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  1. Huh reminds me of this one....... oh never mind
  2. JD guys always brag about resale value. I wonder how that works there?
  3. If you want to waste time in a upscale tourist trap, Jim Thorpe is the place to visit. Just a few miles from me and I steer clear but the place is packed with touristy folks. Was voted like the second coolest small town in the US a few years ago.
  4. Wow....I’ve seen guys sling weights pretty good at pulls but that looks ridiculous
  5. Bdse25

    New joke

    Ohhhhh so that’s what that books for. I thought that was Incase you got lost so you had paper to start a fire. Oh well
  6. Huh funny how location puts things in a different light. Where I’m from I would call that land flat, hilly here means if you Arnt careful you’ll end up testing your rops out
  7. Spent the day in the shop but I had plenty of friends who were giving me feedback. As usual anything I was interested went high
  8. Even he probably knows that your TA went out from not running hytran. Duh😆
  9. I’d think with all the little guys going out of business you could find one somewhere cheap. Good luck
  10. Don’t get me wrong I have seen it work, but it’s not guaranteed and it’s definitely not going to compare to prolonged manure application.
  11. Well they’re wrong. The only thing they can replicate are the nutrients, not the soil microbial life , or organic matter. Adding quick roots is not a substitute for decades of manure application
  12. In all seriousness manure is extremely undervalued from an agronomic perspective, it is the most complete micronutrient and microbial fertilizer available, and builds organic matter and soil structure. Despite this I have a feeling that snake oil is about as helpful as just taking a piss on your hay field after each cutting
  13. Bitty I’m with tp on this one. We’re too suburban here and half the people feed them in their backyard too, so about your only hope is for a huge CWD outbreak. A guy could only hope.
  14. Haha 15 bpa would be great. You folks in the Midwest with no deer pressure really don’t understand. A 50 acre farm here it’s nothing to see 30 plus deer a night
  15. That’s nuts. Who would work with out their earplugs in
  16. If you use a smartphone, which is the only way I ever post- it’s really easy to end up on here 10 times a day. Some would call it an addiction
  17. Heck I’m fasting to get ready for wing Wednesday
  18. Don’t worry everyone’s had trouble finding it a time or two
  19. To be fair I’ve never met a farmer who bled green🤷‍♂️
  20. Haha yeah Id agree with that. I hope I get a chance to meet you both at RPRU this summer
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