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    cub clutch

    Wow that invoice paper looks like it just walked out of 1973. I don’t know about you but there are plenty of better qualified shops around eastern PA to do that job for you. I would go have a talk with that shop owner and try working something out
  2. Sounds like the only chicks you’ll be picking up are hospice nurses😆
  3. Hey now. lol Just cause Mark sets a bad example doesn’t mean we’re all like that
  4. Heck we had donkey basketball my senior year. And I graduated in 2016. Maybe my hometowns more old school than I thought
  5. Family friend who smokes cigarettes- few packs a day - never shot a deer this year. I sat in his stand for 15 minutes and.... could just be luck
  6. Land, Land, land and more land. Then preserve it so it don’t all get built up
  7. Praying those insurance jerks shell out some cash. God bless you for helping a neighbor in need
  8. Yeah if you have guys who are actually operators stick steer is the way to go, but if you have a lot of part time hands that can be a dangerous learning experience. People get scared if there’s not a wheel to hold onto. With stick steer you sit in the seat and never have to move other than wrists and ankles. Makes for easy 14 hour days
  9. Bdse25

    Head bolts

    So I’m getting new seats and exhaust valves put in a D-361 head off our 806. 2 questions. 1 should I have him replace the injector sleeves? My machinest claims they should be done if the heads magnafluxed, but quoted 600$ just for that. Also, would you recommend new head bolts. I priced them at 20 each. And I’m thinking there’s 24 so that’d be $500 right there.
  10. Bdse25

    New joke

    Just make sure she don’t have a hook for a hand if she’s giving you some.....nevermind
  11. Bdse25

    New joke

    Still better than the F-350 it replaced
  12. I thought this topic was about when to start drinking🤷‍♂️ I just don’t know with Those western pa guys
  13. Also notice his mane isn’t blowing in the wind. I’m with ya on photoshop
  14. I’d think you could find another one without a cracked block within 11 hours. That size circle should include a quarter the US
  15. Bdse25

    land prices !

    I have heard stories of families getting 50 year and beyond loans through the church. I just don’t see how they can pay that back milking 40 head. I think the small Amish dairy farmer will be extinct in 5 or 10 years
  16. for sale. Ran when parked, you load and haul. Low hours original rubber
  17. Bdse25

    New joke

    Now that’s hitting too close to home😂😂
  18. Bdse25

    806 head

    Haha I forgot a chain and that was all I had. Notice it’s still over the block- before I wheeled it out I had a friend help support it . Just in case!!!
  19. Bdse25

    806 head

    Well i took everyone’s advice and dug out the engine hoist. Looks like I’ve got one or two burnt valves so off to the machine shop. Thanks for the advice guys
  20. After you got it unfastened that roomy bench seat would have its perks though
  21. It’s strange that they are required to say my pleasure, it’s just odd compared to “your welcome “ or another common phrase. But I’ll agree that every time I go the line is out the door but I still have my food within minutes!
  22. Heck my house thermostat is at 55. Just toss on some long underwear and it’s perfect The warmer your house or shop is- the colder it feels outside.
  23. Sorry if I’m derailing this thread, just find that area interesting
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