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  1. I think i understand the 856 has a 407ci engine and has 100 PTO HP. 1256 has 407CI with a tuebo and produces 116 PTO HP at 2400RPM. How does the 1456 get 131 PTO HP at 2400 RPM? Bigger turbo?.
  2. 10.00-16 on 16x10 rim

    How wide are the original rims on say a 1066? That does look good. Kent
  3. FINALLY Getting Some Work Done on My 1066

    What brand of TA is in your 1066? Thanks Kent
  4. Rare 856

    That is the first "gas tractor" that i've ever drooled over. Kent
  5. Wanting bling for my 1066

    Thanks Lorenzo, i'll give them a try. Kent
  6. Wanting bling for my 1066

    Yes Farmer you are correct on the 1 1/8. for the rear nuts. Thanks Guys for the help. Its much appreciated. Kent
  7. Wanting bling for my 1066

    I'm not concerned about the bolts. I want chrome 13/16 bolts for my front wheels and 1 1/4 chrome nuts for the back wedges. I'm not having any luck finding them. Thanks Kent Wood Kennell is my nickname because i operate a boarding kennel for dogs.
  8. Wanting bling for my 1066

    Thanks I'll check them out. Kent
  9. Wanting bling for my 1066

    Matt how did you know i was a redneck? LOL Kent
  10. Wanting bling for my 1066

    I'm wanting to bling up my 1066 for our local pulls this summer. I would like chrome cover nuts for the back wedges on the rims, and chrome wheel bolts for the front wheels. Does anyone know where you can buy these items? Back nuts are 3/4 fine thread and front bolts are 9/16 fine thread. Thanks Kent
  11. 2355 loader brackets interchange

    I wish it was my tractor. I would love playing with that setup. Kent
  12. Letter Series at Work

    Love the pics Guys. Here's my 46 M doing what she does best.Kent
  13. 1086 Split Recommendations

    I live in Canada also. I got my Hy Capacity TA through Fawcetts for my 1066. Been pulling it for years. Hope this helps. Kent
  14. 666, 656, 404 at dealership

    If i owned that nice 666 my M could retire and just give my Grand Son tractor rides. LOL Kent
  15. Tire Pressure Question

    Thanks for the comments Guys. I really appreciate the help. The reason i have 4 sets of wheel weights on my M is because my tires arn't loaded, and the woods gets greasy in the fall with rain and frost. it sure helps drag my wood trailer around the woods and fields. I will definetly lower my PSI and experiment with less weights and see how it goes. Thanks again. Kent