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  1. Okay here’s the update. It’s raining here in Indiana so I drove the tractor over to my shop to work on it inside. When I got to the shop the pto was not spinning, I lifted the valve to the on position and sure enough it came on. So I guess it must have had some debris in the spool valve and the higher rpm/fluid pressure and oil temp flushed it out.
  2. You can’t turn it by hand with the engine off.
  3. The clearance was with wet plates as I pre soaked them like you do with an auto transmission. The pto has the spring style brakes
  4. I know for a fact the clutch disks aren’t in a bind because with effort you could turn the input by had and I had about .030 clearance at the snapping and all the plates could be moved by a screwdriver. The brakes hold because you can’t turn the pto by had with tractor off, and I tried turning the drum during assembly and it was not moveable. I’m guessing something is wrong with that spool vale. I called Hy-capacity they said check the pressures when moving the valve but had no idea since it sounded like I did everything right.
  5. I hand tightened them, and didn’t have any issues installing the bolts. I’ve ran into issues with aluminum valve bodys in automotive applications warping but I didn’t think it was likely with that chunk of metal. I took the plug off the bottom Of the valve body and retainer off the top with it installed to see if that role pin came loose but it was fine. I’m just not sure how fluid could get past that valve. Especially since it worked before.
  6. I air tested with the clutches installed there was enough clearance between the top plate and the snap ring. You could turn the input of the pto by Hand with some effort so I don’t think I have a spline binding. The drum had no heat discoloration the clutches just looked old and warn out.
  7. It air tested fine so I didn’t bother with them. Since It looks like I’ll have to pull it back out I guess I’ll change them. I did change the piston seals though.
  8. Just rebuilt the IPTO in my 1486 with the HD Hy-capacity rebuild kit. Everything seemed to go smoothly until I started the tractor and the PTO was running in the off position. I left the linkage off and moved the control valve up and down to see if it wasn't adjusted properly with no change of the PTO speed. I made sure to leave some clearance in the clutch pack just like you would in a auto trans clutch drum. I changed all the seals and the brake pistons, I didn't change the seal rings on the drum( air tested fine) and didn't touch the IPTO control valve during the rebuild since it worked fin
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