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  1. Hey all , I recently bought a 986 with plans to narrow it up and pull my corn planter and sprayer with it. 30 inch rows. Unfortunately the tractor has 20.8-38s on it and as well as I can figure you cannot get it narrow enough. On our hills I need to be 84-85 inches total width. can an 86 series go down the rows with 20.8’s or should I buy 18.4-38s?. what about step up rims and going to a 16.9-42? Would that clear the fenders? any insight is welcome!!
  2. Hey All. We recently added a new tractor to the lineup. A very nice shape 986 that was kept Inside and shows it. However we went to try out the AC and as soon as you turn it on the REFRIGERANT PRESSURE light comes on, additionally the clutch on the AC compressor does not engage at any point. First thoughts are to throw some 134 in it and see if it works. But I really have no idea how AC systems operate. Is that light for high or low pressure? Would that keep it from engaging the clutch on the compressor?
  3. I agree with bitty. I would think a 10-1466 with a full rack of weights would be better suited especially if you have hills like bitty and I do
  4. Bitty who do you use. It’s currently at marko in Shenandoah. We also thought of taking it to Cissioni in Hazleton
  5. So..... the radiator in our trusty old 806 D sprung a leak. Took it to the radiator shop to get checked and it’s shot. No surprise for a 60 year old part. The radiator guy said it would be 800-1000 to recore it. Said he would just get a good aftermarket one, which brings up the question of which is the best. I’ve dealt with shitty aftermarket radiators before. And really don’t want a piece of tin foil thats shaped like a radiator. A&I is about 700 at the local small IH dealer, and other aftermarket ones can be found online for under 500. Currently leaning towards A&
  6. That looks like a good stout hammer. Even though the quality it horrendous I’ve taken to buying some harbor freight ones. Lose them and it doesn’t matter. It breaks my heart because a high quality USA made tool really can’t be replaced with a modern equivalent. At least in my opinion
  7. Man am I jealous!! My favorite hammer was a little 10 oz Stanley ball pein from an old family friend. Unfortunately I used it in the field this spring changing a wheel bearing and it got planted. Walked the field for hours with no luck finding it. Lesson learned always take inventory before closing your toolbox!!!!
  8. So you got the ice. Maybe 1/8 inch at home and down at work in Lehigh county none. Guess we lucked out
  9. Bdse25


    And the neighbors barn. As well as repairing the collapsed foundation on my barn.
  10. Bdse25


    In my experience we always stacked the bales on edge, and always stacked them the same direction. It was easy to throw them into the stack and super easy to pull on some strings and have a nice pile on the floor for loading out. Around the edges we put in a tie row every few layers. I do honestly think they cure better on their edge, AND I know for a FACT that in straw mice do not bother the strings nearly as bad if stacked on their side vs stacked flat. I did a side by side once and the amount of mouse damage was dramatically reduced. we never worried if the cut side was up or down. In
  11. If you had an 806 for instance so a dry sleeve engine that needed to be rebuilt, where would you go? Is there anywhere in the IS that makes quality parts, even if they are expensive. Like where do tractor pullers get stuff? They must have special people who make oversized sleeves and pistons. I don’t thinknour 806 needs to be rebuilt at the moment but would like to be able to with OEM quality parts when the time comes if it’s at all possible
  12. Advice for raising sheep....... hmmmm build yourself a round barn, that way they don’t have a corner to go die in. I remember hearing something about Velcro......
  13. I’m in eastern pa here but we try to have 20 units of sulfur on bean ground, and 35 ish on corn ground. AMS is cheap and the benefit is definitely there. Also sulfur is mobile in the soil. Not as leachable as nitrogen but it moves through your loamy A horizon soils within a year. Most of the research I have seen shows it getting stratified in a clay B horizon subsoil. We also get 50 inches of rain a year. Not sure how drier climates would be but I would assume it could stick around for several years
  14. Yeah terrible wind here in Eastern PA as well. Out of power again....... we got hit hard with emerald ash borer about 10 years ago and now all the ash trees are rotten enough that they’re falling down. Every time the wind blows we loose power
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    There’s a deka plant local to me in Fleetwood PA. If you go to the plant you can go to the company store (just sign in at the security shack and say I’m going to the store) and buy “blems”. Mostly batteries that have a defect in the case or something minor. They’re like half price and I’ve had really good luck with them for tractors, pickups, whatever. I don’t know if all deka plants are that way but if your nearby it can save you some coin!!
  16. How many geese per side? Sounds kinda harsh on the goose but hey if it works don’t knock it?
  17. ???I don’t know about the women but I always thought their farms were well kept. I knew some Mennonite and brethren girls from my time at Penn State and let me tell ya.... they get fancied up too!!
  18. If she’s got a bonnet, he’s on it!!
  19. No we’re rural enough but the bigger issue is local landowners who love deer. A lot of old guys who just like to see 30-40 deer out grazing on their farm. Most have no doe hunting posted too?‍♂️?‍♂️
  20. Your clearly not from my neighborhood. We are absolutely infested with deer. Lose 25 acres of crop annually that’s not even worth combining. Say what you want but I’m patiently waiting for CWD to wipe out the deer. We need some relief from them for all the farmers around here
  21. No not yet. Anyone got any clean Older magnums for sale reasonable? Lol I think we’re gonna have to shop in the Midwest. I can’t afford these East PA prices??
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