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  1. And the IHC Scouts had Chrysler Nissan diesels in them. At least that's the valve cover on my '76 Scout Traveler says.
  2. Shucks normally wouldn't bother a hammermill because the swinging hammers would just push the product through the screen. The smaller the holes in the screen the finer the product that was ground.
  3. I have run a 560D with a mounted 2MH-D picker, even with a little snow in the field. I learned early to never take the hands off of the steering wheel while the machine was running, otherwise you shut it down. Dad's youngest brother only had a thumb and little finger left on his right hand after his picker accident. We ground the ear corn to feed to dairy stock with some oats mixed into the batch. Made a decent ration for the Holsteins. Cob and husk provided roughage in the ration.
  4. I have one just like it but need to get it running. I have an owner's manual for it, and it came off of a combine. The air cleaner has the basket at the top of a 5' pipe for the flour sack filter to put on it so the oil bath air cleaner doesn't have to work so hard. The straight exhaust pipe has no muffler and is also about 5' long. The transmission on yours was probably put there as an easy way to mount a belt pulley to the engine.
  5. Belt pulley drives were used before PTO shafts and drives for threshing machines, hammer mill feed grinders, saw mills or home buzz saws, etc.
  6. Also Happy Belated Birthday! I too have been pre-occupied, working on a Pumpkin since all of my Red Ones run!
  7. My wife already told me to make a list of all my tractors and what I paid for them so she knows their relative value. I told her I would and she should make a list of all her sewing machines.
  8. If by chance you have a low mount seat instead of the high mount seat, you might want to set the battery in the compartment to make sure the seat will set in its frame. I had a low mount seat TD6 with the battery on the fender because it sat low over the fuel line and controls.
  9. Maybe the 2 rectangular pieces are the lower engine side skirts that sit on top of the frame. Then the side shields would sit on top of them.
  10. Old German neighbor pulled a Minneapolis sheller around the community with a 630 JD for many years. Would wear out a set of rears about every 3 years. Uncle had a JD sheller mounted on a KB 8 for many years. He had the motor portion of a starter mounted on the end of an overhead rail that pulled the main drag up the rail with a cable wound around that starter motor shaft. Someone usually had to pick up the end of the drag to carry it a little to help the starter motor pull the drag all of the way. He had me drive it home from the neighbor's place after done shelling, about eight miles. He did mention to watch my speed a little because it didn't have much for brakes!
  11. North side of Laurel Nebraska is a monument to the crew members of crash 1-2 miles East of Laurel where a flight of P-38's and other aircraft went down at the former country school called Tip Top Hill, during WW2. The story can be found by Googling "Tip Top School Crash". Dad told the story several times over the years, that a few aircraft went down, supposedly when 2 were flying too close in the formation, tipped wings and caused themselves and some others to go down. I haven't looked the story up but only know what Dad had told.
  12. I'm only 5'5" so crawling into the box of the '14 Ram 1 ton is a challenge so I broke down and mounted a movable step on the rear bumper. Easy to pull out and bump right back up under the bumper when done. And I'm still limber enough to step up on the tire and reach most of what I want from the box. But none of it is getting any easier as I get older.
  13. Not quite a much fun as the real cannon but the town of Petersburg, NE has a harvest festival that features "pumpkin chunkin". Folks have built these using compressed air to launch a pumpkin quite a distance. I haven't been there, but the distance is quite a feat.
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