. I've gotten a used bearing from Alderson tractor for my f20. IMO i would put a used one in.The oil groove is missing (which should be seen like the other ones ) I had called a place i believe that was down in Kentucky ??? You need to do careful measuring and send the info along with however many bearings you want poured. Sticker shock.... i can't remember how much though. $400 maybe ?? Thanks Jason
  3. Burgh Tractor near Pittsburgh PA 1-800-369-6213 ?
  4. Lt.513-2

    IH disc ?

    Is this disc an IH ? It’s 8 ft wide. There is red paint on it , no other markings. Nearby the disc bearings is a pb part number I believe. What kind of money might it fetch ?
  5. Awesome diary from your uncle. Yes the farm is old ! Will post more pictures of the barn. That is a old chestnut log barn. I also have the feed chopper branded A.B. Farquhar ( not sure how old that one is ) ? a wheel barrow style seeder ( 16' long )and a grain cleaner. The farm is in York County PA not far from where the farquhar steam tractors were made. Thanks Jason
  6. Need help in determining the year/ age of this machine. What I have been able to find is this is a “groundhog thresher” because of the tooth design. I have not found any markings on it yet. On the farm in the attic at some point there is a plywood sign saying 1860 threshing machine. So at some point someone knew the round about year ?
  7. I lost my grandfather to the same cancer 30 yrs ago. April 22. One of the worst cancers to have. Thanks Jason
  8. I will need to do this to my M so your pictures may come in handy for me. Hopefully my tractor won't be this extensive. My issues are brake shaft seals are leaking along with the input shaft seal. Thanks Jason
  9. Dad had raised turkey, quail, pheasant , when we were young. To my knowledge their wasn't much to know about them.We eventually let them go in the back yard and a few days later we would find feathers of all sorts in the horse pasture behind the house. Until this day we have plenty of fox running around. Check your local and state laws also. Thanks Jason
  10. I did not go...I'm 4 hrs away from there but he said a early spring. Octorara Orphey said 6 more weeks ! So take your pick Thanks Jason
  11. I'm on three months ! so far. started at the age of 14. Freshman year in high school is when i started snuff. I've been using both from that time forward. This past fall was our 20 year reunion. I'm on chantix. The only thing i don't like about it, is the dreams depending on how wicked they are. Keep up the good work ! Thanks Jason
  12. IMO you shouldn't need them. The F4 mag for my F20 had a coil looking like that, the coating had melted and ran down into the rotor. That meant a total disassemble of the mag. I have a 47 M that has a 90 degree distributor. I was told it was converted from a mag to a distributor ? The coil is red under the band so.....it might be original ? Thanks Jason
  13. IMO The pump may need replaced. My FIL ran into a hydraulic pump issue also ( U350 ) Hydraulics would work " OK " at times and then not work hardly at all. I've gotten other advise on what to do and that was to mount a PTO pump off the crank shaft or PTO. The route my fIL went was to find a used pump. So far it works but i have my doubts because when we first fired it up it was struggling going down....was it because of air ???? After that i asked him a day later because i had other stuff to do if it worked better, he said yes...i still haven't tried it for myself to form an opinion. BTW i'm no hydraulic person by no means . Thanks Jason
  14. I believe it's worth fixing also. Take your time, look around and see if you can find a donor tractor or a good engine. I don't know your area but they're most likely a dime a dozen ? Thanks Jason
  15. I haven't seen one of those myself. What equipment did they come on ? Thanks Jason
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