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  1. Ahh joining sheriff Longmire I see , being from the keystone state I stick with keystone light so I really can’t help ya
  2. Yeah small squares are 200-350/ton in Lancaster County. Big squares stay at the 150-280 range. Round bales......lol they’re a joke. Like anything quality is extremely variable and makes or breaks it in the cash hay market. If you can’t be timely and make quality forage don’t even bother
  3. A classic here was fish line on a dollar bill and yank it away right as they were reaching for it. One time my buddy used a 20, guy saw what was happening stepped on the bill, whipped out his knife cut the line and walked away. My buddy just sat their holding an short length of line with that lost puppy look on his face
  4. So recently I had to attend an orientation meeting for my summer internship in Bloomington, IL. And was absolutely blown away by how dark, deep, and rock free the soil was. Noticing me staring in awe at some dirt and corn stalks a local informed me the area between Bloomington and champagne has the most fertile soil in the world. The thing is that’s not the first time I’ve been told that, I have a neighbor who was to California and claims the topsoils 50 feet deep, heard stories about the Mississippi delta being amazing, know the national corn record was set in soil on the east coast,
  5. Well the picture I posted was from my aunt with the text “ how does he get his head out” needless to say the answer involved a dewalt cordless grinder🤦‍♂️ In my defense I tried everything else first
  6. There’s no trees or anything there for reference so it’s tough to tell. I agree that phones usually capture how steep something is in person
  7. Haha believe me after two hours of fighting trying to work him back through i wasn’t sure
  8. Steers.......ended up grinding the thing apart
  9. If your dead set on doing it be sure and get a bushy type bean. 100000 ppa can yield a fine crop if you keep out the weeds and are timely with planting
  10. Hmmmm maybe these carp will eat all my spotted lantern fly’s. Gotta look at the bright side guys!
  11. No fine for using insecticides. In fact they encourage it. They love the tree of heaven (also invasive) and tell you to just hose it down with a residual insecticide. They says they’ll have a mound of dead ones around the base. Apparently just south of Bethlehem they’re so bad you can’t even see the bark on the trees. Just solid bugs
  12. They’re a planthopper, and pretty much totally ruin any vineyard, or orchards they get into.....they’re not much good for hardwoods either apparently. I see em in alfalfa hoppin around but they don’t do much there.....
  13. This stupid spotted lanternfly really makes for a lot of hassle. Now the PA dept of Ag makes you attend training sessions, take tests, have a pass on each farm vehicle (still not sure if tractors and combines need the permit). On top of that you need to fill out a paper logbook anytime you move a pickup, grain truck, anything within the quarantine zone. If dot stops ya and you don’t have your paperwork filled out that you checked for these stupid things it’s a 25000$ fine. If ya don’t know what these Korean bugs look like here’s one sitting on the front tire of my 806 last summer.....
  14. Bdse25

    What is it?

    Not like and I’ve ever seen. This widget is way more complex than them things
  15. Bdse25

    What is it?

    Well clearly no one knows....but I’d bet old binder guy still has two hanging on the wall of his shop, and one with original paint !
  16. Bdse25

    What is it?

    Looks an awful lot like scrap metal but it can be tough to tell
  17. Yeah I’ve been around plenty of stackers and crusher conveyors and in my experience the tail is usually crowned, but now that you mentioned it I don’t think I’ve ever taken notice of a crowned head pully. The crown doesn’t have to be much, especially if you can track the belt but makes them run true. I’d bet if you got on factory rubber coated head pulley with some calipers it’d have a crown to it
  18. Bdse25

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    Good to have another PA guy aboard
  19. I’m not trying to push any agenda, just trying to give you guys some hard evidence about why I hate urban sprawl and development. Imagine a QUARTER of the ground around you coming out of production in the last 20 years. By the time I’m ready to retire there won’t be any left. If you look at the numbers in the article it’s not small amounts either
  20. My bad for not clarifying but I meant in the Lehigh Valley PA. I’ll go back and edit. If you read the article you’ll find the numbers actually come from the USDA census or Agriculture. Seems legit to me, not to mention I can drive down the road and watch warehouses go up as fast as they can
  21. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.lehighvalleylive.com/news/2019/04/old-macdonald-had-a-farm-not-anymore-latest-census-results-confirm-steady-decline-of-lehigh-valleys-agricultural-acreage.html%3foutputType=amp since I was born 21 years ago a quarter of farmland in the Lehigh Valley has been developed. Really a sad state of affairs
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