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  1. Front mounting bracket for a truck mounted snow blade?
  2. Ok, so maybe a potato combine sounds a little weird, but my uncles and Grandpa called them "spud combines" in the same sense that their 55 JD would harvest the wheat or barley they grew. They farmed about 60 miles south of the Yellowstone Park on land that grew excellent seed, whether it was seed potatoes, seed wheat, barley or what have you, even peas. The area is still quite free of most bugs and diseases that plague other farmers and is at about 5000 feet or more. Hope that clarifies the potato combine comment.
  3. That same unit I think was used on the #60 and 66 combines, rated at about 10-12 HP. Don't have my book near me at this moment. Saw them also used on potato combines in Idaho years ago.
  4. The Farmalland museum in Iowa that closed a year ago had 2-4 tractors with the Wico mag and possibly the American Bosch. I don't have enough pix to verify, but others may be able to help. The museum simply proved the IH wasn't afraid to use something other than their own in some situations.
  5. Dad owned a 448 front mount that we used on an M, 400 and 560. It got traded in for a rear mount 3 point when he traded for the 706. That 448 would take about 2 hours to mount.
  6. In some areas a variance may cause the neighbors within so many feet of your property line to voice their opinion at a city council meeting that is considering your request for the variance. Here it is 300 feet. Greasing the neighbors may just give them a chance to get to know you and understand your building needs.
  7. Thanks BJ and Sallie. I hadn't left but continued to read what was available, hoping that some of the old friends might have an opportunity to post again.
  8. My SM has the same Charlynn unit on it. Been that way since Dad traded a '51B JD for it back in 1962. He may have replaced the motor unit or the pump over the years because I recently found the used parts stored overhead in the garage. Not sure but I think the SMTA has a Behlen on it.
  9. My guess is H or M also. The belt pulley looks like a small one for an H and there are weights for a Cub Cadet. It's no more than a 2 row rig from the assortment displayed. I also see a drawbar extension, a battery box cover for an H or M, looks like a steel belt pulley for a C or smaller, and a crank for a smaller model.
  10. I faintly remember Dad having one on the farm as I was growing up and I thought at that time that a belt from an old treadle(foot powered) sewing machine, which was round, could be made to work in that situation.
  11. Looks like an old "M" that carried a mounted corn picker at one time. Was probably converted to 12V but alternator may be tucked up under hood. Also needs a carburetor.
  12. At least it looks like twin saddle tanks, cause you're going to need them with that 549. Expect 4MPG if loaded!
  13. If you wish or have time, check out page 10, Sandhiller's questions about What's this camper worth?
  14. I worked as the service writer for 9 years for our local 50+years in business, dealer, and the guys are right in saying the newer or new ones are weak in the quality area. Lots of glitz but not enough "take the road warrior punishment" without issues. I traded my 2009 for a 2013 but had to drive 300 miles in November last year to pick it up, was hard to find something that I felt good about. I wrote a long list of suggestions to watch for, a couple weeks ago here on the forum to someone looking for a camper. I'm happy to teach you what I know.
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