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  1. I remember the Omaha stockyards when they were still running but actually hauled a few hogs into the Sioux City stockyards. I was there many times when Dad would sell his cattle there. Was always a big day when he sold cattle. After they went across the scale after the sale, he would go to the commission company he used to sell and collect his check on the sale. Wandered around those pens several times.
  2. We ran a 2ME and a 2MH over the years. Used an M, 400 on the 2ME and 560 on the 2MH. Traded labor and shared machinery with Dad's cousin one year and put the picker on his 560D. The tractor had a valve stuck in the hydraulic system somewhere in the pump area and the platform got hot enough to scorch the paint on it. It would generate so much heat that you couldn't stand very long on the platform while picking but what you would sit down and put your feet up on the seat support just to cool the shoes a little. Even when the cold snowy days came the platform was still too warm to stand on on it very long. And yes, Dad did have a set of those fenders that got hung on both pickers. It almost seemed that his last picker was a 2MHD but I may be mistaken. Someone else here would know better if that was a correct model.
  3. On the older ones I drove back in the mid 70's we used 10 weight in the shifter, but I don't know much about the newer models.
  4. I grew up on a Red farm, but hired out to neighbors and ran all of them - 60 JD, IH MD, 400D, 4010, 3010, Oliver 1600, 1750, 1850, AC WD, 7045, 7060 Power Director, etc. Never had much trouble with any of them except the IH H where you could put it in 4th and continue a semi-circle up and over to reverse! The shift lever was that worn and would then lock it up in 2 gears. Pulled the shift lever out, slipped the forks back to where they belonged and kept on pulling the overshot stacker to make hay stacks.
  5. I ran a dual fuel setup on a Chevy full size van (80's model) with a 305 engine and put over 180,000 miles on the engine with no trouble. It was nice to have the gasoline backup on long route days to get back to the plant and fill both fuel tanks. The engine was torn down at that point and rebuilt because the entire engine was worn out EVENLY through the entire block and rotating assembly! The clean burn of the LP gas lengthened its life substantially.
  6. Our parochial school was in a bind with low student count with about 40 students from our congregation about 10 years ago. The church voters let the principal allow more non-churched and other denominations in to help build up the count. Today we're half and half and getting along great with over 80 students enrolled. Even talking about a building program to expand the school. And Nebraska doesn't have School Choice.
  7. Looks like a narrower rear tire, so 460 could be probable.
  8. What year is your TD-9, or what is the serial #?
  9. I think you're right on the K8 being an ex-military tractor. The K8's I remember seeing around here had the wing style grill without the chrome, which is how the K8 is distinguished from the KB8, or all KB models for that matter. The war years may have played into the lack of chrome as some cars and pickups didn't have as much either or were blacked out. There is a K-series military truck not far away so I'll have to check it to see if it has the same style of "wing-less" grill as the one shown in the picture. I just don't have my IH truck bible available to check for sure.
  10. I grew up in this state of Nebraska and have been across it many times on Hway 20 border to border. Even brought a 460 Utility from Idaho with no problem. Also ran a coffee distribution route across the top of the eastern part of the state, Hway 12 that starts at Valentine all the way to Wilson on Hway 20. You drove for miles and can, in some places on a ridge line, south toward the Bassett/Newport area for 8-12 miles, and north to the South Dakota border area 8-12 miles. Drove it every 2 weeks for 4 years and never got tired of the scenery.
  11. oldscoutdiesel


    When I worked on a timber crew between Idaho and Montana in 69, the cutters always worked in pairs and warned me about the "Widow Makers"!
  12. Feed mill I worked for back in 73-77 got an F-1800 with a 22' combination Smeal box for bag or bulk. Had twin 50 gal. tanks, would run about 300 miles on them. Had a 478 and Fuller 13 speed with twin screw about 6.78 gearing. Wasn't very fast but would do the job.
  13. It is surprising sometimes to see the young come through when you least expect it, as was mentioned about 911. I do have my concerns like some of you, but I would hope that here in America there would be that sense of urgency about our country and those potential loss of freedoms that we could once again field a military force that protect our land. And since it wouldn't be as much the hand to hand combat that I received training in but more of an electronic based warfare, that some of our brighter minds would be there for us. Hope some of that makes sense.
  14. Instead of a Farmall R, has any one ever tried putting a narrow front under a W-9 Series?
  15. Done the open station loader (SM with #31 loader and factory front blade) for many years. Had chains and fluid in the tires, would push just about any depth. But also have had a '76 Scout with blade that was a lot warmer.
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