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  1. Interesting. So is there dry land wheat out there then., canola, durum. And just cause I find this really interesting, when you farm a pivot do you farm in a circle or just like a normal square field?
  2. I wish. We drive sprayers and tractors down 6 lane highways with wall to wall rush our traffic. We all live within a few minutes of Allentown which is a lousy excuse of a city. (So lousy billy Joel wrote a song about it) Back to Nebraska. I hear a lot about that aquafir going dry, Is that something you natives actually worry about or just some more end of the world global warming Mumbo jumbo?
  3. 700 cows. Damn. So out there can you guys crow corn and beans or is it to dry. Do you just make hay on rangeland or do you have some actual fields, might seem like stupid questions but I’m from an area where we have 70 inches of rain and we farm around houses and people everywhere. You guys are really blessed to live in such a wide open area with such beautiful views.
  4. Bdse25

    DT361 rebuild

    Define “grind”. I wouldn’t go over to the bench grinder and skim some off unless you want a easy access hole in the side of your block by the next oil change
  5. Bdse25

    806 head

    Be 21 in April and I’m in good shape but like said-it’s better to play the game smart and not risk damaging anything. Come to think of it I have an engine hoist flying around that shop somewhere..... wonder where that thing got to
  6. Bdse25

    806 head

    Thanks boys. Sounds like I need to run a chain hoist up to some rafters. Or something like that. I just had injpumped put 1456 tips on my injectiors last year so they’re definitely getting pulled and their little rubber caps put on. Thanks for letting me know what I’m getting into
  7. Bdse25

    806 head

    So I’m pulling the head off our 806 diesel to go to the machine shop, question is how much does that thing weigh. The current plan is to stand on a few oily milk crates haphazardly stacked up and lift it off. maybe a 6pack could round up some extra manpower. Do I need to rethink this? What am I looking at weight wise? 100 no problem-200 better grab that 6 pack. Im guessing it to be about 150? Any insight? Thanks guys just don’t feel like dropping it on the floor
  8. Please don’t use the greatest movie of all time in that context. I don’t care about politics but that’s crossing a line
  9. Bdse25

    dmi crumbler

    I don’t really understand why people say chemical prices. Back when round up was New you could cut out your pre emerge program and go into corn at v4 with some roundup - aatrex- prowl and have decent cheap control. Today if you have ANY roundup resistant weeds-especially in soybeans- I feel a pre emerge program is a must. If they get away from you liberty is not going to save you-even with extend beans I think full tillage or not you should have some kind of a pre out there. At least where I’m at extend really isn’t an option because of all the rules and setbacks, so liberty or first rate o
  10. Maybe just cause I grew up in the 2000,s but I’d say that is a mean lookin machine. I like the look of the optums and it seems the magnums are following
  11. Also notice he pulled up a 2 year old topic to say that
  12. Welcome to life in the east. These regulations and the goofs that live in all the developments around here are making farming and frankly life a real pain. The worst part is I’m 20. I got a long time to watch it get worse yet........
  13. Been watching for years. Super knowledgeable about most things. To quote some random troll. “He’s the smartest idiot on YouTube “
  14. Make sure your beer is somewhere it won’t freeze and put on an extra pair of socks
  15. On a side note I can’t even count how many times my grandpa would go out to check a mile or two of fence, only to come back without his hammer or pliers. Only two items and he could never manage to hold onto both of them. When I would go the next time I would find hammers, pliers, extra insulators on top of fence posts the whole way
  16. I’ve had my dad complain about me losing his tools for years- now that I’m on my own I find him coming to borrow my tools because he “misplaced “ his. Maybe I wasn’t the problem after all😂. I have lost my fair share of tools. The worst is when you look all day then Finally go borrow one- only to trip over yours walking back in the door
  17. In the above photo of the mogul plowing-does anyone else see what appears to be a wad of cotton stuffed in the operators ears? Kind of surprising to see anyone care about personal safety in that time frame
  18. Just get internet and Netflix best money spent
  19. Clearly you don’t know how hard it is to find solid used trucks that haven’t rusted away within 10 years of being new
  20. Hey that’s probably my favorite movie. I must have seen it 70 times. The snowman and Fred are one of the best duos of all time
  21. Bdse25

    New joke

    It’s just a sticker someone stuck on the sign
  22. Takes me a bit over an hour to get there. Looking forward to the show and like bitty said hopefully it doesn’t rain every day. Time to show those western boys that we farm back east too....and out tractors get more exercise from all the hills hope to see everyone there
  23. Anyone else notice the shotgun or rifle leaning against the front of the regular?
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