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  1. Ahhh ok. I was going to say 1000 bucks seems crazy for that death trap. Thanks for the info!
  2. So what’re these things worth. I have a nice one that’s fabricated to bolt on the front of a H. If they’re worth more over a thousand like said above I’ll definitely Get rid of it!
  3. Pulled this out of an 806 3500 original hours that I bought 3 years ago. Air filter had 1981 written on it........
  4. Must be an area thing. I’m from around Allentown PA. I couldn’t tell you the last time I’ve seen eggs on store shelves. Our local store in town got picked clean by New Yorkers who drove nearly 2 hours cause their stores have been empty for weeks. Now stores here have limited access. Only a few hours a day and 20 people at a time. It’s not just the media there’s definitely not stuff in stores. Meanwhile my Facebook feed is loaded with people from Berks County who are dumping milk. The issue with a supply chain is for as strong as it is one link breaks and the whole thing is shot.
  5. Nothing fancy here but gets the job done. 4 row 7200 on the good ole 560 and a 510 drill for beans although I think that’s gonna stay hooked to our narrow front 806 this year
  6. Hahaha I know what you mean. I bought an H like that once. Rusted fast but shed kept and looked decent. Well $750 turned into $2000 in a big hurry lol
  7. I’ve got my eyes open for a 140. One of the coolest tractors IMO
  8. Yeah I was thinking of asking 1000 for everything and it is all in very good shape, all the linkages are good and tight on everything too. I have a parts tractor that sat in the woods for decades that’s probably only worth scrap but I would throw in on the deal as well. I think that’s pretty fair for both him and I
  9. Hey guys. I know the IH market pretty well but have no clue about allis Chalmers. I have an old Allis B. Always stored inside but hasn’t ran in about 15 years. Magneto is shot, and it’s hand crank only so I really don’t feel like messing with it. However I crank the motor over from time to time so it’s not rusted fast Has like new tires on it and has a drawbar, 1 row mounted cultivator, and left and right moldboard plows. I’ve got 3 h’s so I really don’t need a small tractor and don’t have much interest in A-C. I don’t think they’re very rare but see good running ones on Facebook ma
  10. I’m in PA but the turnpike switched to EZ pass only to minimize human interaction. Hopefully she has an ez pass or at this point just run the toll..... just something to think about
  11. So this afternoon I decided to change the hytran in an 806 for the first time since I’ve owned it. Popped out all the plugs except the last one, the main final drive plug. The big one you have to pull the drawbar to get to. Couldn’t get it with a breaker bar, or my 1/2 inch impact, so I grabbed the 3/4 and a 1/2 inch adapter. Well now I have a stripped out drain plug........ so the way I see it my only real option is to weld a nut on it to try spinning it out. so, is there any pump, seal, or anything right inside the transmission case there that I could damage by welding a nut t
  12. I assure you Gunther heussman is not that. Very clean place with clean equipment
  13. I’m no rocket surgeon but I know aliens when I see them
  14. Live nearby to there. Definitely a legit place with legit equipment The guy does have clean stuff but is older and not exactly the speediest at anything. (I think the old man may have passed away and the son is running it now) I really doubt you’ll be disappointed with the head but honestly his prices are out of line on most stuff. It’s nice machinery but is it really worth double the amount it would bring at an auction?? That said I know many local farmers who have purchased from him and all like their stuff. here’s a link to a retirement auction of stuff that mostly came from there
  15. Bdse25

    Who did it?

    Wow. Almost two pages before it got political. I’m so proud of you guys
  16. I could google your name and have your birthday, address, phone number, and political party with a little digging. Shy of going amish there’s no way around it if you want to participate in society
  17. Remember it’s shallow, no diving even if you see something you want!
  18. I once saw an “equipment runner” doesn’t earn the title “operator “ pull up next to a komatsu pc600 in his Chevy 2500. He gets out the truck, checked the oil, fired it up, and swung the counterweight over the hood and smashed the cab. If a passenger had been in there MSHA would have been investigating a workplace death. Claims he forgot where he parked but it was his vehicle so he didn’t get canned. When the body’s on the job but the mind isn’t bad things happen!
  19. I believe running on steep hills makes them crack a little easier too. I’ve heard of letter series castings breaking back in the day from tons of side draft
  20. X2. Best guy in the business as far as I’m concerned
  21. Well I nominate DD as chef whenever we start havin annual red power summer picnics! That sounds delicious, think I’m gonna Print out those directions
  22. In my experience the old school white fridge, cheap, ugly, covered in ugly pictures of the last 17 family reunions, freezer on top fridge on bottom style outlast all the rest. Those things keep on truckin and the Bluetooth and WiFi enables stainless fridge of awesomeness only makes it 5 years before it has the ice maker go nuts and flood the kitchen!
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