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  1. Seems to me you wouldn’t need to run the auger as full as possible. Just open the trap on your hopper bottom until the tractor has a nice load on it and keep it there. Keep in mind until the auger is full it will take more and more power so don’t overdo it. If you strip out those splines they needed replacement soon anyway
  2. My grandpa was always dragging home new ,used ,and junk plow parts of various styles from sales. From my experience you will never know there’s an oddball shear in there. Besides it’ll just get disked down anyway
  3. Bdse25

    recoil pad

    After reading all your posts twice I can honestly say I have no idea what your talking about. Are you replacing the stock or the butt plate? Is the stock from china?
  4. Lehigh Valley, PA forecast said a foot. Got 1-2 inches....... why even watch the weather at that point
  5. I’d think a bracket like hold a two speed rear switch to the sick in a lot of old trucks would work good with no modifications
  6. As said should be A-OK for the stand and vernalization period. But get out there early with a hundred pounds of urea or 15 gal of 30% really early. Like first week of March early. It’s not going to tiller this fall but you can still get a good yield if it has everything it needs right out the gate. Good luck!!
  7. I think we should all go to the MMI school of writing technique and theory.....
  8. Wilkesbarre is 45 min north. Hershey hour and a half SE. never heard of them but could I can ask around.
  9. Ok this is exactly what I do! I’m in Agronomy and sales and also farm part time. Around here most people have an off farm job as well. What difference does it make if you work in Ag or work any other job. Sure you get to know a lot of farmers and know the tips and tricks on what makes others profitable and apply those principles to your farm. But NOTHING is stopping all the rest of you from going out and spending 150$k on getting your bachelors degree, Certified Crop Advisor certificate, and custom pesticide applicators license, hunting up a decent job and working 75 hours a week to help o
  10. Forgot to add. Harvest is in full swing. First corn came off September 13 around me. Corn is currently in that 17.5 region and beans are......well beans are beans lol
  11. South east Pa- obviously super varied soil types but overall excellent yields. Most beans in 60’s. (For some reason pa has a high bean average). Corn in that 180 -165 range. Overall very pleased for mudding it in up front then basically a drought at the end. (Note: these are not my yields. My job lets me see a lot of farmers in the combine cab and this is kind of an average)
  12. I’d love to know the back story on this one
  13. So I have found myself in a situation where I have a John Deere head, a 643 corn head off a 7720 sitting at a farm with no real way to load it onto my header cart. The farmer has a 2188 and I’m wondering if those machines have a feeder house similar enough to a 7720 JD that he could pick it up to set it on a cart. Not trying to run it or even transport it. Just lift it to set it on the cart. Thanks, Ben
  14. I agree. There’s just no way something like that would be practical around here. 25 foot is all you want some times. I would rather have a 25 foot head, or 6 row corn head and just drive twice as fast. I feel like a lot of manufacturers forget some of us farm 120 foot strips on 20% slopes. Not everyone has 50 and 60 acre fields to work with. I farm 250 acres and the biggest fields 18 acres. Average is about 5
  15. That’s the truth! I was talking to a guy who dealt with sewage, and I told him I mostly do spraying and bulk chemicals sales and handling for a living. He told me I could keep it, that there’s no way he would be around harmful chemicals all day( just roundup, atrazine, acuron....... the usual stuff). I just kinda sat there and thought huh, it really does take all kinds. What’s common and totally normal to you is terrifying to the next guy
  16. Bdse25


    Send them here please!!!! Over run with deer. Literally count an average of 1 per acre on rented ground. And last years whole farm average of 12 bpa on beans would indicate a slight problem
  17. I’m always willing to lend a helping hand but it seems most everyone else is too lazy, or not willing to learn. It sure feels good when you can sit down on a roofline after a long day with good friends, crack open a cold drink, and grill some burgers as the sun sets......
  18. Also if you ever want to spray something miserable and almost impossible to clean out right throw prowl in the tank....
  19. Atrazine is a regular pain. Actually all the trizines are. I’ve found that Tankmax from fs....I’m sure other places have a similar concoction really works for keeping atrazine in solution. And like said rig up a few valves and put a banjo fitting on your garden hose, quick snap in on at the end of the day and blow out your pump lines and nozzles with clean water. It will save hours of plugged screens and aggravation the next day
  20. Had lightning strike the pole by the road ,and where the underground line went under our driveway it literally blew chunks of blacktop out to make a line of potholes following the line. For all the severe storms it’s suprising there are not more lightning issues
  21. I’m just dumbfounded.... how can people be that stupid. 40 minutes to hook up a shaft?????? I think I could take it apart at the universal and put it back together in that amount of time. I thought the simple press this button and pull was simple enough
  22. There used to be a guy on YouTube.... I believe by the name of carpenter? Who was super knowledgeable on all things Oliver. Unfortunately he seems to have pulled all his videos. He had spoke in depth on the infamous 310 and he certainly felt they were a worthwhile motor
  23. Jeez. I was hoping Mack’s had some better reviews. I have a few relatives that work in the plant and they’re made just a few miles from here in Macungie, PA. From what I hear they can barely keep up with orders
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