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  1. I started at 62 and kept working. The 2020 earnings limit for people under full retirement age all year is $18,240. SS deducts $1 from your benefits in 2020 for each $2 you earn over $18,240. The 2020 earnings for people turning full retirement age is $48,600. SS deducts $1 from your benefits in 2020 for each $3 you earn over $48,600 until the month you reach full retirement age or age 66. (This is from my SS form that arrived in the mail today.) So I paid some penalty for a few years but was still making a good income. I simply put the SS money in a savings account to draw when I got older and had quit working. After a while I put some of that into CD's because they made more than the savings account but were protected from the stock market losses that can happen and are more accessible if I need them now. When my wife turned 66, she started drawing 1/2 of what I receive off my account and left hers to build until she reaches 70 1/2. Then she can draw on her SS account and receive more than she does off me now. This was suggested at a retirement seminar we attended some years ago and was OK with our SS office when we got her signed up. I'm still working part-time and have started having my check deposited in our checking account to live off of. Hers still goes into savings.
  2. My wife remembers them cleaning windows when our youngest was at Omaha in 1983, 3 months old, trying to get a dislocated hip bone put in the hip socket that it wasn't in when she was born.
  3. The engines for the various MD, Super MD, 400D, 450D, the Industrial and Wheatland models, as well as TD6 all share the same basic engine block, though increased in cubic inches as the newer models appeared. The valve cover gasket should be the same.
  4. They both had similar hood ornaments, but the '55 had a "V" in the crossbar grill whereas the '56 was straight. But a little hard to tell at this angle, and it is the regular rear window, not the Deluxe wraparound.
  5. MD, Super MD, Super MDTA, 400 Diesel, 450 Diesel, ID6,
  6. Gary, I had an opportunity to see the Tyler collection several years ago, I think in the late 1980's. My uncle Robert Lenz took me to see them. Did they have any IH crawlers? I remember seeing the many Cat's, Cletrac's and AC's but was too young to have a camera and get a few pictures.
  7. And if you go looking for a PTO for the rear, be aware that there are 2 different units available. One is a small unit that travels faster than 540 RPM and the other is a larger, gear reduction unit that runs at 540 RPM. If you need 540, be looking for the larger unit.
  8. What engine does it have? Either the line setting ticket will tell or you can find the size stamped on a machined surface below the front of the right side head,, something like V304, V345, or V392.
  9. I just remembered saving the petcock out the Super M manifold when I replaced it a year ago after the steel pipe rusted out in the threads and the manifold cracked.
  10. We had a petcock on the old "M" for such "lights out" emergencies. And I remember Dad parking the '53 Chevy pickup beside the barn and using the connection for the vacuum wipers. He'd keep the milkers going while my brother and I kept hand milking just to get the chores done.
  11. Bought a '96 Ram 3500 dually 5.9, 12 valve, 5 speed used 8 years ago with 240,000 on the clock and left it stock. Is economical pulling the 33' camper or the 22' flat bed with tractors and hasn't needed any work done. All I have added is a pyrometer and an exhaust brake, which has been great for the Rocky Mountain trips I take across Wyoming into Idaho. I tried a '97 Ford 460 but couldn't keep away from the gas pumps.
  12. Sometimes the "tall" John Deere and other makes were built by blacksmiths around here in corn country Nebraska. When towline irrigation first came here the taller tractor could pull those towlines through the field when resetting the lines. The other picture is an auger wagon used in this country for moving grain to granaries or ground field into hog yard self-feeders. Many different companies such as Heider, Grain-O-Vator and Arts-Way made them.
  13. The pump is set up like a Super MD or Super MDTA.
  14. When I looked at it on Big Iron, the video made it look like it was loosing a little oil past the rings. Otherwise, yeah nice truck. Probably scaled 400 bushel corn.
  15. Glow plug gauges were commonly used on the 460-560 diesel farm tractors.
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