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  1. My little pocket serial # book uses the UDFM to describe both the UD-14 & UD-14A engines.
  2. That is nice! I admire those that have that kind of talent! My wife is that way and I can hardly draw a straight line.
  3. I sold a loader similar to your 250 last fall and the previous owner had disconnected the linkage by pulling a pin or 2, thus disabling the auto level feature.
  4. I've got one in the garage. Will check tomorrow!
  5. I'm sure you have done a good job checking everything that you wrote about, but a weak coil can sometimes cause weak spark problems.
  6. I remember helping mount our 2ME and later 2MH on the 400, 560 and Dad's cousin's 560D. It did take several hours, removing the drawbar assembly so the PTO drive assembly could be mounted on the tractor. Once that was done, the tractor was driven into the front unit which could be picked up by hydraulic and then backed out of the shed it was stored in. The elevator assembly was not real easy either, but that was 50-55 years ago, so I don't remember all of the details. I do remember the cousin's 560D had a valve stuck somehow in the hydraulic pump and I couldn't stand on the platform of the
  7. And it gets real tight when they try to add power steering yet too.
  8. Often times these utility trailers use a harness that goes down the center or the left frame rail. The turn &brake use the same light bulb element but the taillight wire (the green one) may go to the middle and split left and right or the left frame style harness may pass all the way to the right side to connect to the right tail (& corner marker lights if they are used on this trailer). That way the left tail has to have a split at the left so the wire can be continuous to the right side. Check for any connectors that are exposed and unprotected that make be corroded. If you have
  9. It also has the optional front tow hook that attaches to the rock guard under the engine.
  10. I was around a John Deere back in 1969 on the Continental Divide between Idaho and Montana when I worked on a crew up there in the summer. Was capable but we Clarks also.
  11. Auction will be held approximately the first Saturday of Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb and Mar. It will be all on line and feature about 40 tractors each time plus the misc. Cub Cadets, mowers and the wife's 250 dolls, as I understand it. More info at Girard Auction and Land Brokers.
  12. IH also offered the 152-4 in a turbocharged version in 1964 when they built the 100,000th Scout. The 152 made 93 HP and the turbo'd made 115 HP at 4,000 RPM. Don't think the 196-4 was ever offered in a turbo version. The turbo'd 152 was produced until 1966, the same year the 196 was introduced.
  13. I still own a '67 Scout with the I-196 Engine. It would deliver 20 MPG at 65 MPH in 2 WD or 20 MPG at 40 MPH in 4WD. I may try to get it running again one of these days. Just another project waiting its turn.
  14. Congrats also! It will be 49 for us on October 9. And I resemble that slow-learner thing.
  15. One comment mentioned checking "Cheaper than Dirt". Fellow employee watches them and told me today that 9MM has gone from $9 per box to $26.99 per box.
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