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  1. Is your dog helpful?

    My chocolate lab goes to work with me everyday. Most people that come into the shop he will bark and growl at , keeps people honest for sure. Briggs isn't quite the dog scooby was....all in all he is a good dog despite having a few screws loose upstairs. Jason
  2. F series tractors i would say early 30's for the overdrive is my thoughts. There were Behlen,Montgomery Ward , Heisler , and few few other names i could have missed. You also had field upgrade transmissions also. A buddy of mine has an O12 with a fast 4th, i'm not sure of the year though. The Field upgrades are determined by the gear shift cap to have stamped numbers rather than having them raised casting numbers like factory. Jason
  3. Convert 100 from distributor to magneto

    I enjoy mags also ! I have thought about doing the same to my 47 M , It has the 90 degree distributor coil conversion. I don't think your out of your mind. Thanks Jason
  4. Generator question

    Do a smell test. If it smells or looks like melted plastic then Houston we have a problem ! There's lots of small part to the generators that can also be the culprit. Generator may have lost it's field. There is a flash the field test which means you take 12 volts DC to the brushes at the rotor (depending on the style ) hit it for a few seconds and it may return to producing the voltage again. Hope this at least helps a little. Jason
  5. Farmall H worth

    My opinion is $800-1000 . I paid $500 for an M that was loose and not running. It only took a little to get running, carb clean and a $15 sediment bowl . I would definitely start low as we all know and work from there. Coast to coast prices differ also,so keep that in mind. Thanks Jason
  6. She doesn`t understand ...

    My wife doesn't like me buying anything ! she '' allowed '' me to buy one tractor, 2 years later 2 F20 parts tractors came along . Another F20 and the '' m '' just came into my lap, I said to her i bought a tractor for Nathan my son....'' you did what''. Now my wife threatens me with a divorce if i buy anymore far i haven't tested the waters ( yet ). Back to the topic all of my tractors i have bought have been from things i sold....antique chainsaw collection , david bradley collection , so i kinda like selling if i'm done messing around with them. Thanks Jason
  7. allis 190 narrow front?

    I was there also. From what i read they are kinda rare especially in the narrow front style.The 180 and 190 XT series are the one that had that option. Certainly the die hard AC guys would better suited to give more details on that . Jason
  8. M hit and Miss barn find

    Future Farmer's of America Jason
  9. Valves for T 20

    Fordson House also would be worth a call. I priced valve springs for my f20, rice was $10 cheaper i believe ? but he was more expensive on valves though. I went with used valves from alderson tractor... he also said they get their valves from fordson house. Jason
  10. McCulloch chain saws

    I say junk also..... Mac was a good saw. Although i will give them a chance to see what it takes to make them run. I resurrected a little eager beaver one time for a local farmer, they loved that thing until the skid loader ran it over. Jason
  11. Graham Bradley 1938?

    A friend of mine is looking to sell a Graham Bradley row crop tractor. He and i just got it back together and it runs great ! I really have no idea what it's worth. I know pictures would be better but at this time i don't have any. Looking for ball park figure. Thanks Jason
  12. New to me pickup

    Pretty Cool !
  13. Bushings for 'C' starter

    Call a starter shop, they should be able to hook you up. I just had mine rebuilt for around $80. ( farmall M ) Jason
  14. New member- First tractor project with farmall cub

    A torch would also be a good thing to have for the tear down. There is a lot of good penetrating oil products out there besides WD40 imo. I prefer seafoam or Gibbs. Welding a nut on on the broken bolts/studs definitely do wonders. Sometimes depending on the bolt or what have you, while heating with a torch you may need to heat it up and let it cool down 2-3 times. hoppe this helps. Jason
  15. Explosion on New Years

    That was my guess also. Had a neighbor up the street do that. I'm a volunteer fire fighter so we got the call. 3 fire trucks were out looking for the explosion didn't find anything. I ended up at the neighbors house and asked him about it ( had a tip from another neighbor ) that SOB lied to me when he was asked about the situation. He most likely wasn't going to get into trouble ? Their was a head line on the news about it also. Jason