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  1. Maybe not the best life it could live but hey, at least it’s under a roof
  2. Haha that’s ok. Start telling those and next thing We’re all accessories to the crime?
  3. Yes unfortunately most of my family feels the same way so the central air is on, and if I’m doing something dusty like combining the AC is on just to keep the cab clean but driving around in my truck I never use it.
  4. Personally I hate AC. I swear it gives me a sore throat so I just avoid using it. 95 and high humidity sounds perfect!
  5. Being lights kinda nice when your trying to toss it up on a combine...
  6. Aqua neat can be used in that situation
  7. You better add gramoxone to make sure you get a good kill. Your mix looks kinda weak....seriously you can probably watch the stuff die
  8. Here penndot sprays their right of way along every state road with roundup, lately people been in a tizzy. They say we’re on label and put up a sign in front of your house that says do not spray. Otherwise tough luck. I’d just let them get over it
  9. Ours was really bad, had the machine shop linebore and sleeve it. I always grease that pin first on our stuff. Those bushings are super expensive for what they are
  10. Speaking as a PA guy end dumps are all we have. Never seen a side dump. Frameless go over easy, even just the load flowing out uneven can upset them. But a good spring ride framed trailer with a little common sense is tough to lay over. Seems to me the nicest part of an end dump is actually making a pile in one spot. Instead of one 35 foot long.....
  11. I beat up on DL 420’s for years in the quarry. They took a beating and kept on going. I’m sure things are different now but at that time we did have quite a few problems with the DEF system. Of course a newer model might not be so problematic
  12. Ahhhh bitty.......your dating yourself with that one
  13. It’s on the way if you want it to be! Stop on by
  14. Thanks bitty. I only farm about 250 acres, and I’m on shale ground so the rain isn’t a huge issue. Extremely pleased with my crops this year
  15. Beautiful haymaking weather the last 3 days here. Safe travels to all the folks driving in! hopefully the weather stays nice for the show
  16. That’s the ac condenser on the side of the bin. They ran two electric fans on the top of the box. I’ve been using the gleaners for years. Not a bad machine for their age
  17. Oh ok. So I guess you don’t have to worry about it until the last cutting then. Does it winter kill easy or can it take a frost?
  18. Isn’t there something about some acid or nitrates or something that becomes an issue?
  19. Good buyers are hard to come by. I usually just haul everything to the auction unless someone wants 5-10 bales. Load up 250, go to the auction, pay 5% commission, and you and the buyer both know you got a fair price. Most important I have a check in my hand 10 minutes later from the auction company that I know won’t bounce. You get burned 2-3 times on a load of hay and that 5% seems like a better deal every minute
  20. Winchester to Winchester or Ex to Ex. You really can’t cross those two
  21. So I wanna know how Far East can it be had?
  22. You have clearly never had to choke down 92 degree hamms pounders at a summer college party. Yuck ?
  23. Hahaha mines probably a bit tighter but I’d need to compare to be sure
  24. Wow I’d think you could be spendy and gift wrap a whole case for a fellow RPF member lol
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