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  1. My TD-14A is started by a single 12 volt battery that has had to crank the engine successively for an hour every other day because of a weak coil in the mag. (I fixed that by putting a coil from an old truck on the frame and making a distributor out of the mag. Starts very easily now!) And many 14's with dozer blades on them had a front mount hydraulic pump that makes cranking impossible.
  2. I too have enjoyed his programs for many years, as far back as the 90's. He and Paul Harvey were my 2 favorite radio personalities. And as said many times before me, "Rest in peace, Rush".
  3. As a kid I attended country school a mile from the farm. Got a new pocket knife for Christmas one year and carried it in the pocket until I lost in the snow on the school grounds. I got lucky, found it on the play yard the next Spring!
  4. The 185th Air National Guard unit in Sioux City, Iowa flew the F-100's when I joined in 1971. They had been mobilized in 1968 for 13 months I think(too long ago, can't remember) to the Viet Nam war. I don't remember where they were based over there but know many of the pilots got a lot of combat experience. Even saw the crash site at Volk Air Field in the Wisconsin Dells near the Army Post Camp McCoy. One of the pilots flying at the Guard summer camp had the fuel control valve close on him (determination by the crash investigators) and augered in scattering parts over a fair distance when
  5. I'm not up trucks as much as I would like to be, but is the tractor pulling the Cubs a Diamond Reo? I don't know.
  6. There are several companies that make under bed hitches but I don't think the Ford has a company hitch in 2011. I have seen the round shank ball used on one hitch but fail to remember the manufacturer. There may be a tag above the left tire where the hitch mounts to the frame. Otherwise, a visit with the local stock trailer dealer may help you identify the make of the hitch. And your 1 3/4" diameter sounds about right.
  7. My mother was born in Idaho, 60 miles south of Yellowstone Park, Idaho side. Have driven that in all sorts of weather (almost every month but March) from 81 all the way west to Idaho. Highway turns into 26 at Casper, but is still my favorite all the way with a little 4 lane around Douglas & Casper, otherwise almost all 2 lane. You would really enjoy Togwatee Pass outside of Dubois, WY and later Jackson Pass west of Jackson Hole. I could go on but know that road and route well, with some tips for reasonable lodging when you decide to go. Can even suggest a good nights entertainment and
  8. What a great way for others to enjoy a part of your collection! Very tastefully done.
  9. Congratulations! If the Good Lord allows, we'll make ours in October, 2021.
  10. Growing up we used a B John Deere on a belt drive hammer mill that was later replaced by an Allis WD. Dad didn't like the B because the belt would get to bouncing too much if you tried to push too much grain through the hammer mill. But the WD's smooth 4 cylinder power would make a world of difference. We also used a belt on a stake-down buzz saw and later a mounted buzz saw on the JD B, WD, and last on the Super M that I still own. I still used that mounted saw up until 3 years ago when I found I had frozen that shaft in the babbitt bearing block of the saw. I got lucky and a friend gave
  11. Merry Christmas Jeff and your family! We had our dusting of 2" here in Norfolk.
  12. Have a '96 3500 dually, 5 speed with 250,000 and no rust. Was a Montana truck brought to Nebraska 10 years ago but never driven on salted roads.
  13. There are several large cattle feeding yards in that part of the country. Many a semi load of feeder cattle from Montana end up in those yards every Fall. A little farther West, about where Ewing is, the Sandhills start and you will find many a cow calf operation out there, almost to the Wyoming border. The land is sold out there by how many cow-calf pairs the grass lands will support, not by the number of bushels of crop you can raise on it. Life is a little slower out there and everybody looks out for each other.
  14. The Square Turn tractor was built in Norfolk, Nebraska and a couple of tractor collectors brought one from up north somewhere to put in the museum here in Norfolk. The V series trucks appear to have been built from about 1955 - 1959 according to the IH truck book, or maybe even longer.
  15. I have a tank quite like that one that is ID'd as an IHC. The tag says it holds 51 gallons of gasoline. The large circle bolted on the top could be replaced by an in-tank pump for the engine. I drove a 2050 with the DV-550 V8 diesel and it had twin 50's. It hauled 14 ton of feed that I delivered throughout Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota from the feed mill located in Beemer, Nebraska from 1973 - 1977. It was a twin screw with 5 speed transmission and a 3 speed rear end.
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