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  1. And at least one tire looks nice too! Scrap has gotta be higher than that I’d think???
  2. Exactly. My grandads H and 70 diesel JD have sentimental attachment so they won’t leave, and I think a super M would look good. Then right up to the 06 series can go straight to the salvage yard lol. Just no attachment to them?‍♂️
  3. Ok I thought you were like 60 and retired just from all your posts over the years hahaha. Good to know I’ll have classy 1456 pictures to look forward to for many years to come!
  4. I’d definitely consider it but eastern Pennsylvania is quite a drive from where your at!
  5. Lol it was parked cause the tires were shot in the 80’s hasn’t left it’s spot in the shed since. I was thinking I’ll fix her up etc, then priced new 9:00-40 tires. Holy what the!!!!!! It can go to someone who values it more before I spend3 grand on rubber !! On a tractor that has no use!
  6. Hint: a some good skills are imperative if you happen to be playing a cute girl at a college party...
  7. I think older individuals who grew up around that stuff have an attachment, but to me stuff from that age is just iron. I grew up Looking at MX magnums on the dealer lot so in 60 years I might collect those?
  8. I’m 21. Those older machines just don’t have the appeal of a stylish H or M moves down the road, can still find jobs for them, parts readily available, etc etc. I have a loose F-14 never sat out a day in its life, on rubber with the factory cast centers, with the power lift rockshaft housing, and generator /electric start. I assume its a nice machine for that vintage but I’m not about to dump money into something with absolutely zero practical value
  9. Well they kinda screwed me, they had the hubs tagged and the duals tagged separate so I was just lookin to buy the hubs. (Clean M&W 3.25 inch). Didn’t need the tires. The ended up selling them together though for $700 I believe
  10. Stayed til after 8 pm for the 18.4-38 duals and hubs off a 1206 in the last row..... and went home empty handed. Eh well that’s the way it goes. I agree most everything went high. Especially with proxibid there just Arnt good deals anymore
  11. I plan on being there around 9.
  12. Maybe it’s just me but I find that tarps usually trap moisture and sweat so mad that they’re not worth it. I just cover the seat with a garbage bag and toss a can over the exhaust
  13. Now that I think of it the movie a dog’s purpose has a farm that shows up 3 times. First there’s a letter series farmall, then a 4 or 560, then in modern day a whole setup including quad tracks, patriots, and an axial flow or two
  14. My cousin who I farm with and I at the beginning Of the harvest. I’m in orange. I know the machines the wrong color and yes it’s trash. Can’t wait to upgrade to red!
  15. Sitting here watching A Christmas Story on TBS for the 83rd time and every time the Farmall M pulling Santa’s float in the Christmas parade stands out to me! Anyone else have a movie with IH in the background that they like. Sure sounds better than some 2 cylinder JD breaking down and leaving Santa at the side of the road!
  16. Hahahaha I LOVE that guys sense of humor. That calendar is kick ass
  17. Can’t beat a ham on Christmas ......maybe I’m all alone in this but who ever decided turkey was the special meal? Yuck. If I never ate turkey again it’d be too soon
  18. Nitrogen dioxide. From forage fermentation. Always and I mean ALWAYS run your blower before going back in the first time and if possible leave open the door just above the forage when done filling. Silo gas settles on top and can sit there for a while in the right conditions. If you don’t have time to hook up the blower, do you really have enough time for a funeral? Prayer for the family. Like said above it’s way to easy to get into trouble if your not extra careful
  19. Oh don’t be mistaken.....I’m laughing my a$$ off reading this but I know when we’re reaching the limit.
  20. Well I’m just wondering which happens first, you guys get this topic shut down or I run out of popcorn
  21. I just finished Soils 418 at Penn State. We have an entire class devoted to the PA nutrient management plan designed for farms with manure. There are so many rules and regulations it takes an entire semester to cover them all. Kinda makes your head spin but it’s all part of keeping the hippies in DC happy and still being able to farm somewhat unhindered.
  22. Pulled home a lot of wagons of chopped alfalfa with one of those style cabs. As long as your moving they’re not bad and usually the door will stay open if the fields not too rough. Actually a really nice handy tractor. Kinda a shame Oliver couldn’t keep things going
  23. This is why you always have someone proofread for you. What was I thinking lol
  24. This is Pennsylvania. If you call the PSP up they will come take some notes and gladly tell you there’s nothing they can do.....oh look at that. Coffee time
  25. That’s till the hired hand forgets to turn it off and cranks the wheel to scoot the cart over a foot or two........ if it can happen it will happen
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